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From Our Founder –  Hopefully American citizens were able to find multiple reasons to be grateful during the Thanksgiving holiday this year. The Grinch seems to be encroaching upon more holidays than Christmas since the 2016 election results. As impeachment politics shifts into yet another phase with Adam Shiff passing the Cabal’s point man baton to Jerome Nadler, the never ending saga continues to unfold, and threatens to spoil many a December holiday. 

This week, while many of our mainline writers are recovering from the Thanksgiving festivities, CSN offers a few articles from very capable writers outside our normal network. I offer a piece dealing with the danger that impeachment politics may lead to, as legal precedents are now in the process of being established. Judi McLeod, Editor of the Canada Free Press, also offers a clear perspective on the impeachment debacle.  

Larry Sand provides insight into the ideal Socialist tactics of promoting collective bargaining for the “common good,” which he sees as simply another Socialist ploy for control and power.   

Michael Lewinski provides a glimpse into the insanity from Progressives, and provides a way of dealing with it in “Lighting Fires for Freedom.” 

We also offer an article from Ray DiLorenzo which honestly examines the challenges America faces with the millennial generation as he asks whether the millennials are America’s fifth column. 

Dennis Jamison

Impeachment Politics: Clear & Present Danger

By Dennis Jamison –December 3, 2019

The Democrat-driven “investigation” into the “Russian Collusion” fabrication against President Donald Trump has morphed from a personally targeted “witch hunt” into treasonous actions against the position of POTUS as well as the Constitution of the United States. The outrageous actions of the contemporary Democrat leadership creates a precedent and platform for future types of political “purges.” If any particular political party completes successfully actions which negate the votes of the electorate in a presidential election it lays a foundation for continually repeating any such strategy in the future. What is occurring now, is only a part of a longer and more elaborate process of neutering the electorate.

If the American electorate that stands to be disenfranchised continues to pretend it seems as if it is just “politics as usual, only nastier,” the disinterest or ignorance will lead to politics that will be very foreign to the United States of America. As long as political correctness muffles and muzzles the American electorate, the nation will be drastically changed because it will cease existing as a Constitutional-Republic. Some citizens may ask: “How could that happen in a free country?” The answer is quite simple: “it’s a free country.” The American people are easily duped via regulated fear of voicing one’s opinion, or via ignorance of what is actually occurring before their eyes. “We the People” determine the government we get. And, if “We” make decisions out of fear or ignorance, we cannot blame anyone else.

Democrats’ Obsession: Impeaching Presidents Now And Forever

By Judi McLeod —-December 1, 2019

As beloved as they were, Lincoln and Reagan are long gone. But President Trump—the last man standing—is still here fighting to put America and its people first

If Ronald Reagan were  running in the 2020 presidential election, he’d be swiftly elected, then more than swiftly, impeached.

Ditto for Abraham Lincoln, other worthy leaders and anyone—or any thing—standing in the Democrats’ way.

Power-crazed Democrats have decided among themselves that another Republican will NEVER be elected or re-elected.  In fact,  they have decided that the results of elections can be negated or cancelled— any time  they choose.

It’s their only way of guaranteeing a Democrat President.

Adam Schiffs in their midst are a dime a dozen, and with both the mainstream and social media in the tank with them, it’s full speed ahead all the way.

With the help of the mainstream and social media, egged on by entertainment industry celebs like Robert de Niro, Democrats have worked a 3-year-long lie that they (and the world brought to their cause by the media) hate Donald Trump because he’s a racist, misogynist, a brute of every description, unfit to lead the nation.

But what they really hate is that Trump has exposed them and their running dog media for what they really are— liars and frauds, who would willingly turn America into a corrupt Socialist State.

When ‘Bargaining for the Common Good’ Isn’t

by Larry Sand  – November 30th, 2019

Union elites have set themselves up as the avatars of righteousness—selfless do-gooders who are taking a stand for the benefit of all. All too often, in reality, they are nothing more than plain old socialists.

In 2014, public-employee union leaders and community organizations gathered in Washington, D.C., and came up with a strategy to advance what they called “bargaining for the common good.” The new approach included using the collective bargaining process as a way to challenge the relationships between government and the private sector, working with community allies to create new, shared goals that help advance both worker and citizen power, and recognizing that militancy and collective action will likely be necessary if workers and citizens are to reduce inequality and strengthen democracy.

According to the left-wing American Prospect, a burst of activity followed the conference. In 2016, labor organizer Stephen Lerner said, “It’s been amazing to see how many unions, community groups, and people have adopted the ‘bargaining for common good’ frame and language.”

Writing in the Marxist People’s World Daily in May, Joseph McCartin explained that bargaining for the common good is necessary because “financialization, privatization, increasing inequality, and, most recently, judicial attacks on unions’ ability to collect fees from the workers they represent, which culminated in the Supreme Court’s 2018 Janus v. AFSCME decision, have undermined traditional bargaining. Bargaining for the Common Good responds to these changes by recasting unions as defenders not only of their members but the community’s very well being.”

Lighting Fires for Freedom

By Michael J. Lewinski  11/25/19

The statists; Progressives are the people who reject our Constitution and the values and principles it’s built upon. They are people who believe big government must remake Americans into people whose lives must conform to the behaviors designed by experts who have as a goal to perfect humanity.

These people are out in la-la land who want to drag the rest of us into their kind of dystopian environment. It’s their mission to destroy individual American rights. They are aiming at the first, second and fourth amendments, and are seeking to tamper with others.

Progressives are subverting the legal system which renders verdicts that will allow you to kill innocent developing human beings and yet, allow a young child to destroy their physiology chemically and surgically!

These statists believe only authorities should have access to arms. They want private firearms gone. Period!

Marxist takeover strategy that, left unchallenged, will alter the country forever

Millennials, America’s 5th Column?

By Ray DiLorenzo December 3, 2019

I’m aware that not every Millennial is a nut job. There are a multitude serving our country overseas, in responsible positions, right here, helping to right the ship of state, and large numbers of millennials just working by the rules to make a life for themselves. But, we are in trouble, big trouble, and we had better deal with it.

Millennials were born between 1981 – 1996. That makes them between 23 and 38 years old. They have been well indoctrinated in the Marxist religion disguised as liberalism since early grade school. Millennials look upon socialism as a giant IOU, advantage them, with little or no detriment. The more government, the better.

A survey released in November, 2019 (Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation) found 70% of millennials are in favor of socialism and likely to vote socialist, with 36% saying they approve of communism. With those results, we have to be more than concerned. We need to be horrified and willing to take action. Generation Z, the succeeding generation, promises to be no better. It should be to no one’s surprise that Pelosi wants to see the voting age dropped to 16.

The only abundance is in their ignorance of American history and how we got to this level of prosperity. To them our standard of living is perfectly normal, nothing unusual. They are filled with ingratitude, the poison of nations. Some say that millennials are a war generation, but next to World War II, our current conflicts are a side show they care little about. Theirs is the generation that wasn’t reminded of depression and war by what I call the Give Generation…also called the Silent Generation.

Millennials have been lied to and taken for granted by greedy politicians and unscrupulous educators. Millennials have never been taught that success in this life comes from rugged individualism and dogged self-determination.

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