CSN Newsletter 12/22/2020 – Are we in for a Dark Winter, or will we save our Republic?

CSN Newsletter 12/22/2020 – Are we in for a Dark Winter, or can we save our Republic?

From our Founder…

Last Tuesday was Bill of Rights Day in the United States. But without much fanfare or acknowledgement, it is highly symbolic that the “leaders” as well as the general do not care. If one does not honor, even notice, or offer attention to our rights as a people, it is very telling of where the public sentiment is at this time. Instead, citizens are witnessing   the politicians be politicians – distancing themselves from any appearance of linkage to the POTUS. In the days of the old Roman Republic, the act that plunged the citizens into civil war, and then a radical descent into the oppressive Roman Empire, was when the Senators assassinated Julius Caesar, That single act was resurrected by William  Shakespeare, but it is taking on a whole new meaning in our time.

As citizens watch in idle disinterest, their Republic has been stolen piece by piece in a slow deliberate effort to corrupt in a stage by stage process of capturing our education system, our media and entertainment industry, our families, our churches, and finally our government. We are in the final stages of that successive and now seemingly highly successful theft of the Republic. Only a handful of insightful people with deep vision and some prophets were able to see the proverbial “handwriting on the wall.” Only the most sincere people who loved their country were called into action by a higher authority, and they gave everything they thought they had to fight for the Republic. The real question is at this point is: Where was everyone else? Did they have faith in God’s helping the USA to come to birth, or did they just think it was some ancient myth?

What is even a more ironic commentary on the death of the Roman Empire is that many people did not even know there was a Republic before the Empire came into being. Even sadder, after the fall of Rome and the takeover of the barbarians, not too many citizens in the old Empire even felt any change. The Empire was so corrupt and so ruthless that no one could tell the difference between the two forms of government. To a degree it is why that period of time is referred to as the Dark Ages. The citizens had been so oppressed and suppressed in the days of the Empire that they felt powerless against the might of the Emperor. But in those dark days, a child was born in Bethlehem who grew to manhood, despite frequent attempts upon his life – even while he was but an infant. God had a plan to transform the world even in that dark time. 

How many are trusting God in this “Dark Winter” as Joe Biden calls it? Is Heavenly Father calling to people in this time? If He is, who is listening? Jesus gave his life for the sake of the rest of the world to live in genuine freedom under God’s dominion. Yet, if the culmination of all of the years of God’s painstaking work to create the United States of America, was to further that freedom, what is to become of it now? Who understands? The nation was born to serve the rest of the world, to lead the world into freedom. Yet, this generation lies sleeping, or hiding in the closet, hoping the problems will all go away and we can still be free. The rest of this generation is clueless as to what is happening.

Will the Republic die without a whimper? In the days of the old Roman Republic, the citizens elected or appointed military “Consuls,” generals who were trusted with serious dictatorial power to protect the Republic from internal corruption and from being overrun by barbarian outsiders. The old Republic lasted for nearly 500 years. The Empire lasted 259 years until it began to splinter into regional dictatorships before the official capital was consolidated into Constantinople. Will our Republic transform into a puppet empire of the Chinese Communist Party? We are on that pathway, whether we like it or not. And, even if we do not accept it, what are patriots prepared to do about it? 

My article today is about a different perspective on Joe Biden’s “dark winter” warning. It is high time patriots stop listening to the poisonous mainstream media for “news” as it is not news – even the title is a lie. It is time for all like-minded patriot, conservatives, and all people of faith to bind together and to take back our nation. It is time for offense, Leftists  and the communists in the shadows are not playing games. All the organizations based upon protecting the Republic need to work together rather than continuing to expend their sincere efforts in a thousand different directions. The time is now to “join or die.”  

Our second article today is one from Judith LaMontagne who comments on the long, drawn out struggle to get rid of Trump as well as the aftermath of the election. She also provides suggestions for how future elections can be safe. Check out “The Avalanche of Dishonesty.” 

Our third article is from our friends at DefCon News. They report that President Trump has called for a massive protest on January 6th, and share Peter Navarro’s 36-page report that details the election fraud.

Author A. Dru Kristenev examines the hypothetical scenario: “what if Biden is elected, then how would the inauguration play out?” She provides three good reasons why “president- elect” Biden would not want a big to-do if he’s inaugurated. 

Michael Lewinski rounds out our lineup for today with an examination of a basic notion of the attack on our free economy in his “Income Inequality?” He is usually brief and to the point, but he warns “the Left is going to try to punish the rich and entrepreneurs. What they will ultimately do is punish the little guy, the workers they claim to favor. This is because they have a distorted view of the economy and economics.”

Our video recommendations for today are the live video with Joshua Philipp of the Epoch Times on his Crossroads show and a new voice in a video featuring Parth Dhamelia who looks at National Intelligence (DNI) Director John Ratcliffe who is preparing a report on Foreign Interference In Elections. How long will that be delayed?

There are also two videos from two patriotic senators who are still fighting for America. 

Also, last but not least, I just wanted to thank everyone for the donations that have been sent to us. We are truly grateful as we know it has been a most trying and unusual year. We look for great things to happen in 2021. God bless you all, and God bless America. 

Dennis Jamison
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Biden’s ‘Dark Winter’ Is a Time for Patriot Action

By Dennis Jamison —-December 22, 2020

During the final presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in October, Biden stated that America would have a “dark winter” in reference to his weak assertion and the Democrat mantra that the COVID deaths in the United States were all Trump’s fault, and that he should have acted sooner. However, in the winter months at the beginning of the year when COVID-19 hit, Biden, along with his more vocal Party members, criticized President Trump for shutting down travel to China. Which is it?

Biden pursued his point: “We’re about to go into a dark winter… A dark winter, and he has no clear plan and there’s no prospect that there’s going to be a vaccine available for the majority of the American people before the middle of next year.” Yet, two have come forth to be approved. The question remains whether the American people will trust in their government to take a vaccine now that some are available. In October, only 40% of the population said they would be willing to take the vaccine, if there were one available.

Small groups of a “vaccine-resistance” are beginning to form around the nation. There was already general resistance to vaccinations during the 2016 general election, and it seems to be reviving. The nation has been swept by fear due to COVID, but several thousands of citizens are more panicked about the lack of respect and obedience to   the Constitution than concerned over the “plandemic.” And in fact, the dismantling of America’s election integrity appears to be of increasing importance as several patriot, conservative, and Christian groups in all parts of the nation have already, or are now organizing for action due to the cavalier view that those in Congress and even those in the Supreme Court have taken in light of definite evidence compiled regarding the corruption and fraud in the recent election.

The Avalanche of Dishonesty

By Judith La Montagne – 12/17/2020

The 2020 election may be over, but the unfortunate flawed results remain. The stink of rampant cheating will linger as a sad commentary on the state of our country. How did we get into this election mess? The dishonesty and cheating on so many fronts is unparalleled in our history.

Liberals originally tried to impeach the president before he even had a chance to properly arrange his office furniture. When their plan didn’t destroy President Trump, they became even more determined. Our intrepid President fought back, more determined to succeed than ever. President Trump was an extremely successful man before his presidency, and he knew very well how to fight difficult battles and win the day. The impeachment plan was, of course, ultimately unsuccessful.

A later plan was to discredit the President’s legacy, which. to their chagrin, didn’t work well at all. President Trump remains by far the most popular president in recent years. Despite the Left’s efforts for impeachment, he accomplished far more than anyone thought possible. The economy roared forward with great success, disappointing liberals while drawing in more voters to the president’s side. But since President Trump is a solid Conservative, his reputation could not be allowed to stand by the media. He has been in a policy war with the Left from day one.


Yes, 75+ million Americans support Our President. But what can we do? I’ll discuss that in a moment.

As far as support from those in government, both houses of congress, judges, the Pentagon, Intelligence Agencies, etc., there are only a handful of loyal American Patriots in those positions. Even the majority of Republican politicians, while giving the appearance of loyalty, work against Trump behind his back.
Now, back to the 75+ million American supporters of our President.

Income Inequality?

By Michael J. Lewinski 12/21/20

With the coming Biden administration and the Progressive fools who will man it, income inequality is about to get much worse. They are going to tax the rich yet again. Every time they do this, the gap between the rich and poor widens.

“The statists are making a big issue out of income inequality, hoping to convince ordinary Americans that redistribution is their only hope for a better life.” This was observed by Dan Michell. He noted that Winston Churchill once said,” The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.” It is that misery the progressives, who are motivated by their hatred of the rich, are bringing to America.

According to David Henderson of the Hoover institution, “Given what economists know about the harmful effects from raising already high marginal tax rates even higher, tax increases could certainly reduce measured inequality—because they would cause higher-income people to reduce their taxable income by working less, by taking more pay in the form of untaxed fringe benefits, or by investing more in municipal bonds, whose interest is not taxable by the feds.”

From our Executive Editor:

In light of YouTube’s announcement to erase and delete all videos that discuss anything about fraud in the 2020 election, we will be working to provide video content from other sources. When you post content to YouTube or Facebook you’re just showing your hand and waiting to get it smacked. We suggest loading and linking to BitChute.com instead. MeWe.com and USA.Life are good alternatives to Facebook, and Parler.com is a good substitute for Twitter, and is getting a lot of notice.

From Crossroads: Live with Joshua Philipp on Trump Gaining Ground to Challenge 2020 Election Results – 12/21/20

From FOX News – Hannity: Hannity breaks down ‘disturbing’ newly revealed Hunter Biden text messages – 12/17/20

From Huckabee’s BREAKDOWN: EXPLOSIVE Election Fraud Senate Hearing: THIS ISN’T OVER – 12/17/20

From Probing Politics with Parth Dhamelia: Director Of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe CONFIRMS Foreign Interference In Elections – 12/17/20

From Bill Whittle: Why the Supreme Court Rebuffed Texas Suit Fighting Biden-Trump Election Outcome – 12/16/20

From Senator James Lankford: Senator Lankford Stands with Americans Right to Verify US Election Results – 12/16/20

From The Hill: Senator Rand Paul stated “The election was in many ways stolen” – 12/16/20

Recommended Reading…

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News From Georgia – Review> From The Epoch Times: Georgia Governor Urges Secretary of State to Order Signature Audit Over Fulton County Video – 12/4/20

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News From Pennsylvania –From The Epoch Times: Pennsylvania Voter: ‘Our Country Has Been Bought and Paid For’ – 12/20/20

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