CSN Newsletter 12/15/2020 – Our Rights are Under Assault

CSN Newsletter 12/15/2020 – Our Rights are Under Assault

From our Founder…

Today is a day that had been celebrated as Bill of Rights Day in the United States. Who knew? Where is the public acknowledgement in the mainstream news? Where are the politicians who made any statement to honor, or to even reference the value of the Bill of Rights? Well, CSN is acknowledging the God-given rights delineated in the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution. We are also posting the actual Bill of Rights so readers can read and remember the rights we have, before we lose them.

Last week, Americans who are paying attention may have thought that they were on a political roller coaster. A couple of the highlights were the huge Jericho March that took place over the weekend in Washington, D.C. General Michael Flynn, who gave a fiery speech, was joined by numerous patriots of faith who publicly declared their will to stand and fight for freedom. Indeed, real fighting did break out later in the day between Antifa and the Proud Boys, which brought about several arrests. We link to an article about it.

But, prior to the Jericho March, the Supreme Court had rejected the lawsuit that the state of Texas brought against the four anti-Constitution states. We featured an article from A. Dru Kristenev about the suit in last Thursday’s edition: https://citizensentinelsnetwork.com/editorial/to-swing-states-dont-mess-with-texas-and-invalidate-their-vote/

In case one did not read it, a key point that Kristenev makes: “American citizens rely on states to accurately administer their elections by adhering to each state’s properly legislated process for verifying voter credentials before accepting ballots.” 

In the rapidly transformative political arena, sometime between the Supreme Court decision and the Jericho March, President Trump let the American public know that he had received the “resignation” of Attorney General William Barr. Sadly, any hope that conservatives had in his tenure as the U.S. The Attorney General is now tainted with more information regarding Barr sitting on his hands despite nice words he would give to any news outlet that would listen. The worst interview was recently with the AP, in which it appeared he “came out of the closet” to say the DOJ had no evidence of corruption or fraud in the recent election. Actually, it was likely that he was still in the closet while so many reports of eyewitness testimony came forth about election fraud in various states.

This is definitely a time in which the good souls of people are truly being tried. The Deep State is deeper and more pervasive than anyone could imagine. It is definitely a trying time for any decent journalist. Sometimes articles that are written have to be scrapped as their story had evaporated, or the circumstances suddenly changed, or the story became irrelevant in the rapidly changing drama. Our writers still strive to get a handle on the events and give honest commentary as volunteer citizen journalists.

Today, I could not ignore Bill of Rights Day, so my article is on our God-given rights that are under assault. On Bill of Rights Day in 2014, I wrote: 

However in recent years, the bedrock document of fundamental freedoms in our Bill of Rights has increasingly come under attack, but not only from a broader base of direct assaults by international terrorists, but by men and women empowered by the government of the United States, namely elected “public servants” as well as their appointees. It is indeed ironic when the very people entrusted to “support,” such as in the case of a President: “to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States,” are capable of weakening the Law of the Land. Additionally, it is ironic that there are those within the U.S. government that have no intention of helping to defend the Constitution. Many Americans are confused by this, and many leaders within America seem paralyzed and unable to stand up against such deceit within the halls of our cherished government institutions. 

In that day, I had no idea of where we would be today, but that statement is even clearer today than in 2014. We have posted the original article with a copy of the Bill of Rights under the “Commentary” tab on our website. It provides some important history of the development of our Bill of Rights. Additionally, in honor of the Bill of Rights Day, CSN is posting President Trump’s “Proclamation on Human Rights Day, Bill of Rights Day, and Human Rights Week.” He still honors freedom in spite of all he has been through.

Writer A. Dru Kristenev posted an article on Friday in Canada Free Press on the true COVID impact upon businesses and how now is the time to focus on Independent Voters. We post it here as well as she touches on the oppressive lockdowns and mandates from Democrat-run states. Rush Limbaugh also spoke recently of the Left’s attempts to destroy small and  entrepreneurial businesses across the nation to break our economy. It is a real danger. 

CSN Executive Editor Don Rosenberg is also starting to write for Canada Free Press, and we congratulate him on this accomplishment. He posted an article on Saturday entitled: “The Politics of Distraction,” and it is a focus on the lack of focus of the media outlets on election fraud.

Writer Michael Lewinski advises readers and patriots that “With every fiber of your being, we must resist and fight the Progressives who occupy the Democratic Socialists party. We must pray to the Father and Jesus Christ for wisdom in this fight.” Wise and relevant advice from a former U.S. Marine!

We finish our lineup of articles and proclamations with an article from Def-Con News about the recent forensic evidence that has come from the examination of Michigan voting machines. One conclusion form Michigan: “We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.” 

Our video selections are powerful, if I do say so myself. If you are in a rush, there are two that are helpful to get a broad picture of what is currently transpiring in the nation.

The first is an enlightening interview with Sidney Powell presented on Epoch Times’ online news program, “American Thought Leaders.” The second is a presentation Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at Georgia Tech in which he deals with the real threat from the CCP in the U.S. If you’re not in a hurry, there is a lengthy video exposing Mr. Bill Gates and all he has his hands into.

Have a great day remembering and offering gratitude for our Bill of Rights!

Dennis Jamison
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On Bill of Rights Day 2020, Citizens’ Rights Are Imperiled

By Dennis Jamison –December 15, 2020

The traditional day for remembering our protected freedom under the Bill of Rights is today, but in the toxic political environment of the United States, there is a clear and present danger to those “unalienable rights.” The 2020 election is the most blatant example of that, and the fraudulent election results that were “certified” on Monday by the Electoral College are a mockery of a Free Republic. Do people behind the charade of the election believe that the world is not aware of the corruption within the United States? Do such people even care about the rights of the individual?

The recent Supreme Court rejection of the Texas lawsuit that went before the justices drew all kinds of comments from constitutional scholars and wanna-be constitutional experts alike, but in reviewing a number of comments on this case, it seems some are using the case as a way of demonstrating their own crystal ball-like predictions or their prophecies about paths for President Trump to pull out a victory beyond what happened Monday with the Electoral College. Some are quite elaborate theories. But, in my own layman’s perspective, there are a number of complex issues that went into play after the election stall and re-start on November 3rd and on into the wee hours of the 4th. At that point the United States was thrust into uncharted waters by the people behind the charade of the election.

Another point that seems obvious to me is that the mainstream media, the social media moguls and their mindless minions, the “Democratic” National Committee, the Socialist-Democrats and Communist leaders in the U.S, as well as the Never Trumpers, have all done their utmost in ignoring or suppressing the various forms of election fraud and voting machine manipulation. This makes them complicit in fomenting the illusion that this was a free and fair election. There are people around the world who recognize the type of election citizens just experienced in this nation as similar to the fraudulent types of elections in their nations, which are no longer free. To ignore the fraud by pretending it didn’t happen is nearly an admission of guilt in such a federal crime.

Perfect time for businesses to cater to the independent crowd

By A. Dru Kristenev –December 11, 2020

Independent’ is an apt descriptor of the majority of Americans. It’s already been demonstrated how independent thinkers delivered liberal media, politicos and entertainment a fiscal fizzle after targeting conservative individuals and businesses – the Goya Foods 1000% sales increase is a prime example. Big Biz and Big Tech better take notice because that’s what will happen to their multi-billion dollar empires if they demand Covid passes or ID cards to conduct commerce.

What will happen is a boom in free-thinking, astute enterprise. The door will swing wide open for private travel services, hotels, restaurants, grocers, education, sundry services and retail operations who don’t require proof of vaccination. If the government attempts to impose vaccine-based licensing, expect the alternative market or, if forced, black market to outgrow and quickly overtake the establishment marketplace. Leading the charge will be solidly based Christians who understand faith and God’s Kingdom economy.

History shows that Americans aren’t generally that good at compliance. There’s been a developing situation where the younger generations have been indoctrinated to believe lies, including the Coronavirus misrepresentation as a massive killer. At this point, however, youth are becoming dissatisfied with the oppressive nature of government agency overreach that has ordered them to forgo an energetic social lifestyle, driving many into depression, drug abuse and suicide.

Expect the backlash to…

The Politics of Distraction

by Don Rosenberg, 12/11/2020

It’s clear at this point that the aim of the Democrats is to “fake it ‘til they make it.” They, and their media cronies, along with the Tech Giants, are feverishly trying to push the narrative that Biden, perched comfortably in his “Office of the President-Elect,” is already the president. Every cabinet pick is breathlessly announced as a genius selection, and their bios are served up in the most positive light.

Any reference to the fact that 18 states and 106 congressmen have joined the Texas Supreme Court lawsuit against the four worst swing state cheaters is either ignored, or subject to “news reports” and constitutional pundits detailing how hopeless it is. YouTube has now promised to delete any videos that try to discuss the issue, and are crowing that they can delete them before they’ve even reached 100 views.

This reminds me of the criminal who wants to break into a car dealership protected by guard dogs. He brings a stack of big, juicy steaks and hurls them over the fence. The media are supposed to be our guard dogs, protecting our Republic, but they have been distracted by everything that isn’t the story of the century – the biggest election fraud and corruption scandal at the highest levels.

Just look at what’s on the big juicy steak menu this week…

by DefCon News – 12/14/2020

A judge has conveniently released a forensic report on Dominion voting machines in Michigan on the same day the Electoral College is voting Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election. Had this report come out last week, at least the state of Michigan wouldn’t have voted for Biden because it calls into question the integrity of the state’s entire election. Just wait until Biden is sworn in before all kinds of reports come out proving he stole the White House.

Of the contested states that Joe Biden “won” none was as messed up as Michigan. In Wayne County, home of Detroit, 72% of the precincts had more ballots received than ballots issued. In a small conservative county, Dominion voting machines gave Biden an overwhelming and inexplicable win. There was a forensic analysis of the Dominion voting machines in Antrim County and it points to the entire state’s election being compromised.

The Greatness of Free Enterprise Capitalism

By Michael J. Lewinski – 12/13/20

Half of the youth in America want to replace Free Enterprise Capitalism with Marxist Socialism. Then the state will wither away into pure Communism. How ignorant can these people be when the world never saw a Socialist or Communist regime endure the test of time?

In an article, Ludwig von Mises explained how the Capitalists of the industrial revolution, first in England and then in the countries of Continental Europe, lifted the masses out of the poverty of Feudalism through mass production. When Capitalist factories in the cities began to draw people away from the farms it was vigorously opposed by the landed class.

Eventually, the government stepped in and provided a stipend to make up the difference between factory wages and farm wages in order to ensure the production of food. In Europe, first in Germany, then elsewhere on the continent, such measures were also taken. But for some third world countries, mass consumption has erased the distinction between the poor and the middle class…

From our Executive Editor:

In light of YouTube’s announcement to erase and delete all videos that discuss anything about fraud in the 2020 election, we will be working to provide video content from other sources. When you post content to YouTube or Facebook you’re just showing your hand and waiting to get it smacked. We suggest loading and linking to BitChute.com instead. MeWe.com and USA.Life are good alternatives to Facebook, and Parler.com is a good substitute for Twitter, and is getting a lot of notice.

CHECK THIS> From The Epoch Times (w/ video): 2020 Election Investigative Documentary: Who’s Stealing America? – 12/14/20

From American Thought Leaders of Epoch Times: Sidney Powell on Election Lawsuits, Supreme Court Decision & Gen. Flynn Case via Epoch Times – 12/14/20

From FOX Business News: Pompeo delivers remarks on China challenge to US National Security – 12/9/20

From FOX News: Lou Dobbs gives fiery reaction to Attorney General Barr’s resignation – 12/14/20        

From Newsmax TV: Sebastian Gorka says Barr is a coward – 12/14/20



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