CSN Newsletter 12/3/2020 – The Lie Continues, Can We Prevail?

CSN Newsletter 12/3/2020 – The Lie Continues, Can We Prevail?

Before we go too far today, I want to note that the great economist, educator, and well-renowned syndicated columnist Walter E. Williams has passed away, and we offer our respects to such a great American. We had featured some of his commentaries or interviews in the past when we could. He will be surely missed in our turbulent world, but I’m not sure he will miss this chaos compared to the peace where he is going.

For the rest of us we must just keep moving on. On Tuesday, I wrote in my introductory message: “The truth about the “election” is slowly emerging among the people who love this nation and the principles it was founded upon – those who truly love freedom…” Actually, the light shining upon the darkness is the truth; yet, the glut of information that citizens are exposed to in this war for the soul of America, can be overwhelming. Misinformation and disinformation runs rampant throughout the nation. And, our CSN newsletter takes great pains to check and recheck the information we re-post or comment upon in our writer’s articles. It is our due diligence to help our readers learn the truth and to help them digest it.

Unfortunately, even though we have a high standard of research, I have learned that information about a U.S Special Forces raid in Germany to seize servers was fake news. On Tuesday in my message, I had referenced a link to an article from Def-Con News about that U.S. Special Forces raid of a CIA Server Farm in Germany. While that story was floating everywhere through social media and a former three star general had repeated it on television, we actually did not post the link. Despite that, there was my reference to it that may have caused confusion. My apologies. Today, we are posting an article from PJ Media about the reality rather than the “fake news.”

My article addresses the threats to truth itself in this time, as it is quite easy in this age of mass distribution of information to foment deceit, deception, and disinformation. At a time in which people do not know where the truth of specific matters resides, it is most difficult to discern truth from falsehood. Discernment takes practice and wisdom, but as President Abraham Lincoln reflected: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” Whether Americans can discern the truth from the lies will depend on their own due diligence. It will have tremendous implications for our future as a Free Republic.  

Don Rosenberg has offered an open challenge to Democrats in his article on “Democrats, Be Careful What You Wish For,” as he explores the potential for fraudulent elections form this point forward. It sparks the question of whether this election has taken cyber warfare to a whole new level with the whole world potentially involved in U.S. elections.

The third article we offer is from Canada Free Press editor, Judi McLeod, who wrote “Nov. 3, 2020: The Day The Lie Became The News.“ She explains how CFP last year predicted that FOX News would fall into the fold of the MSM. She also plugs a couple of good writers for the CFP: “CFP writers Lee Cary and Marty Watters copied the Mother Ship on an email to the Hoft Brothers over at Gateway Pundit today with regard to AG Barr being ‘bent.’”

Today, we also have two articles from Def-Con News that help readers see a wider perspective on the post election realities. In an article written before Thanksgiving that was missed, Def-Con points out “Biden Is Already Taking His Marching Orders From Socialist AOC And Her ‘Loon Squad.’” And finally, from a more recent post, Def-Con shares the ‘Vote Dumps’ that President Trump claimed allowed Biden to steal the election.

Our video recommendation(s) are that readers check President Trump’s speech the other night if you haven’t already. We also have the video of the Georgia rally the other night with Lin Wood and Sidney Powell and the people who care about truth. There is also a great interview from American Thought Leaders with Amanda Milius who made the documentary on “The Plot Against the President.” You can also watch them all!

Also, last but not least, I just wanted to thank everyone for the donations that have been sent to us. We are truly grateful as we know it has been a most unusual year. God bless you all, and may God bless America. 

Dennis Jamison

In the Fog of a Civil War, Will Truth and Justice Prevail? Will Freedom Survive?

by Dennis Jamison – 12/3/2020

The nation is plodding slowly along past an indecisive (and what appears to be a blatantly fraudulent) election. And, in the fog of confusion and the shock over the enormity and extent of the collected evidence of election fraud and vote machine manipulation, trust in our electoral process waivers. This election has been one of, if not, the most contentious elections in national history. And yet, some Americans are moving about as if it was just another election, like it was just one more speed bump we had to endure. Mental adjustment. The underlying problem in this moment is that the truth is hard to discern. There are two detailed and distinct versions of reality regarding the actual outcome of the national election. Truth becomes a secondary consideration to those who could care less about honesty and integrity, or to those who have reason to ignore it. Yet, Jesus Christ proclaimed that it is the truth that will set you free.

So, in the fog of this election aftermath, can anyone perceive the truth? President Trump just came on television today to deliver what he called “the most important speech” of his presidency. He explained in a number of ways with examples of fraudulent activity in several states essentially pointing out that the national election was rigged. On the other hand, on Tuesday Attorney General William Barr announced to the Associated Press that U.S. attorneys and FBI agents had been working to track down specific complaints of election fraud, but “to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election.” So, which is it? Where lies the truth?

Democrats, Be Careful What You Wish For

by Don Rosenberg – 12/3/2020

As we think through the Democrats’ tolerant positions on voter fraud, let’s look ahead to all future elections. We can now assume that Democrats feel that any single method of fraud is acceptable, as long as it isn’t enough to change an election’s outcome. They seem to agree that all voting software and hardware systems work just fine and there is no need to ensure that they are free from hacking or manipulation.

They assume that there is no need for both parties to observe the actual ballot-counting process, and there are no restrictions on who can vote using absentee or mail-in systems. They can all agree not to worry about whether the number of votes is greater than the number of voters in a precinct, district or county. In these new elections, all that is needed is for someone to pay a fee to register as a candidate and then hire a team of hackers and counterfeiters to manipulate the voting software and print up as many fake ballots as are needed.

But what’s to prevent the Chinese, Russians or Iranians from putting forth their own candidates using their agents with American citizenship?

Nov. 3, 2020: The Day The Lie Became The News

By  —December 2, 2020

One month ago tomorrow, the Lie Became The News. The Cadillac chauffeuring the soon to be media-crowned President-Elect Joe Biden drove straight from the Election booths to the front door of Fox News—where it has been double parked ever since. Sometime late on Election Night, while millions of voters drifted off to sleep thinking that their vote reelected President Donald Trump, the vote-counting stopped.

By the time Hillary’s vote-robbed deplorables awoke in the morning,  Joe Biden—who had holed up in his Delaware basement during most of the 2020 Election Campaign—was somehow the winner—and within days, a media-christened “President-Elect.” Since that day, we’ve all been waiting for the Administration, the media, the Republicans, the patriots and the brutally robbed to do something—like find out why all the swing states only counted votes with Biden’s name on them.

But when good people who pointed out that the number of votes often exceeded the number of eligible voters, they were immediately censored by Google, Twitter, Facebook and most talking heads in the mainstream media. There’s really no mystery about why it happened, because knowing that they couldn’t possibly win the 2020 Election, the Democrats stole it instead.

Biden Is Already Taking His Marching Orders From Socialist AOC And Her ‘Loon Squad’

By Def-Con News – 11/19/20

On the campaign trail, Joe Biden tried to laugh off that he was in any way considering Socialist programs should he win the election. The liberal media has declared him the winner of the election and, before the results are even settled, he’s already taking his marching orders from Socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Squad. Who’s shocked a Democrat lied about something?

AOC and her squadmates thinks its awful that people have to live with their personal decisions, so they are pushing to have taxpayers pick up the tab for students who took out loans to get degrees in gender studies:

“Over 99% of applicants to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program have been rejected. Yet the Trump administration blocked the CFPB from trying to fix the program. We’re holding back people’s dreams with red tape and mountains of debt. It’s time to cancel all student debt.”

by Def Con News – 12/1/2020

President Trump has pointed to “vote dumps” in certain states that allowed Joe Biden to steal the election from him. Naturally the liberal media, which is Biden’s firewall, has dismissed this claim, but it is real. 4 late-night dumps that are statistically impossibilities occurred in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia and that cost Trump the 2020 election.

Sunday, President Trump did an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News and said this thing, which has been ridiculed by the liberal media: “And what happened, if you watched the election, I was called by the biggest people, saying congratulations. Political people. ‘Congratulations, sir, you just won the election.’ It was 10 o’clock and you looked at the numbers, and I’m sure you felt that way. This election was over. And then they did dumps. They called them dumps. Big massive dumps in Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and all over,” said Trump.

What Trump is talking about is that he had big leads in these states, which would have given him the win in 2020 and then something weird happened…

From Newsmax: Trump Gives ‘Most Important Speech,’ Charges Election Rigged – 12/3/20

From The Rightside Broadcasting: China did it! Powell and Lin Wood Presser LIVE NOW – YOU NEED TO SEE THIS… As in HOLY Sh*T. Trump has this…  – 12/3/20

From American Thought Leaders: ‘We’re Still Living in the Coup’—Amanda Milius on “The Plot Against the President” – 12/2/20

From Newsmax TV: Are you kidding me, Barr? from Matt Whitaker – 12/2/20

From The Epoch Times (w/ video): Georgia State Farm Arena Footage Shows Poll Workers Staying Behind, Pulling Out ‘Suitcases’ With Ballots – 12/3/20


From Project Veritas: CNN President Jeff Zucker BLASTS Trump & Republicans on 9am Call with Senior Leadership – 12/1/20

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From PJ Media: No, U.S. Soldiers Were Not Killed in a Mission to Seize Servers in Germany – 12/2/20

From Newsmax: Economist, Syndicated Columnist Walter E. Williams Dies – 12/3/20

History> From The City Journal Magazine: How to Steal an ElectionAutumn 2004 

News From Georgia – From FOX News – Rudy Giuliani Opening Statement Georgia State Senate Committee Voter Fraud Hearing… 12/3/20

From FOX News – Tucker: Mark Steyn shows ‘radical’ sermon from Georgia candidate – 11/27/20
News From Wisconsin – From The Epoch Times: Wisconsin Determines Election Results in Favor of Biden Following Partial Recount (Trump campaign to appeal) – 11/27/20


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