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11/5/19 –  Today is election day in an off year, and key contests are taking place in several states. Just last night President Trump held a rally in Louisville, Kentucky to support Governor Matt Bevin who seems to be doing a great job in that state. It would be good for all who have elections to get to the polls and vote their conscience, and if people have healthy consciences, it may be difficult. If one can see the vision for a better America, a much greater America, the decision to vote is a no brainer. The future of America as we understand it is at stake. Unfortunately, America is in the situation we are in because of people who seem to have no brains, or at least little common sense.  

A couple of weeks ago the Citizen Sentinels Network ran an article I wrote entitled Impeachment 101, and on the national stage that strategy is in full swing. It is an attempted and treasonous coup d’é·tat against our Constitutional Republic, not just against a duly elected president. This week, Karen Cacy takes aim at the battle going on in the nation’s capital since Trump came to town. 

We also welcome back Susan Clouse from the blog spot “Preacher Girl Diaries,” who tackles the related bigger picture, as America is at a crossroads today. My article this week deals with the common citizen’s response to the battle going on in America today. And Michael Lewinski, who attended the Ohio Conference for creating a Coalition for a Principle Republic, offers his takeaways from the gathering of leaders and activists. 

We are also offering a couple of contributions from Def Con News this week. One takes on Elizabeth Warren’s plan for Medicare-for-All as it seems that she is “Counting on Illegal Aliens to pay for her $52 Trillion Medicare-for-all Plan,” which appears completely dependent upon open borders and amnesty. The second features a look at Bernie Sanders when he got “real mad” on public television.  

CSN also provides numerous links this week to relevant articles and videos that have surfaced in the news that are outside of the scope of our network of writers. Dennis Jamison

Mr. Trump goes to Washington, upsetting the Deep State’s powerbase

COLORADO SPRINGS: No one can deny that the leadership of America has not been “business as usual” under President Donald J. Trump.  The fresh eyes of an outsider businessman have engendered change as our president has taken an unindentured look at the governance of the country and questioned the way things have been done in the past. Much to the ire of the Deep State.

How? When Donald Trump ran for president, he was able to obtain the Oval Office by asking, “Why?”  “Why are we doing things in certain ways?”  “What are the alternatives?”  “If there are viable alternatives, why have they not been employed?”

LIke he fixed the Wollman Skating Rink in Central Park, he could – and would – fix America.  His way.


Into the Fray

by Susan Schrier Clouse aka Preacher Girl. November 3, 2019

One year from now, on November 3, 2020, Americans will elect the next president, the entire House of Representatives, one-third of the Senate, eleven state governors and thousands of state congressional leaders, county commissioners, city councilmen and school board members.   How will you decide who to vote for?

I would like to challenge you, my friends, to think long and hard about these choices.  Both Democrats and Republicans talk about values and the Constitution but when they do they mean very different things.  What do they mean to you?

America is at a tipping point.  Two recent surveys reveal trends that greatly concern me, one about faith in God and another about our government.  About one-third of Americans, mostly those under 40, reject religion (primarily Christianity).  In the second survey, about the same number and age group, think socialism is a good political system.  Either of these trends weakens America.  In combination they are an existential threat to liberty – mine, yours and the generations that will follow us.

Do you want to continue to live in a free society?  Do you want less government interference in your life and the lives of your children?  If so, over this next year, before you vote, you have some homework to do.


Grassroots Citizens Groups: Arising and Fighting Back Against Swamp Monsters!

By Dennis Jamison November 5, 2019

In the wake of the monotonous and mutinous coup d’é·tat against our Constitutional Republic, true American patriots are rallying to reclaim the government “for the people” and to do a makeover “by the people.” When Donald Trump won election as president of the United States in 2016, he already had initiated another substantial revolution within U.S. history. His most famous speech essentially was a declaration of independence from the elitist political establishment that has been running our nation for decades. The latest scam of the Democrat leadership, which is likely in collusion with the “Never Trumper” GOP Elitists, has required several extensions of the initial coup attempt.

For daytime soap opera drama the coup attempt is big news. But it is not being reported as news – the MSM is part of the coup collusion fabricating the illusion. Sadly, only people who are clear in mind and heart are able to discern the reality of the illusion. Most American citizens cannot keep up with the baseless allegations and false witnesses in the spin cycle—they get dizzy easily. Most of what the illusion is about could be considered sophisticated “street theater” tactics played out in the halls of the government and the living rooms of astounded citizens. Some people buy into a false narrative, which is full of contradictions and overly obvious overreach by an outed political party. However, some are astounded that this could actually happen in the United States of America. And some are not only awakened, they have been activated as never before.


To Show Up and Do

By Michael J. Lewinski  10/28/19

I was in Ohio attending a conference examining the biblical basis of our founding documents and other contributing events in our history. When I was in Ohio, I met some very interesting people who are doing some amazing things politically and philosophically. These men and women are innovating successfully on the life front and family front while working with the Republican party to achieve conservative objectives. This at a time when our Constitutional Republic is in great danger from a radical Progressive element embedded in our society.

We have evolved into an amoral nation. As a people, we are neither hot nor cold. We live in a time when the people of God have to stand up, man up and step up to overcome the evil that has bedeviled our community.

And what might these evils entail? They include the taking of innocent life in the womb from those who are at the other end of the life spectrum. It includes the war on the traditional family, the war on free speech with political correctness, and the ultimate destruction of our economy by progressive Socialists.


Elizabeth Warren is Counting on Illegal Aliens to pay for her $52 Trillion Medicare-for-all Plan

Courtesy of Def-Con News

Elizabeth Warren has taken a lot of flack for how she intends to pay for Medicare-for-all, so she released a detailed plan in hopes of silencing critics. Instead the $52 trillion (yes trillion) plan raises even more questions: She claims she can fund this behemoth without raising taxes on the middle class and will get most of the money from the rich. One of the more interesting streams of revenue is from illegal aliens. In fact, the entire plan is dependent upon open borders and amnesty, which is actually the least workable thing about it.

Pundits and politicians from both sides of the aisle are ripping Warren’s plan apart because the numbers don’t add up, but the real problem with it is she is depending on illegal aliens to pay for part of it. This becomes a non-starter because she says as president she wants to get immigration reform done before tackling Medicare-for-all.


Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders gets mad when called a ‘Democratic Socialist’

Courtesy of Def-Con News

Bernie Sanders is a socialist who calls himself a “democratic socialist” all the time, but apparently, Socialists can use it on themselves, but anyone else who says it is way out of line. Bernie went off on a journalist who dared call the Democratic Socialist a “democratic socialist.” “That’s our word!” he said.

Bernie sat down for a fluff interview with MSNBC’s John Harwood, but the aging politician was in no mood for a fluffing.

“Would it be your intention to appoint Democratic Socialists to big positions in your administration?” Harwood asked.

Bernie didn’t even wait for Harwood to finish the question before he started getting angry.

“You’re going a little bit too crazy on the word here,” scolded Bernie.

Harwood used “democratic socialist” exactly one time and Bernie thinks he’s going crazy with it? Maybe if he just kept repeating it over and over a hundred times, but this was one time and it’s something that Bernie uses on himself all the time.


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