CSN Newsletter – 12/31/2020 – New Years Eve Edition

CSN Newsletter – 12/31/2020 – New Years Eve Edition

From our Founder…

Today is New Year’s Eve, and from all that Americans have been through in 2020, some may be happy to put the old year in the rear view mirror. Our CSN writers, editorial staff, and those who are helping one way or another, we wish all of our readers a very momentous and Victorious 2021! 

Indeed it has been a long and tumultuous year. So many difficult things have happened in this past year. And all of us can look back at all of the bad things and dwell on them, or we can now  move onward and upward into the brand new year. However, it will not be a normal year as there is now no return to business as usual in the United States. Truly, America is currently at    a crossroads once again in its history, whether citizens understand it or not. The United States has always been a nation of “We the People” for the most part. However, somewhere along the line, people who thought more of themselves, or more of their Party, than “We the People” as a community and a country, began to usurp the power. In some manner, it happened at the outset, as white Southern slave owners would not bend to the concept of all “are created equal” and all “are endowed with “…certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Today, on this threshold of a new year, people who thought more of themselves, or more of their Party, than “We the People” are planning to move forward with one of the greatest thefts in all of human history — they will have successfully usurped all of the power of “We the People.” Yet, it is not yet a given fact, despite the denial and willful omission from the mainstream media of this usurpation and overthrow of the sovereign of this nation: the people. Citizens do have a basic blueprint for how to solve the problem of the overthrow of our government by the tyrannical: 

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights… That, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

These words are sacred, they are the cornerstone of a Free Republic. They are not just words, unless the people agree that they no longer have meaning, no longer have relevance. Sadly, we have come to such a time as this. The writers today offer their articles to help readers as we go along a turbulent path into 2021. 

My article examines the proverbial “fork in the road” leading to America’s future. Our leaders in several realms of our society will show their true colors as they have throughout the year. They have already chosen their pathway – yet, their actions in 2021 will be based upon upholding the sacred truths or denying them. Their actions in 2021 will be based upon deriving their positions and just powers from the governed, or they will not. Their future actions will be destructive of the God-given rights, or they will not. It is not overly complicated, and most people of faith know it.  

CSN news Executive Editor, Don Rosenberg, throws out a similar sentiment in his article that was posted previously in Canada Free Press this past Tuesday. The title expresses his poignant perspective: “Will the ‘Crats succeed in stealing our country? Only if we let them!” Indeed, there is a serious problem with keeping a Republic — one must take ownership of it, if it is to survive.

Our next article is another from network blogger, Yaacov Ben Moshe, who posted this one on December 14, 2020. Moshe is Jewish, as the name indicates, but he sees the same things as other Christian writers. He writes in his recent article: “That is the nature of government. Our American system of government was created to protect the individual whose rights were endowed by God — to make life better by setting rules and keeping things fair. Our Constitution is the rule book and its best rule is that government should be limited. Government that is not limited is a jealous monster that wants more and more control all the time until it devours the people. There is a fine line between being governed and being ruled.”

The fourth article we offer today is an article from Howard Self, posted originally in UPI, which zeroes in on the threat to the people’s first amendment liberty: religious freedom. His article is reflective of a larger fight across the nation. His exposure of this infringement of the government upon religious liberty reminds me of what Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. pointed out in his quest for justice in the “Land of the Free” — “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” 

This court case, albeit obscure today, may be a pivot point upon which all our God-given rights will be protected or destroyed because it stands as a precedent for any future government intrusions into individual rights and personal liberty.

The final article we offer today is the first part of a longer article from the MyFaithVotes website from a contributor named Jennifer McAlister. Her article, “With An Unveiled Face,” is much longer, so we made it into two parts and the second part will appear in our New Year’s Eve edition on Thursday. Although she appears to be a young writer, she offers profound wisdom from the Bible.

Our recommended video is one we totally recommend from “Stop the Steal.” Although it is a promo video, it is quite powerful, and sends a powerful message out to the all those who are willing to steal an election, those complicit with such criminals and thieves, and it is a call for all red-blooded Americans to join with others to stand for Liberty and Justice for ALL!

Dennis Jamison
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Entering 2021, the Future of a Free Republic Hinges on Courage or Cowardice

by Dennis Jamison – 12/31/2020

Is there still a question of whether our election is in the process of being stolen? Only cowards, criminals, and the thieves themselves will dispute it! Then what of the rest of us who call ourselves Americans? When we look in the mirror, who do we see? Does the image looking back appear as a “summer soldier” or a “sunshine patriot” who will, in the midst of this premeditated hijack, “shrink from the service of his country” and make lame excuses for not acting? Will a free people defer to the cowardice of their pampered so-called leaders, who may have already struck deals with the criminals and thieves who lust for fame, power, or wealth? Will a free people tolerate the theft of their Republic?

Or, will deeply moved and sincerely motivated citizens realize the stakes, seize this moment and give up what they have, to protect the future freedom of their children, grandchildren, and future posterity? For such a time as this, it may truly be required, as the United States of America is being divided up identity slice by identity slice, like a pizza pie. It has been an age-old strategy and it was made well-known in the United States by Abraham Lincoln when he gave his acceptance speech to run for   a Senate seat for the Republican Party: “A house divided cannot stand.” However, he was quoting Jesus of Nazareth. It was true when he said it over 2,000 years ago, and it is true now.

There is no question that the United States of America is more representative of a “Divided States of America” than it is united. But, what is it that the people are divided over? Are the people simply divided over the men who ran to become POTUS? In the minds of some unenlightened souls, perhaps. These would be the disinterested or the low-information voters to which little matters but the day to day activities centered upon themselves. For those who have an inkling of the present existential threat confronting our nation, it is a bit more serious, and for those who can see farther down the road to see the potential outcomes of America’s future given our current trajectory, it is totally consuming. One cannot but be caught up in the turbulence of the tribulation.

Will the ‘Crats succeed in stealing our country? Only if we let them.

By Don Rosenberg – 12/28/2020

The “’Crats” are leading a coup against our government – Democrats, bureaucrats, Techno-crats, and billionaire-aristocrats. They think they can censor, bully, and steal their way into power, and run the United States just like the oligarchs in Russia and China’s CCP. What they fail to realize is that the people of the United States have freedom baked into our DNA which can’t be bullied by riots, a pandemic panic or political correctness intimidation, even after 30 years of “education reform” and a media that doesn’t report news, but instead manufactures propaganda.

Looking at the supposed November 3rd election “results,” the media claim that 74 million Americans voted for President Trump. Of the 81 million “votes” allocated to Biden, 44% of voters (or 36 million) say they were voting against Trump, but not the real man, just the way he is portrayed by the media. Anyone can be made into a villain with four years of lies and baseless accusations.

Exit polls estimated that as many as 17% of these “voters” (or 14 million) say they would have supported Trump if they had known more about Hunter Biden’s laptop and the “Biden Crime Family” corruption it revealed. If you do the math, that would mean that only 31 million people actually voted for Biden, while 88 million supported Trump, and without the media lies, 36 million more would have stayed home.

The Fight Will Continue

by Yaacov Ben Moshe – 12/14/2020

The presidential election of 2020 has revealed America’s present state of social and spiritual chaos. It has also cast light on the paths we might choose going into the future. While we wait for the Georgia senatorial runoff that will begin that future in earnest, here is where we are right now.

There are two different world views in competition. The one that seems to be on the ascendant, calls itself by many names so it is hard to pin it down. Let me try. All of these various names have aggregated themselves under the “big tent” of the Democrat party. There is a kaleidoscope of ideologies from the Muslim Brotherhood to Greens and Communists but the three largest and most often cited groups are liberals, progressives and socialists. Leaving aside the serious and unresolved argument that liberal is not the correct term in any way for what passes for the ideologies that predominate in that party, there is one core belief that they all have in common. In one way or another, they believe that human life can be perfected through government.

They make it sound good by painting the benefits of government control with soothing words — equality, security justice — they leave out the part about the government the bullying involved. Liberals think that Social Justice can be achieved by passing laws to govern every aspect of social and personal interaction. Socialists believe that it is a legitimate governmental responsibility to see that no matter how hard one works, how intelligent one is or even how lucky one has been, that person must not have a vastly better position or wealth than anyone else.

With An Unveiled Face (part 2)

From our Executive Editor:

In light of YouTube’s announcement to erase and delete all videos that discuss anything about fraud in the 2020 election, we will be working to provide video content from other sources. When you post content to YouTube or Facebook you’re just showing your hand and waiting to get it smacked. We suggest loading and linking to BitChute.com instead. MeWe.com and USA.Life are good alternatives to Facebook, and Parler.com is a good substitute for Twitter, and is getting a lot of notice.

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