CSN Newsletter 11/24/2020 – It’s Our Country, if We can Keep It!

CSN Newsletter 11/24/2020 – It’s Our Country, if We can Keep It!

From Our Founder…

This is Thanksgiving week, and that in itself is hard to believe that we are already in the holiday season which is being overlapped by the new season of election contention. There is no longer an Election Day, as a single day set aside for deciding the leadership of the nation. Yet, despite this year of impeachment charades, COVID, and now election theft, many people can still have at least one day of the year in which families and friends can initiate a truce and willingly connect around a central table of food and to offer our gratitude to God for Life, Liberty, and the ability to pursue some degree of happiness. Sometimes, people do not enjoy what they have until it’s gone.

Last Tuesday, I resurrected a quote from Benjamin Franklin whose prophetic speech to the delegates of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia with regard to keeping the Republic. That Constitution of the United States is now the target of destruction, and few Americans understand the magnitude of force coming against the United States of America in this time. On Monday’s radio broadcast, Rush Limbaugh was lamenting that far too few Americans realize we are in a war. Fortunately, many patriots do realize it and are fighting to keep the nation. But, we are in a war for the soul of America. 

The Citizen Sentinels Network is in this fight to offer citizens the opportunity to have a central reference point to look for articles to educate themselves on current events and trends in our nation, and in some cases, significant events across the world. In my pleas recently for contributions, which is against my nature, readers have responded with their trust in our efforts by offering assistance. I would sincerely like to thank those who could offer a donation to keep our humble newsletter operating for three editions each week. If there are others who can help to keep our bills at bay, we would encourage you to pray about the value of this newsletter, and if it is helping people in such turbulent times to keep their heads on straight and their hearts in the right place, please let us know that it is so, even if you cannot contribute anything. But, we offer our thanks for those who do.

Today’s lineup of network writers includes an article from A. Dru Kirstenev on the people in the media who refer to themselves as good journalists. Her words are quite credible as her family was in the print newspaper business, and she has a clear perspective on what good journalism requires. In fact, she will be starting a trade school to educate budding writers on how to become good journalists. We’ll feature more on that later, but read her perceptions regarding those who are claiming to be journalists today.

My article deals with the recent media attacks upon Sidney Powell, who seems to have emerged as a true fighter for free and fair elections. The attacks upon her also reveal a lot more about the sources of the attacks than they say about Ms. Powell’s quest to get to the bottom of the fraud that ravaged our recent election and who knows how long in our past such fraud has overturned our election processes and procedures. 

Writer Ray DiLorenzo bites off the whole enchilada with his summary of the globalists’ efforts to undermine the great plum of the United States. His article, “The Great Reset: What You Need to Know,” may be hard to digest, but it provides an introduction into the stuff happening in the shadows that seems to be inexplicable. Feel free to review a video created by our Executive Editor, Don Rosenberg on the same subject. 

Michael Lewinski offers his perspective on the election by examining how Dr. Edward Bernays’ scientific principles of the manipulation of public perception were utilized in the 2020 election. The article is simply an introduction to such a perspective, but it may be a catalyst for deeper research.

Finally, we are in alliance with Camp Constitution in support of the Great Barrington Proclamation. In light of a number of Democrat-controlled states slapping extreme and unwarranted restrictions upon their people, we offer this statement and encourage people to go to the Camp Constitution website to sign their names in support, if they are of a similar mindset.

Our video recommendations are that readers view as many of them as possible as we have included news reports from the past on the potential for voting machine tampering and election. Many of these reports are from left-leaning news outlets. So now, in this 2020 election, all of that information is nonsense and conspiracy theories. Doubtful is such a reality, and much more likely is the manipulation of perception by the powers that be. Scary stuff, yet knowledge is power, and all that has been hidden is coming into the light. May more light flood in to expose the works in the darkness. 

I would again say thank you to those readers who could respond to my pleas for financial assistance. But, with all that we face in this serious battle, when truth is being trampled by those who claim to be “informing” the public with the news, we are most grateful for our readers who trust that we are serious in our mission. Thank you! We will have a Thanksgiving edition, but it will resemble the Sunday edition format. We also wish for all our readers a fulfilling and meaningful Thanksgiving!

Dennis Jamison

Banking on reputation, credibility must be merited

By A. Dru Kristenev – November 23, 2020

Trust is earned. It can be lost in an instant once words are spoken revealing an agenda, especially one of personal aggrandizement. This is the albatross hanging around media necks. Passion can be understood and desired but it must be tempered with patience, wisdom and, for members of the press, an unselfish quest for verifiable facts. The last three qualities are what is lacking among the media since gaining notoriety drives too many, and a taste of fame taints their message.

From well established media outlets to individuals seeking a spotlight, facts have become unimportant in the rush to be first with a story or to make their opinion known, even if they are baseless, and baseless opinions are swamping the news channels. The greatest complaint of talking heads (an apt description as the yakking comes from heads generally unattached to sensible thought processes) is that ‘b-b-b-but there’s no evidence.’

Since when does the press get first dibs on evidence destined for a court challenge?

More Power to Sidney Powell!

By Dennis Jamison –November 24, 2020

Not only the mainstream media moguls have expressed their disdain toward the deplorables, those common ordinary tax-paying citizens, who question their pre-coronation of former Vice-President Joe Biden as “president-elect,” but also Fox News has come out of the closet and is self-identifying as MSM and all that it entails. There are many recent slips and slides to defend the swamp dwellers and it did not just happen all of a sudden on Election Night. That was more the “coming out party,” and more dramatic than previous indications that the media outlet was a wanna-be MSM player.

The recent Tucker Carlson incident in his snarky manner and efforts to claim a frontrunner spot in the MSM race to challenge and undermine Sidney Powell’s press conference revelations about the election fraud from the Dominion Voting Systems reveals more about Tucker Carlson than it raises concerns of lack of evidence that is in Sidney Powell’s custody. Certainly now, there is the specter or appearance of widespread election fraud due to several computer-software experts who admit that such software can be easily hacked is frightening. But, it may not just be a political criminal cabal that has been trying to get rid of President Donald Trump since before he was sworn in as POTUS.

There is a case for a grassroots hacker hate party on Election Day (which is no longer an “Election Day”—it is now like Election Month). If some of the experts in computer programs are understood as viable witnesses, their witness should be acknowledged. However, Powell’s revelations last Thursday were met by a considerable amount of push-back from all kinds of sources. One just has to Google the GOP Attorney’s Press Conference last Thursday to observe the large reaction to Powell’s claims. What is most obvious is that by such a heavy counterattack against Sidney Powell, it proves her point that the witnesses who are standing by to testify under oath will require some form of protection…

The Great Reset: What You Need to Know

By Ray DiLorenzo –November 24, 2020

While we are fighting each other, a top down revolution is underway. A select few elites in a small smoke-filled room are making decisions concerning the future of America and the world, made infinitely easier with the possibility of a Biden win.

They care not about our Constitution, our freedoms, our families, or God. They have been hiding in plain sight. They even have a name for it…The Great Reset. Part of this cabal is Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Bill Gates, George Soros, Prince Charles (the wannabe chief looking for Indians), and others. Older participants were George H.W. Bush, Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, Henry Kissinger, and David Rockefeller who once commented in 1994 at a UN dinner concerning its future launching, “All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept a New World Order.”

Trump stuck a figurative finger at these globalists in Davos when they tried to get him on their side. As a result, he had to be replaced. Then came Covid…

Who Controls You?

By Michael J. Lewinski  – 11/23/20

Jim Morrison once said, “whoever controls the media, controls the minds.” Everywhere and always the media is used for propaganda that manipulates the public to control the minds of targeted populations. Dr. Edward Bernays was the early 20th-century person who incorporated scientific principles into the social sciences as a pattern for manipulating people’s perceptions.

The Progressive coalition in the 2020 election followed the playbook and employed Bernays’s propaganda techniques to steal the election. It not only infects the body politics but the consumer markets as well. Various voices from Charles Hugh Smith to the Pope have warned of the harm modern Western consumer societies inflict on people. Many problems we face as a country can be traced back to excessive consumerism.

The Progressive coalition employed old school cheating methods such as…

Camp Constitution is helping to make people aware of the Great Barrington Declaration as left-wing governors and mayors are determined to destroy both our liberties and economy.

The Great Barrington Declaration

As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection.

Coming from both the left and right, and around the world, we have devoted our careers to protecting people. Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health. The results (to name a few) include lower childhood vaccination rates, worsening cardiovascular disease outcomes, fewer cancer screenings and deteriorating mental health – leading to greater excess mortality in years to come, with the working class and younger members of society carrying the heaviest burden. Keeping students out of school is a grave injustice.

From Newsmax TV: Ellis: It’s astonishing how these state election officials had complete disregard for election law – 11/23/20

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Crossroads with Joshua Philipp: Live Q&A: Sidney Powell Removed; Trump Legal Team Prepares Evidence – 11/22/20

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Recommended Reading…

From Breitbart: Poll: 79% of Trump Voters Believe ‘Election Was Stolen Through Illegal Voting and Fraud’ – 11/23/20

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From Canada Free Press: Was Tucker Carlson Trying To Take Dominion Investigation Off Track In His Sidney Powell Attack? – 11/22/20

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From The Daily Wire: Lawyer Who Worked On Trump Pennsylvania Effort Placed Under Official Protection, Report Says – 11/19/20

From WND: Jimmy Carter warned 15 years ago of serious 2020 election problems – 11/23/20

From Canada Free Press: APPALLING: Videos Prove Hacking E-Vote Machines Easy, Knowable, Training by YouTube – 11/15/20

Review> From DISRN: WHO official: Stop using lockdowns as primary virus control method – 10/11/20

News From California – From American Wire: ‘How *do* you deprogram 75 million people?’ — California Democrat wants ‘post WWII’-type re-education for conservatives – 11/19/20

News From Georgia – From The Epoch Times: Thousands in Georgia Registered at Postal, Commercial Addresses, Portraying Them as Residences, Researcher Says – 11/24/20

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News From Pennsylvania – Breaking> From Washington Examiner: Pennsylvania certifies election in favor of Biden – 11/24./20

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