CSN Newsletter 2/11/21 – The Media’s Poison Pen

CSN Newsletter 2/11/21 – The Media’s Poison Pen

From our Founder…

As our readers may have already discovered, the CSN launched a new format for Tuesdays, which we have dubbed the “Citizen Voice Bulletin” and it is intended to be a bit more streamlined than the full blown newsletter that we provide on Thursdays. The reasons for the rollout are many, despite an announcement there would no longer be Tuesday editions. As the second impeachment charade commenced Tuesday, it was determined that there was just too much at stake in our nation to take a rest. Tuesday’s bulletin features a limited format but similar to the previous newsletter format utilized in 2020 which will be still used for each Thursday edition.

However, for those who read the “Citizen Voice Bulletin” this past Tuesday, there was an appeal for our readers to take ownership of the concept that they are Citizen Sentinels, and to take ownership of some things that they can be doing as Citizen Sentinels. In case readers missed Tuesday’s “Bulletin,” we are posting the appeal again at the bottom of this message.   

In my humble opinion, two key pieces of pertinent information about the 2020 election came out last Friday. One was the “Absolute Proof” documentary video from true patriot Mike Lindell. For such a man of courage to be attacked for seeking to tell the truth about what he knows, speaks volumes about the evil culture we live in today. The second item of note reveals more about the evil culture we live in today. An article written by Leftist writer Molly Ball posted in Time Magazine, which is due to be distributed in their hard-copy format today. The article has had a reverberating effect upon patriots throughout the nation. It should be read by people who love America because it reveals how the 2020 election was rearranged on several different levels by people who do not love this country nor its founding principles. And in case anyone missed “Absolute Proof,” which has been taken down from YouTube, we feature the link again to a secure site.        

We have two articles that offer a response to the Time article. My article looks closely at the various levels of propaganda that the Left embrace to promote a false narrative, but also it examines briefly the impetus behind the “election protection.” Ball’s article is over 6,800 words and is a lot to swallow; so it is advisable not to take the poison as it does not digest well. Nevertheless, it does require a more thorough response, which I plan to take on in future articles. There are additional links to articles on this article in CSN’s “Recommended Reading” section below. Each offers unique perspectives. Read them.

Yet, another featured writer, D.J. Haugh, brings a very clear, down to earth viewpoint to readers regarding what the article reveals using a simple analogy from sports. Haugh relates what happened in the 2020 election to game play in a basketball game. It is brief, but it is truth. The CSN hopes that D.J. Haugh would continue sending us his articles. He was part of the team of writers promoting and protecting Dr. Ben Carson during his campaign for POTUS, and his recent bullet of an article challenges Michael Lewinski for brevity.

And, Indiana resident, Michael Lewinski, who always has a lot to say, weighs in on the realities of the current state of affairs in our beloved country. In his article, he references another documentary that was produced by Anita Untersee, titled “Revelation, Dawn of Global Government.” It is a part of a trilogy of videos regarding the threat of the global government in the light of the greater spiritual war, or cosmic war that is going on in this time. In case people may have missed that video, which came out in 2018, we include a link to more information about it in our “Video Views” section below. Lewinski concludes his article in much the same way I conclude my article. Without strengthening our own relationships with God, America is in for a difficult future.

An article is from A. Dru Kristenev takes a wide-angle lens view at the new regime from a number of different vantage points, including Bruce Springsteen’s new role as the “Middle Man,”or as different angle. She examines the fast-moving efforts of the Biden Administration as Kristenev points out, no longer “the Boss,” now is “the Stooge.” She uses the words from one of Springsteen’s own songs to declare: “No Retreat, no surrender to a “single party of unified conformity and acceptance, pressing everyone to surrender to a faithless America without moral character.”

Our final full article is from Jack Gleason, a new writer who has joined the CSN newsletter patriots. He posted an article last week in Canada Free Press that takes a look at the concept of a third party and how the GOP may soon be relegated to third party status, including at the state and local level. 

Our recommended video is one from the Epoch Times revealing that President Trump offered to deploy 10,000 National Guard troops in D.C. on January 6, but it was not accepted according to Mark Meadows. And, in case anyone missed it, we are also including the NTD news video in which Trump’s representatives confirmed that he will be helping the GOP in the 2022 and 2024 elections. 

The two appeals from the Citizen Voice Bulletin to become Citizen Sentinels:

Please accept responsibility as a Citizen Sentinel and forward any links to articles or relevant videos to our staff, and we will consider posting them in our various editions. This is intended to be a forum and a voice for “We the People” and we believe that it is your network and thus, your newsletter or your bulletin. Send to PrincipledRepublic@gmx.com

Please also accept responsibility as a Citizen Sentinel and forward the articles, the Bulletin, or the CSN Thursday newsletter to those whom you think would benefit from the information. There is a serious lack of education about America’s founding and a serious lack of current information in various newsletters today. Some of them feature exciting headlines, but the articles are from the previous months, or last year. Many are simply ways of coupling articles with a pitch to sell the items those who post their “news” are attempting to push upon the public. The CSN is totally focused upon providing up to date articles and information, or thought provoking commentaries to help citizens consider and ponder the important issues of the day. 

Have a great birthday, Mr. Lincoln, and we hope everyone has a happy Valentine’s Day.

Dennis Jamison
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The Shadow Conspirators’ Arrogance May Precede Their Destruction

By Dennis Jamison –February 11, 2021

The recent Time Magazine article written by Molly Ball, a literal walking-talking personification of a conglomeration of Leftist mainstream media outlets, proclaimed that the 2020 presidential election was “protected” by a secret alliance of Left-wing and Marxist-oriented politicos as well as conservatives (read: Never Trumpers) seemingly aided with big bucks. The article, “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election,” which is almost a mini-novel  in length, crows glowingly how democracy has been “saved” from an election that was nearly stolen by President Donald Trump.

I truly recommend reading Ball’s narrative, though the self-congratulatory tone is a bit annoying, it is educational on several levels. The lengthy article (6,800+ words) says much about Ball, who just published a book on Nancy Pelosi, which says even more about the writer, but this article is likely a good start on her next book. Yet, once people read this chronicle, it is doubtful there will be much of an appetite for more ideological brainwashing. Especially, the Time piece should be read by people who love the United States to get an idea of just how twisted and inverted such people’s conception of justice in this nation has become. The truly frightening thing is that Ball and her various Leftist media employers may actually believe in the “cause” she claims to be fighting for. The Communists would likely call Ball a “useful idiot.”

Yet, Ball may have revealed too much in her pride-filled proclamation of victory. It is an actual confession of sorts of how people who hated Trump worked in the shadows to eliminate election integrity in the name of “protecting” or “fortifying” the election. The article is essentially a timeline or roadmap of how people driven by hate convinced themselves that they were truly in the right because they have identified what they have deemed evil for all of the rest of us. The divulging of such arrogance and elitist superiority in the guise of working for the people of this nation does  seem to be screaming for fanfare from the masses for a “service they have done for America.”

Thoughts on the Time Magazine Article

By D.J. Haugh – 2/08/21

Re: Time Magazine’s article, “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election“

The arrogance of this article to brag about how they stole the election “to keep the peace and oppose Trump’s assault on democracy,” is appalling. What they did was change the rules without regard for the Constitution to attempt to tip the scales in Biden’s favor.

Let’s assume, for example, that the obvious fraud that occurred on camera across the disputed states was lawful –  which it was not! Giving the left that, the whole thing was like a basketball game where the opposing side (in this case Trump) has to deal with referees all related to the home team’s players and coaches. In spite of horrible calls, (burying the Hunter Biden story, etc.) the opposing side has just gone up 5 points with just a couple seconds left. The home team calls timeout, and the opposing team’s coach tells his players to not foul and just let the clock run out because they’re comfortably ahead.

During the timeout…

With A Little Help From Our Friends

By Michael Lewinski – 02/02/2021

We in the heartland tend to be more conservative than those trapped in the cities and their suburbs. Anita Untersee, who produced the documentary, “Revelation, Dawn of Global Government,” observed, “Self reliance is an American tradition, like cherishing the foundational principle of our rights coming from our Creator. The evidence of these rights is ever present when you have a close connection to the earth and caring for other creatures. With rights come responsibilities and commitment.”

We are an independent lot with no desire to be taken care of by a big brother government or anyone else. We know the dog days of summer are coming to an end when we put vegetables in clean glass jars and split the wood for wood burners. We do this and many more things in preparation for the coming winter.

As a people, we cringe when we think about the Socialist government Progressives are imposing on us. In response to this unconstitutional move an illegitimate government is trying to force on us, we can resist in every possible way we can…

Third Parties Can’t Win Elections – “Sorry Republicans!”

By Jack Gleason — February 4, 2021

Fighting back against the voter fraud that was perpetrated on our country is going to be a long, hard process. The good news is that everyone who was in on the crime has been clearly exposed.

One question that comes up is “Do we start a Third Party?” The opponents say “no” and look to American history where they were rarely successful. They are missing the fact that these are very unique times and a new realignment has already taken place in the American electorate…

  • Democrats are deeply split between those who support the ideals of “helping the common man” and radicals who believe America is horribly flawed and needs to be demolished. They are now a coalition of propagandized minorities and cultural splinter groups, funded by globalists and rich Tech entrepreneurs, and supported by operatives in the Deep State.
  • Independents don’t hate America, and really don’t like either party. They believe in what is best for their families, and the Biden gang will quickly show their true colors as anti-American, anti-family and anti-business.
  • Republicans are split between conservatives and RINOs. It would have been nice to take over the GOP, but the RINOs seem to be in charge and have proven to be so corrupt and spineless that no one will vote for them. Their Get Out the Vote machine was very effective, but it can be replaced quickly.

From The Epoch Times (w/ video): Facts Matter – Trump Offered to Deploy 10,000 National Guard Troops in DC on Jan 6: Mark Meadows – 2/10/21 (article in Recommended Reading)

Election Integrity> From the War Room w/ Steve Bannon: Molly Ball, Time Magazine. How They “fortified” The Election – 2/6/21

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From ‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ w/ Mark Levin: This Is Most Radical Administration in US History – 2/5/21

From Mike Lindell (ICYMI): Absolute Proof – 2/5/21

Review> From NTD TV: Trump Team Responds to Rumor of Forming New Party; Amazon Aims to Block Mail-in Union Vote – 1/26/21

ICYMI> From Revelation : Revelation Movie

Recommended Reading…

From Epoch Times: Trump Impeachment ‘Political Theater,’ Ignores US History: Constitutional Lawyer – 2/11/21

From John Solomon’s Just the News: Eric Swalwell fanned a false Russia story, now asks to be trusted to interpret Trump’s tweets – 2/10/21

From Epoch Times: Trump Offered to Deploy 10,000 National Guard Troops in DC Ahead of Jan. 6 – Mark Meadows – 2/11/21

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Review> From John Solomon’s Just the News: Rush to judgement? Three crucial questions remain unanswered about Capitol siege – 1/13/21

From Real Clear Politics: Hemingway: Media Straight Out Lying In Attempt To Take Out Trump And Republicans! – 7/8/2020

Around the Republic…

News From Florida – From New York Post: Florida man avoids charges in fatal shooting due to Stand Your Ground Law – 2/9/21

News From North Carolina –  From New York Post: University cancels event for whites to ‘process’ their ‘complicity in unjust systems’ – 2/10/21

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News From Wisconsin –  From Market Watch: Wisconsin judge rebuffs prosecutors’ request for new Kyle Rittenhouse arrest warrant – 2/11/21


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