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From Our Founder…2/25/2020

Some of the major events last week centered around the Democrat massacre of Michael Bloomberg in the Democrat Party debate, and the “circular firing” of the Democrat-based primary process, which may or may not turn out to be a rehashed effort to undermine Bernie Sanders. With regard to the debate, James Woods tweeted Americans a picture of what appeared to be a gang beating with appropriate labels for the participants with Michael  Bloomberg on the ground as the major victim. Was this symbolic of what the Democrats think of Capitalism.

In the wake of all of that mess, this week our writers tackle a number of different aspects of the political maelstrom that is forming.  Karen Cacy offers an interesting article that provides a broad perspective of people who clutch pearls. I have written an article presenting at least one dilemma the Democrats face in 2020.

Pastor Earl Wallace, of Liberty Christian Fellowship (http://www.libertycf.org/) offers an article on the very beginning of America’s religious foundation from the Mayflower Compact, which was a genuine covenant with God that started our early roots in religious freedom.

Michael Lewinski reveals a number of “Bad billionaires,” who are actively seeking to divert the United States of America from that original covenant, but from a more secular point of view.

We also offer a couple of contributions from DefCon News that weigh in on this deviation from the original blueprint of America’s founding. One article, which is quite revealing, covers Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy attempting to undermine President Trump’s foreign policy by illegally entering into negotiations with Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. The second article is about former President Obama’s attempts to claim credit for America’s booming economy. What other way would the Democrats have of handling a glaring reality in a critical election year?

Dennis Jamison, Founder, Citizen Sentinels Network

The Pearl Clutchers

By Karen Hagestad Cacy 2/21/2020

With a Communist and a billionaire now vying for the democratic presidential nomination, and Congressman Adam Schiff and Speaker Nancy Pelosi failing to control their anti-Trump venom, democrat hand-wringing is at an all-time high.

Trump supporters are finally able to sit back and enjoy the theatricality of it all as their president continues to fly high, make deals, and continue cleaning the Washington house that’s devolved to a bitter swamp over the years.  Pundits continue to psychoanalyze Trump and to categorize the vicissitudes of current day politics. It seems the old democrat-republican categories aren’t enough.

They’ve noted it’s the insiders versus the outsiders, the establishment versus the rest of the country, the coasts versus the fly-over country.  But as the circus continues, another category comes to mind, perhaps more aptly to define the insider-establishmentarians: Let us call them the “pearl-clutchers.”


Democrat Dilemma in 2020: A Civil Rights Straightjacket

By Dennis Jamison –February 25, 2020

Since it is still “Black History month,” and since the 2020 election season is now in full swing, it is important to revisit the past to understand the contemporary dilemma of the Democrat Party. Resting easily upon the myth that the Party had somehow changed from their stifling and trampling of Civil Rights in the Old South to becoming the main political party that champions the rights of all, the Party was able to elect a black man as president of the United States in 2008. Nonetheless, former President Barack Obama proved to be more a champion of Mr. Barack Obama and what his puppet masters told him to champion than a genuine champion of civil rights for all. This alone is quite indicative of that the “Democratic” Party had not really changed over the 40 years from the 1960s to the new millennium. Paradoxical, yes, but the “change” was truly overrated.

It is now being revealed more and more that the first black president was a tool for bigger fish in the political universe. And, while he appeared to be for the “little guy,” the officials in his cabinet and his administration seemed to be as corrupt as a criminal cabal. If he represented the dream of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. being realized, then there may have been a “great disturbance in the force” somewhere in the cosmos. The illusion that Obama was the realization of Rev. King’s dream is one of the simplest illusions to create because they were both black men. Therefore, it was a no brainer to elect Obama – because all black people believe the same things—right? But, color may have been all that they held in common. So, what does that say about not being judged by the color of one’s skin as opposed to the content of one’s character?


The Mayflower Compact Is America’s Foundational Covenant with God

By Pastor Earl Wallace 2/24/2020

Have you ever considered how “The Mayflower Compact” was the First Covenant early Americans, called Puritans, made with God that provided the foundation for the U.S. to become a Christian Nation?

The Mayflower Compact was the first agreement Americans made as a covenant before God, to submit themselves to governing both their personal and collective civic lives according to what He says in the Bible. Their concept was not “self-government” as if man from a humanistic, “papal” sense could infallibly determine whatever he wanted as right and wrong, but was to govern by first “submitting themselves to God,” and ensuring all their personal and civic decisions were consistent with God’s Word, the Bible!


Bad Billionaires

By Michael J. Lewinski   02/22/20

We have some very bad people with a lot of money who are doing evil things. George Soros provided funding to attorney general candidates who are up to no good. Mike Bloomberg, through his philanthropic organization, provided grants to New York University’s law school to influence the public in different states through their attorneys’ general offices.

Many of the attorneys general George Soros helped to elect have told authorities to stop enforcing selective laws and downgraded others from felonies to misdemeanors. Many of these laws impact the quality of life of the community, enabling the homeless and others to urinate in public and get high.

As bad as this is, presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg has inflicted much more damage to the American community. The grants to New York University’s law school pays lawyers several years of wages to serve in states of progressive attorneys general.


Sen. Chris Murphy Secretly Negotiated With Iranian Foreign Minister

Courtesy of Def-Con News 2/24/2020

When he’s not trying to destroy our Constitutional rights, democrat Chris Murphy likes to dabble in undermining the President’s foreign policy by illegally negotiating with our enemies. The U.S. Senator form Connecticut recently held a secret meeting with Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. WT actual F? While the democrats were trying desperately to accuse President Trump of betraying our country, this is an a literal example of treason and a clear violation of the Logan Act.


Courtesy of Def-Con News 2/24/2020

Former president Barack Obama made a career out taking credit for other’s good work and blaming his own failures on everyone else. Just because he’s been out of the White House for 3 years doesn’t mean he’s become a different person. To celebrate President’s Day, Obama sent out a tweet taking credit for the booming economy under President Trump. He wishes.


From WND – Watch as 110,000 Indians defy narrative that world is anti-Trump, greet president in Trump hats  2.25.20

From FOX News – Cruz scorches Sotomayor over court critique, turns tables on her dissent

From FOX News – Trey Gowdy urges top intelligence officials to stop briefing ‘leaker’ Adam Schiff

From FOX News – Sen. Tim Scott: Sanders’ rivals face a ‘make-or-break moment’ in South Carolina debate 2.25.20

From Youtube – Steve Bannon: Pandemic! Coronavirus Is Out of Control In China. What MUST be done  2.24.20

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