CSN Newsletter 2/25/2021 – Look who holds our future

CSN Newsletter 2/25/2021 – Look who holds our future

From our Founder…

It has been just over a week since the great Rush Limbaugh passed away, and people are still expressing their sentiment of loss of someone they may have grown up listening to, or listened to more than their teachers in high school or college. Rush poured himself out three hours a day for five days a week for three decades. If one tunes into their local radio station that carries his broadcasts, various guest hosts are providing words of wisdom on specific topics from previous shows. There is indeed a vacuum in the airwaves, but many are realizing that the wisdom Rush shared must be put into practice in well thought out efforts to carry on the quest to defend the truth in America and to resist the slick propaganda that is being peddled by contemporary “snake-oil salesmen.”     

One will find “snake-oil salesmen” in various realms of society in the United States in the twenty-first century — some at the highest levels of our federal government. Some are found in the realms of the Church, many are found in the entertainment industry, but most seem to have aggregated in the realm of mainstream or social media because it is the most “natural” place to peddle snake-oil, or propaganda of one kind or another. CSN exists to counter the poison of snake-oil and the manipulative mental pollution of current MSM propaganda. American citizens face a steady drum-beat of negativity and a daily  barrage of false and slanted narratives about our nation. However, resistance is not a futile endeavor. Rush Limbaugh did not think so — he did not believe that resistance was futile, or he would not have done what he did for the better part of his life. All Americans, who are clear-minded patriots who love this nation and the bedrock principles chiseled into the foundation of our nation must resist, if America as we want it to be will exist. Let me repeat that: True American citizens must resist if America is to continue to exist!

There may be some words of hope coming out of CPAC which is set to start tomorrow, and there is already controversy about the reality that President Trump is scheduled to speak. It is worth watching what will develop from this annual conservative gathering — especially in light of the tragedy that is befalling America in such a time as this. 

On another unrelated, or possibly very relevant, note the Feast of Purim will commence tonight at sundown. The Jewish people faced a similar potential tragedy at one time in their history, and despite several secular naysayers regarding the veracity of the Book of Esther in the Old Testament, we in this time are witnessing similar parallels of such pending disaster to America’s continued existence as a free nation. May God continue to have mercy on the people who call on Him as their Heavenly Father.  

It is quite likely that our grassroots network of volunteer writers are all in agreement with this sentiment, and readers will pick up on that as they continue to read our newsletter. In this edition, our writers cover a wide array of topics in their articles. One of our newer writers to the Citizen Sentinel Network, DJ Haugh, echoes in his own words this deeper sentiment in his article:  “Never Give Up.” Hopefully, it will give readers some hope. 

Unfortunately, our next article may give readers pause to be a bit skeptical. The article is actually two brief statements regarding the Article V based Convention of States, but more specifically, Mark Meckler, who is now the new CEO of Parler. Hal Shurtleff, the Director of Camp Constitution, an ally of CSN, has met with Meckler years ago and seems to have a perspective of Meckler that has been independently verified by another source who knows Mark Meckler. There is an older statement from 2015 that contains information on the Convention of States, with some outdated information (a web address), but we’ve inserted a relevant video to help provide a more complete picture. 

Our third article is from a new writer, Jim Bratton, whose warning about the The Great Reset designs of the globalists is definitely eye opening to those who are unfamiliar with this agenda. Many have been watching this develop for years, but now it seems the globalists have the elected officials in place in America due to the great election theft   of 2020. We are grateful for Mr. Bratton’s research into this dangerous agenda.

Our fourth article is from Michael Lewinski who is tackling the realities of the dangerous bill that Nancy Pelosi is pushing, falsely named “For the People Act,” or formally known as HR1, which is designed to federalize elections which means that it will make it much easier to steal elections from “We the People” because the state-by-state election results will no longer matter. It is well worth the read to give a briefing on this latest Democrat effort to make sure that all future elections will result in a one-Party “democracy.” View the video with the statement from justice Clarence Thomas – it is very important. 

And finally this week, my article was posted just after George Washington’s birthday and it focuses on the odd reality that Washington’s emancipation of his slaves is not really considered historically relevant. It is supposedly “Black History Month” in February, but the Leftist/Marxist rant is how evil George Washington was, and how we must “socially distance” ourselves from him and the other Founding Fathers. I also include a previous article I wrote that covers more details on his efforts to free his slaves for readers who may be more than casually interested. 

Additionally, I am giving everyone a “heads up” today that the CSN will be joining with the “Light Wing Mission” to sponsor a weekly half hour broadcast in which I will be teaching once again on the “True U.S. History.” It will also feature informative and ‘edgy’ interviews about the events making history today. Look for more information in next week’s editions. We are scheduled to begin programming on March 5.

The video that we recommend today is an interview with Justice Clarence Thomas on his dissenting vote regarding the Supreme Court’s refusal to review the Pennsylvania case involving election fraud. This statement should be a wakeup call to all Americans who love their freedom. We are now at the precipice, not approaching it; we are standing on the brink of the loss of our precious voice as a free people, the loss of     our precious freedoms in total.  

Dennis Jamison
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Never Give Up

By DJ Haugh – 2/20/21

Welcome to 2021 where schools are shut down, businesses are failing and God is apparently really angry with the entire world. Earthquakes, blizzards and a historic cold snap make one wonder if the Creator is having second thoughts about entrusting this world to us humans. The events of the last twelve months are enough to make the most optimistic patriot wonder if the United States’ best days are behind us. And with good reason.

The pandemic, lies from every scientific organization on how to handle the COVID 19 virus (or as we Conservatives like to call it –  the China virus) and blue-state governors trying to scare everyone into locking down until after the 2022 elections have many of us despondent. A stolen election (please don’t talk to me about unfounded claims of voter fraud, just watch the numerous videos), an Antifa attack on the Capitol blamed on President Trump and his supporters and the resulting lockdown of DC are just the tip of the iceberg.

While our new (illegitimate) president signs an unprecedented number of Executive Orders, the Democrats in Congress, along with their servants in the media, keep distracting the population.

Who is Mark Meckler?

By Hal Shurtleff, Director Camp Constitution

Like tens of thousands of Americans, I signed up for Parler because, unlike Twitter, and Facebook, it supported free speech. Early January, it was deplatformed.  It is now back in business with Mark Meckler as its CEO.  This  is a troubling development.

I first encountered Mark Meckler back in September 2011 at an event held at Harvard Law School entitled Conference on the Constitutional Convention that he co-hosted with Larry Lessig, a left-wing Harvard law professor.  The odious Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks was also on hand at this event.   In the wake of this event, Meckler formed the Convention of the States (COS), and Uygur formed Wolf PAC.  Both groups have the same goal:  to hold an Article V Convention. Meckler’s group openly advocates “structural change” of the U.S. Constitution. Meckler, who claims to be a conservative Christian, vilifies patriots who dare oppose an Article V Convention.  His New Hampshire COS once accused me and fellow vocal Article V opponents of bribing New Hampshire State Senator Kevin Avard.  Thanks to a friend who was receiving unsolicited e-mails from COS, we caught them in this lie.

 Meckler’s departure from COS to Parler may be because, COS has had little success over the past three years getting its resolutions for an Article V Convention passed by state legislatures.  Recently in New Hampshire, the State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee voted 19-2 against his resolution. However, he may be using Parler to advance an Article V Convention. Time will tell.

The Great Reset

By Jim Bratton – 02/15/21

It is a plan so massive and insidious that many doubt it even exists. But, it’s real and has been slowly developing over time. The “plan” includes the global power to tax you, establishes a United Nations standing army, implements the “Green New Deal,” and creates global registration of all owners of firearms along with other devious strategies for the total control of populations.

The plan is the creation of Klaus Schwab, at the center of globalist world government dreams for many years and the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the major force behind the annual oligarchs and globalists meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Schwab is the one pushing the globalists’ plan –– the Great Reset. When you ask the WEF what the Great Reset would accomplish, they will answer, “You’ll own nothing and be happy.” That’s the purpose of the Great Reset: Take everything you own, including the freedom you have as an American citizen, and delegate it to the control of a small global oligarchy. They will pull all strings because they know what’s best for you. That’s the same thing globalists in both political parties have believed for decades, under both Democrat and Republican administrations, with help from global power brokers like George Soros. They have known for years that, to impose their preferred brand of socialism, America must be subdued.

Schwab publicly admitted that the vehicle to be used to subjugate America and render her docile already exists: “The pandemic represents a rare but a narrow window of opportunity to reflect, re-imagine, and reset our world.” Globalists are openly proclaiming that they will use the fear generated by the threat of the Chinese virus to replace America’s “normal” way of life (traditional capitalism) with socialism. The progressive global elite will use the Great Reset to consolidate the most important things they need to control.

During Black History Month, George Washington’s Freeing His Slaves is Not History

By Dennis Jamison —-February 23, 2021

Monday was George Washington’s birthday, although it was not celebrated in any real way whether on February 22, or as part of “Presidents’ Day” February 15, which is the actual federal holiday to honor the nation’s first POTUS. Ironically, in a purely technical glitch, the nation does not truly honor George Washington’s birthday or honor George Washington on “Presidents’ Day.” His birthday is all but forgotten, but even on the third Monday of February, actually, legally known as “George Washington’s birthday,” per the federal legislation that created it, the public does not know the day is meant to only honor Washington. It has been contorted into a general sense that that the Monday holiday is to honor all of the U.S. Presidents. That would be a misperception.

Yet, this is an entire period of history in which there are many misperceptions that pass for truth. Contrary to popular perception, there is no such federal holiday as “President’s Day.” On June 28, 1968, the Congress of the United States debated and signed into law the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.  The original intent behind the legislation was to increase the quantity of three-day weekends for all federal employees. When the Uniform Monday Holiday Act took effect on January 1, 1971, its purpose was to move traditional holidays celebrated throughout the year to fall on Monday dates. The holidays affected included Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Veteran’s Day, in addition to the annual remembrance of Washington’s Birthday. If it seems confusing, it is confusing.

Few Americans have a clue that George Washington took bold action to ensure his slaves would be set free as a provision of his will after he died. In reality, the fact that both Washington’s birthday and Lincoln’s birthday fall within Black History Month provides a great opportunity to teach American young people that both of these presidents in their time freed slaves. Especially, it could be viewed as an obvious teaching opportunity to help American young people learn that not all of the Founding Fathers were just a bunch of old white men who did not give a damn about freeing the slaves.

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