CSN Newsletter 2/18/2021 – The Passing of Rush Limbaugh

CSN Newsletter 2/18/2021 – The Passing of Rush Limbaugh

From our Founder…

As our readers learned yesterday, the great Rush Limbaugh passed away on Wednesday morning. Much of our content touches upon Rush Limbaugh in the several ways different people or news outlets (not the Left, obviously) could share their stories or remembrances of this single man of influence. Many will miss him, and there is a gap that will exist for a period of time as Limbaugh leaves very big shoes to fill. His friend Sean Hannity stated that he is irreplaceable. It is true that he was one of a kind: a true pathfinder and a pioneer in the realm of broadcast media. We also feature a couple of videos in which President Trump comments on Rush Limbaugh. Check out our videos.

Our writers have a wide array of topics covered in their articles for this edition. I did an abort of my intended article for today when I learned of Rush Limbaugh’s passing, so my offering is a remembrance of Rush Limbaugh.  And, as mentioned, there are also links to additional reactions in our aggregate section. Check out our videos.  

As the new regime commences, and Americans seem to be accepting of election theft, the Biden Administration has started to roll out their agenda items. Our writers take a look at some of these enacted policies. We also feature in videos and our various news links an array of perceptions on Biden’s beginnings. However, one of the serious focal points of the CSN newsletter will be election integrity in future issues as the fraud should not stand, and if it does, “We the People” have surrendered our sovereignty as a free and unrestrained people to a domestic enemy intent on total control of the population.

Our second full article is from A. Dru Kristenev who has written an article about the real COVID-19 hypocrisy within the new regime. The current scandal in New York regarding how Gov. Andrew Cuomo covered up the nursing home deaths is making headlines. So, Kristenev’s article is timely, yet she has a broad focus. She finishes with the nefarious HR-1 legislation which will nationalize elections and strip entire states of their votes. The Democrats are attempting to steal elections illegally, then make it legal to steal elections through the “elected” officials who stole them!  Check out the Steve Bannon video that is a carry over from our Tuesday Bulletin (ICYMI)!

A newly featured writer, D.J. Haugh, is back and brings a common sense perspective to the Green New Deal. He has done his homework and the numbers regarding the cost of such legislation is astounding. He believes it will bankrupt the United States! Isn’t that the whole point of the domestic enemy? CSN is happy to welcome D.J. Haugh to our network of writers as he was a valuable part of the team of writers that were promoting and protecting Dr. Ben Carson during his 2016 campaign for POTUS.

Michael Lewinski examines Joe Biden’s efforts into the realms of foreign policy. We also have an article from Real Clear Politics that includes a video of Biden speaking, or trying to speak, or eventually refusing to speak about his policy toward Red China. Actually,  this article was written on February 7, so Biden may have read the CSN article and has made such an attempt to address Lewinski’s concerns — but not all of them…   

Our final full article is from Craig Huey who comments on Mike Lindell’s stand to help in exposing the fraud and ballot manipulation in the counting of votes in the 2020 national election. He has several points for readers to be familiar with, and he offers action steps of how to be more involved and pro-actively help Mike Lindell as he faces the onslaught of the “woke” useful idiots sprinkled through the culture.

We have two (or three) recommended videos today. Two are of videos with FOX news, (yes some hosts are still worth watching) regarding the passing of Rush Limbaugh. One of those two features a Sean Hannity interview with President Trump. The third video is embedded in a Real Clear Politics article which features a Greg Kelly interview with the former president regarding a number of topics. These are worth watching – in case you missed them.

Dennis Jamison
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May the Spirit of Rush Limbaugh Live On

By Dennis Jamison – February 18, 2021

While in the process of writing an article focused upon another topic, the information that Rush Limbaugh had passed away could not be ignored. His wife, Kathryn, took the microphone on behalf of Rush Wednesday morning and stated, “I know that I am most certainly not the Limbaugh that you tuned in to listen to today,” and then announced: “It is with profound sadness I must share with you directly that our beloved Rush, my wonderful husband, passed away this morning due to complications from lung cancer.” The simple announcement passed through   the airwaves like many others had, but the content conveyed a definitive sadness after a year of sadness, and dealing with the reports of death, and having personal connections to those who died due to COVID. As a deeply serious and more sombre sense descended over the room, the tapping upon the keyboard went silent and writing had to be put on pause.

It seems a bit surreal that the death of a single individual many miles away could affect millions of people in such a deep way. Yet, many people all across the nation may have felt some shock or some sinking sensation within their inner selves upon learning of Rush Limbaugh’s passing early Wednesday. It is clear that he touched millions of people in a positive manner with his wit and wisdom over the years he sat behind his EIB microphone. It is also clear that he irritated millions of people on the other side of the political spectrum over the years. It is truly clear that because he dealt in the truth, this single man touched the lives of millions of people one way or another.

Fear of CV-19 divides families but ignored for illegals

By A. Dru Kristenev —February 18, 2021

After nearly a year of fear tactics pressing Americans to mask-up and lockdown, families have undergone devastating divisions and isolations. Far beyond the school closures that kept students from socializing with friends and hospitalizations that disallowed visitation has been the self-imposed separation of grown children from parents that’s prevented extended family gatherings.

Long after some states have dropped mask mandates (months of statistics bear out that wearing face coverings have had no affect on the spread or containment of the Wuhan virus), residual anxiety continues to keep grandparents and others at bay. It’s come to the point that some younger parents are levying ultimatums that grands be inoculated with experimental vaccines before they will be allowed to interface with the children. The lack of logic is a wonder, considering that children appear to be least likely to come down with the virus that is survived by 99% of individuals contracting it.

The Folly of the Green New Deal

by D.J. Haugh – 2/17/2021

The (pipe) dream of the whackos promoting green energy is wind and solar powered turbines creating enough electricity to power the entire world. A claim easily questioned by current events. A Wall Street Journal editorial from February 15th discusses Texas’ problems with the deep freeze currently affecting power supplies. “The wind turbines are all frozen.” Solar panels are also caked with ice and the only way to thaw them out is heat from a fossil-fuel based source.

Oh the irony. And it points up the folly of relying on warm, windy and sunny days to run the power grids around the world.

The Green New Deal will bankrupt the United States..

Mike Lindell of My Pillow Says “I Am Not Backing Down” to Those Who Are Censoring Him and Trying to Force Him into Bankruptcy: 5 Disturbing Things You Should Know

By Craig Huey, 2/5/2021

Let me tell you about 5 disturbing things you should know about Mike Lindell of My Pillow:

He had a dream to build a better pillow … and after years of research, setbacks and not making money – his My Pillow took America by storm. He’s one of the American dream stories. (I wrote about him here, “My Pillow Business Owner: Viciously Attacked but Still Proclaims Truth and Light without Fear [Videos]”).

My household has several and it’s been one of America’s great success stories of selling the product directly to the consumer, and then because of huge demand, retail stores picking it up. Over 41 million My Pillows have been sold.

Mike Lindell is a conservative and a Christian…


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