CSN Newsletter 12/17/2020 – Fighting for Our Nation’s Future

CSN Newsletter 12/17/2020 – Fighting for Our Nation’s Future

From our Founder…

Last Thursday (it now seems so long ago) we were in high anticipation of the recent Texas lawsuit against the anti-Constitution states, politely referred to as “swing” states, or “battleground” states. Although these states are not the only anti-Constitution states, they are the ones where the focus of the nation is this week because they still stand as states that have gotten away with stealing the 2020 election. These states will go down in history much like the Confederate States of America have gone down in the history of the nation. As a keen student of history, to me that could be somewhat bad as well as somewhat good for the true history of our Civil War has not been fully exposed. The treason of the leaders of the Confederate States has been buried by apologists.

President Lincoln had to deal with the treason in the White House even before he was sworn in as POTUS. The Democrat administration of President James Buchanan was divided as well between northern and southern Democrats, and in the end, Buchanan was either too weak to control the treasonous Democrats, or he was complicit in his own “go along to get along” tolerance of the treason that led to the southern secession. We are seeing a repeat of the splintering effect of politics, and the effect is not only a divide between Democrats and Republicans. The divide then and the divide now is over the fundamental principles at the core of the founding of our nation and whether people are willing to live according to their beliefs.

Jefferson wrote, and the Founders agreed in the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident…” Actually, Jefferson initially wrote “to be sacred and divine,” but it was edited by Dr. Ben Franklin. The point is this: how many people today within our nation hold to those self-evident and sacred truths? Citizens are now baffled as their revered leaders are not “in it to win it.” The traditionalist, or elitist GOP (another division – the wealth divide), had already started capitulating in November. Now, the ones who have slowly dragged their feet are coming out of the closet to “cozy up” to the man behind stealing the election, Joe Biden, as well as all the other thieves who are attempting to steal an election from the American people. 

From Marco Rubio in November and Mitch McConnell in December, it is likely that sweet prospects or deals with the Political Criminal Cabal that runs our nation must have manifested. Material gain and money is definitely more important to such elitists. While America struggles to survive with the insane Democrat-run states mandating the lockdowns due to COVID fears, they collude with the ones who colluded with the CCP. This is such a sellout of the ideals and values of our Judeo-Christian heritage and those principles at the core of our founding documents. It is obvious they have lost their grip on those self-evident truths. The Founding Fathers must be weeping from Heaven. I’m weeping for our nation at this point. 

However, the tears I shed for my beloved country are not tears of weakness. We will fight – CSN will continue this battle and we will stand behind President Trump and the patriots he has rallied, the remnant that God has called, to defend His nation because we still trust in our Father in Heaven and still believe in “One Nation Under God.” We are here to hold onto and to continue to promote and protect those sacred truths.   

We start with Don Rosenberg’s article entitled: “The Quiet War,” which provides a clear perspective about the war we are fighting in America today!

We follow this overview with another from Dr. Robert Owens, who helps us look into the future. Although CSN has not given up the fight to protect the Free Republic, we allow Dr. Owens to sneak this peek into the return of the Ancien régime as he refers to the old Obama “dominion.” The forecast is foreboding – read only if you are of ‘good courage.’ 

Canada Free Press editor, Judi McLeod looks at the same potential foreboding future with a completely different viewpoint. She explains her point of view in one of her recent posts titled: “America’s 1st Temporary President May Never Come About.” To figure out her perspective, readers need to read the article.

My article does not explore such a foreboding future because I do not see the need to go there. I learned long ago that if one understands their past and the seeds that were planted there, if the seeds were strong, the present roots from such an origin surely will support the strength of growth and sustained striving toward the blossoming of those innate ideals within the seeds. I will continue to strive for a better America. We are simply learning more about our previously hidden enemies, so we know who’s who.

Our final entry is from our ally, Def-Con News. They are still fighting too. The title of the article explains what it is about: “Does President Trump Still Have A Chance To Expose The Theft And Flip The Election?” I don’t mean to spoil their answer, but he does! But, on a deeper level, Trump won the election. Why let thieves tell anyone he didn’t?

Our recommended video is one we featured on Tuesday, but it was not one we singled out. However, it has been discovered to be an extremely powerful documentary helping patriots understand what our “leaders” should have been alerting citizens to as part of their job assignment. It had to do with their oath of office – protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States!   

Dennis Jamison
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The Quiet War

By Don Rosenberg – 12/13/2020

We are currently in a state of war and most Americans are completely unaware. They know times are troubled, but are totally focused on COVID, politics, or both. They worry whether they will lose their jobs or their businesses, if their kids will lose another year of school, how long the lockdowns will last, or if their loved ones in nursing care can survive another month in total isolation from their families. These are truly difficult times.

This new war is unlike any other in our history. There was no Pearl Harbor attack to wake up “the sleeping giant.” Most of us are still asleep. There was no nuclear bomb dropped on a major US city, although in this quiet war we have already lost more citizens than were killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Our Director of National Intelligence points out that this war has been going on for much longer than the COVID crisis, started prior to Trump’s presidency, and is being fought at multiple levels. It started with a peace agreement and an invitation to join the rest of the world when Nixon went to China in 1972. China was facing starvation, over-population and economic collapse. Nixon feared the disruption to the world from a complete failure. So he opened up business relations and gave special concessions to help China climb out of poverty. What that morphed into has become the greatest threat to America and freedom throughout the world.


by Dr. Robert Owens – December 15, 2020

The roaring voice of all the rebels, free thinkers, green warriors, and New Agers have spoken through the bullhorn of Chicago-style vote counting and the one true outsider ever elected to the presidency is replaced by the quintessential political hack and the Establishment regains control of their swamp.  And all the while the hopelessly deceived can’t see that their swallowed-whole public education indoctrination group-think mindset tells them they’ve struck a blow for freedom by empowering manipulators who will deliver the chains of authoritarianism.

But maybe I’m being too harsh?  Just stay huddled in your home hoarding your toilet paper listening to the Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media and the Tech Lords knowing they’ll tell you all you’ll ever need to know.  Don’t forget to wear your mask if you dare to go out.  And if you see too many cars in your neighbor’s driveway be sure to call the police, they might be pandemic-deniers who need some re-education.

Look for the coming Biden Boom to decimate our economy as his family’s benefactor, the Red Emperor, leads his slave state to become the largest economy in the world.

America’s 1st Temporary President May Never Come About

By Judi McLeodDecember 13, 2020

While the masses are holed-up at home watching television and reading the latest Tweets from Twits on the Internet,  waiting for a vote recount, that even if it ever takes place will be a long time in coming, the Democrats who wrote the script four years ago, are making ready to inaugurate Joe Biden as America’s 1st Temporary President.

It’s the second time the Democrats are pushing forward a pre-written script for the First Black Woman President.  Pretend Black Woman Hillary Clinton who never made it past the gate in 2016 and Black Woman—Jamaican/Indian—Kamala Harris. This one’s being rolled out as ‘Kamala or Bust!’.

In order to forge full speed ahead, the Democrats worked to put the masses where they really need them to be—at home watching and reading all the ‘news’  they toss out daily to an in-sync mainstream and social ‘media’. Problem is that after nine long months of being in the ‘waiting room’, the natives, no longer foot loose and fancy free, are getting restless—and unfortunately some getting more dispirited, dejected and despairing by day.

Does President Trump Still Have A Chance To Expose The Theft And Flip The Election?

By Def-Con News – 12/15/20

There’s no doubt that the 2020 election was stolen by the Democrats. There are mountains of hard evidence including data analysis, video, and sworn testimony that the vote was fraudulent, and yet no court will even consider looking at it. The Electoral College has cast their votes for Joe Biden. So does President Trump still have a chance to expose this blatant theft and claim his rightful place as the real winner?

I believe in my heart that 2020 was a fraudulent election and not because I’m a Republican, but because I’ve looked at the evidence in the articles Def-Con News has published in recent weeks:

  • Forensic Report On Dominion Voting Machines Invalidates Entire Michigan Election
  • Michigan County Certifies Vote With 70% Fraudulent Ballots
  • More Damning Evidence Of Voter Fraud In Georgia And Nevada
  • At Least 221,000 Illegal Ballots Were Cast In Wisconsin
  • Here Are The ‘Vote Dumps’ President Trump Says Allowed Biden To Steal The Election

In light of YouTube’s announcement to erase and delete all videos that discuss anything about fraud in the 2020 election, we will be working to provide video content from other sources. When you post content to YouTube or Facebook you’re just showing your hand and waiting to get it smacked. We suggest loading and linking to BitChute.com instead. MeWe.com and USA.Life are good alternatives to Facebook, and Parler.com is a good substitute for Twitter, and is getting a lot of notice.

CHECK THIS AGAIN> From The Epoch Times (w/ video): 2020 Election Investigative Documentary: Who’s Stealing America? – 12/14/20

Breaking> From The Epoch Times (w/ video): Navarro reports comprehensive findings on election integrity – 12/17/20       

DNI Ratcliffe: Ratcliffe says China poses biggest threat to U.S. since World War II – 12/3/20

From NTD TV: Gen. Flynn: This is not about President Trump, this is about our Constitution, we want truth – 12/14/20      

From Blaze TV: Rudy Giuliani Gives Update on Election Investigation & Georgia Senate Vote on The Glenn Beck Program – 12/17/20

From Simone Gao: Trump Electors, Stop The Steal Coalition Hold Press Conference on Capitol Hill– 12/15/20

From LifeSitenews: Mastercard and Visa block payments to Pornhub over underage rape and abuse videos – 12/14/20

Recommended Reading…

From The Epoch Times: Peter Navarro Issues Report on Voting Irregularities: ‘The Emperor, In the Election, Has No Clothes’ – 12/15/20

From Canada Free Press: Radical Democrat Socialism American Style – 12/17/20

From The Epoch Times: Sidney Powell: Every Voting Machine Needs to Be Seized, Forensically Analyzed – 12/15/20

Review> From The Epoch Times: Beijing Poses Greatest Threat to US, Free World Since WWII: Director of National Intelligence – 12/3/20

Review> From The Epoch Times: We the People Demand Character in American Government11/3/17

News From Arizona – From Washington Examiner: Arizona state senator subpoenas Maricopa County for election audits – 12/15/20

News From New Jersey – From Washington Examiner: Supreme Court sides with church and synagogue questioning New Jersey mask mandate – 12/15/20

News From Pennsylvania – From The Epoch Times: Pennsylvania Republicans Ask Supreme Court to Again Review Election Lawsuit – 12/15/20

News From Washington state – From New York Post: Seattle politician who defunded the police called 911 – 12/13/20

CHECK THIS> KOMO News: The Fight for the Soul of Seattle | A KOMO News Documentary – 12/13/20

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