CSN Newsletter 2/4/2021 – Puppets in Charge

CSN Newsletter 2/4/2021 – Puppets in Charge

From our Founder…

“Look Jane! Look at Joe. Joe has a puppet. Wait Jane, wait. Look at Joe real  close. Look Jane close. Look at Joe. Joe is the puppet!”

For all those American citizens who have mistakenly thought that the national election in 2020 was just another election, please pay close attention. An incredible effort as well as maximum energy is being devoted currently to stretch people’s minds into a fantasia world of alternate reality. The fork-tongued messages emanating from the Biden mafia is that we need unity in the nation after such a divisive election. The MSM and social media sites are pushing out and purging any mention of a fraudulent election. Those “innocent” Democrats, who are so good at claiming victimhood are crying ‘foul’ and also manifesting their own purges of the U.S. military as well as tracking down the patriots who had the audacity to support Donald Trump.

Unity is only a word the Democrats understand to apply to their Party and sycophants.

There is no tolerance of dissent against the Party Mantra emanating from the puppet masters of the Shadow government, which has now successfully installed their puppet as POTUS. And, rapidly, ever so rapidly before citizens have time to think examples of those in the resistance are being trotted out for full display to the public. Arrests made by the FBI, when no arrests were made before over the corruption at the core of the federal government. This is the new Amerika.

Some citizens may prefer to ignore it and go back to watching football, or late night comedians. Actually, with the Super Bowl this weekend, it is the last chance for the football junkies to have a fix for a while. But, there is always the NBA to keep sports freaks occupied. Sadly, while three quarters of the Christian population did not vote, can one still claim this is One Nation Under God? It is pretty bleak — a dark winter!

Yet, CSN newsletter readers already know all of this. And, despite the foreboding clouds of doom and gloom, the Citizen Sentinels Network is still alive! We were born in 2016, a small band of volunteers who had the courage to support Dr. Ben Carson for president. We are still here and we have grown despite the toxic political environment, despite the efforts of Google and Facebook to divert and suppress our messaging. Our writers are not paid – they write from hearts beating for the preservation of the Republic. A small, seemingly insignificant band of volunteer journalists, editors, and researchers are still operating to fight for our First Amendment rights while we still can employ them.  

I am serious about my perspective on “social distancing” from the perpetuation of toxic media propaganda. Break the addiction to the MSM narrative and their incessant efforts to brainwash “We the People.” My article today touches on this. Many people persist on hoping against hope that the United States is not in  a war for its very soul. It is possible to grasp the concept intellectually without understanding that a domestic enemy (which means that “leaders” in charge do not value the founding principles or Judeo-Christian ideals at the bedrock of the nation) that has stolen an election, established it as a legal  precedent, and are currently trying to erase good people’s memories of it. A script from Orwell’s 1984? No, it is a page from reality in 2021.   

Our second article is from guest writer, Craig Huey, who last week focused on the loss of freedom speech under the Biden Administration. This week his article examines the increasing embrace of Socialism. Last week we also placed a video from Prager U on the differences between Capitalism and Communism. We are also including it this week for our audience to review again. Huey references that video as well on his site: https://www.craighuey.com/socialism-vs-capitalism-the-philosophy-failure-gaining-popularity-over-the-philosophy-success-video/

Author Michael Lewinski, who readers may recall his article last week revealed that the Biden Administration had cancelled the 1776 Commission and it will strike a disastrous blow to the proper education of our children regarding the truth of the nation’s bedrock foundation. Today’s article, “Biden Has Declared War On Families” reveals more of the same from Joe Biden who is slamming his puppet masters’ agendas down the throats of American citizens. 

We are also providing an article from a new writer whose submission did not make it   for the month of January when we featured a number or articles and links reflecting a Pro-Life perspective during the month dedicated to the promotion of Life. Nevertheless, we are posting the article from “Bill O’Writes,” which is obviously a clever pen name. Check out what “Bill O” writes about regarding our First Amendment rights! 

Another writer is being added to our expanding list of writers. Jack Gleason is a fairly new writer, yet he may have missed his “calling.” He provides an article on the whole vaccine debate in “Treatment or Mandatory Vaccine? – the Battle Over Covid 19” and it features links to information from by one of the original Front Line Doctors, Dr. Simone Gold presenting factually-based concerns over the vaccine being thrust upon citizens.  

Our recommended for our Video Views for today offer a central spotlight on two of the videos, both from the past. One is from Larry Elder on how to drain the Swamp, which he posted back in mid -January. However, the second video goes back much further and focuses on a topic even further back in time – a time of the founding. The video is from Paul Harvey, and it is one that gives patriots much to think about in such a time as this.

And for those paying attention to the rumor mill of a “third party” led by Donald Trump, we offer a video from NTV revealing the Trump camp dispelling such notions. There is a great musical video about the Trump fight. It is well worth viewing.

Dennis Jamison
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First They Took Out LaVoy Finicum

By Dennis Jamison –February 3, 2021

On January 26, 2016, a relatively unknown American cowboy by the name of LaVoy Finicum was gunned down as he signaled he was no threat to the FBI agents who pulled the triggers of their weapons. Today, although many American citizens still do not comprehend the threat Finicum posed to the government of Oregon that caused the FBI to shoot an unarmed man in cold blood, other savvy citizens are starting to connect the dots. This single event is not an isolated tragedy in the greater scheme of events that have been happening in this nation since Barack Hussein Obama promised to fundamentally transform America.

In retrospect, serious warning signs about the threats to individual freedoms were quite evident when Finicum was gunned down in early 2016. Many educated people might have assumed that such intolerance for citizens demanding their rights died out with the Civil Rights Movement. That would be a mistake. The targeting and sanctioned murder of LaVoy Finicum in broad daylight shocked those at the epicenter of this event; they were stunned and numb in the wake of it. It was truly hard to digest that a top U.S. law enforcement agency could brutally execute a private citizen. Yet, citizen intelligence being reported at the time, through Canada Free Press and other free media outlets, was that Governor Kate Brown had been putting pressure on Comey’s FBI to put an end to the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge that had been seized and occupied by local militia leaders.

True Americans have been able to connect many dots since that cold winter in Oregon in 2016. By the way, James Comey was the Director of the F.B.I. when Finicum was set up in a “routine traffic stop” that sent a reverberating message to America—once the murder was eventually exposed. There was an initial media blackout, so it took some time to realize what had happened. Another by the way: it was the same Kate Brown, as Governor of Oregon, who was so extremely tolerant of the Marxists rioting and trashing private businesses in downtown Portland this past year. And, it was the same James Comey who assisted in conspiring to take out an even bigger target: the man who was duly elected POTUS by American citizens in that same year…

Socialism vs. Capitalism: The Philosophy of Failure Gaining Popularity over the Philosophy of Success

by Craig Huey 1/31/2021

Socialism is rapidly growing in popularity in the U.S. – especially among Millennials and Generation Z Americans. Why? It’s largely due to:

  1. Socialist propaganda in schools and in colleges.
  2. Socialist propaganda in the media.
  3. Socialist propaganda of politicians enticing people with talk of free college tuition and free health care for all.

A Harris Poll from March 2019 found that nearly half of Millennials and Generation Z Americans said they would prefer to live in a socialist country. A Gallup poll from May of last year found that 43% of all Americans believed socialism would be a “good thing” for the country, well above the 25% reported back in 1942. And 70% of millennial respondents said they were either somewhat or extremely likely to vote for a socialist presidential candidate, with 51% of the same generation having a negative view of capitalism.

It gets worse… In California, exit polls revealed that 53% of Democrats viewed socialism “favorably.” In Texas, the percentage was even higher, with 56% of Democrat voters approving of socialism – 20 percentage points higher than those approving of capitalism…

Biden Has Declared War On Families

By Michael J. Lewinski – 01/31/21

Kimberly Fletcher, columnist and founder of Moms for America, recently observed, “With the stroke of a pen, Biden has dramatically altered the course of many aspects of our lives in the national and public sphere. These policies will have real effects on mothers and families.”

What are those policies? They include co-ed bathrooms and locker rooms in our children’s schools; the ending of the 1776 Commission and the beginning of a “biased, error-ridden and ideologically-driven curricula in our schools; jeopardizing our service members with politically-driven decisions about who can join the military; (and) halting the Keystone Pipeline.” They are “reversing pro-life protections in international aid programs,” and planning to repeal the Hyde Amendment to force taxpayers to fund abortions.

Fletcher observed Frederick Douglass said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” She also noted, “Winston Churchill said, ‘There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of humans, are created, strengthened and maintained.’”

Are we playing roulette with the vaccine?

By Jack Gleason – 2/4/2021

The new vaccine has been approved for emergency use and is being rolled out across the world. The Big Tech entrepreneurs, our Democrat leaders, the media, scientists, and doctors are promoting the shot like a movie premier and the Super Bowl. Should we should get in line and roll up our sleeves? Do we trust these people with our lives? Or are we playing roulette with our families’ health?

The big tech entrepreneurs were supposed to provide a good service at a fair price, and we find they have a hidden social agenda. We now see that our political leaders are only interested in power and making money for themselves. Our judges, who are supposed to step in and give impartial rulings when power is abused, were completely silent. And the news media blatantly lie.

Worst of all, the people we rely on to protect our very lives – our scientists and doctors – seem to be as corrupt as the rest. When we first learned of the Wuhan Virus, we looked to them to tell us what was going on and what to do. We were told that all we needed to do was stay home for a couple of weeks and it would be all over. That was 326 days ago.

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Review> From Larry Elder: How to ‘Drain the Swamp’ in 7 Steps – 1/13/21

Review> The Declaration of Independence ! Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor! – from a long while ago

Review> From PragerU: Capitalism vs. Socialism – 3/4/2019

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News From California – From Red State: California City Raises Wages for Grocery Workers, Grocery Chain Responds Predictably – 2/2/21

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