CSN Newsletter 3/11/2021 – Tactics of the Left to Destroy America

CSN Newsletter 3/11/2021 – Tactics of the Left to Destroy America

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Personal Testimony On Standing Up To BLM

By Pastor Earl Wallace   3/3/2021

The following is a personal testimony from a post activity recollection of how two Black men took a stand against evil on the streets of Schenectady, New York, in 2020.

Between Two Childhood Plagues (part I)

By Yaacov ben Moshe – 3/8/21

In the fall of 1954, I was five years old. It was a plague year, not unlike this year. It was also a politically dangerous year. And ’54 was the year I scared my parents very badly. Well, to be fair I was pretty frightening from the outset. I was very premature, and it was touch and go for a week or so. I was born with what they now call Infant Respiratory Distress. I had a gnarled, almost clubbed foot and pronounced strabismus in my left eye. The doctor who delivered me told my parents that If I defied the odds and lived, I would probably never walk normally. Fortunately for me, Mom did not buy it.

The Shadow Conspirators Who Undermined the Republic

by Dennis Jamison – 3/11/2021

Nearly one month ago, there was a lengthy piece in Time Magazine that required a serious response in order to help “normal people” make some sense of what was being written beneath the surface or between the lines of propaganda. I offered my viewpoint, but there was way too much embedded in Molly Ball’s article to ignore.

Invective – The Left’s Weapon of Choice

By D.J. Haugh – 3/8/21

The left has conducted a relentless war on those who disagree with them in a singular way –  invective. Invective – insulting, abusive or highly critical language. It’s simple – in general, left-wing ideas are driven by feelings rather than facts. When those who disagree present facts to back up their repudiations, Lefties have little recourse but to scream “Hater! Bigot! Homophobe!” and other less than factually-based responses.

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From FOX News: Ben Carson gives warning to Americans: Cancel culture is part of intimidation – 3/9/21

From FOX News: Biden is ‘personally responsible’ for border crisis: Cuccinelli – 3/11/21

From NTD TV: WH – The Border is Not Open; Merrick Garland Confirmed as AG; Blinken to Meet Chinese Diplomat – 3/10/21

From FOX News Now: Border Crisis: Texas Governor Greg Abbott slams Biden over illegal immigration policy – 3/9/21


Citizen Voice first episode: Dennis Jamison on “True US History” – 3/5/21

In case you forgot: Review> From Bamba Ferko: EVIDENCE OF A SETUP – 1/12/21

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From WND: Sen. Mike Lee (w/Video): For the People Act ‘written in hell by the devil himself’ – 3/10/21

From New York Post: Democrats are burning all bridges in drive to change how we vote – 3/8/21

From WND: Trump: Joe Biden is allowing America to be ‘destroyed’ – 3/9/21

From The Epoch Times: Miller Warns of ‘Big Problems’ If GOP Committees Attack Trump-Endorsed Candidates – 3/11

From New York Post: Biden’s COVID-relief bill is neither a COVID nor a relief bill – 3/11/21

From Glenn Greenwald: Journalists Start Demanding Substack Censor its Writers: to Bar Critiques of Journalists – 3/11/21

From The Epoch Times: Ashli Babbitt’s Family Considers Lawsuit in Capitol Shooting Death – 3/9/21

News From Arizona – From The Epoch Times: CBP Confirms Some Highway Checkpoints in Arizona Closed Due to ‘Shifting Trafficking Patterns’ – 3/11/21

From The Epoch Times: Arizona Border Chief Warns Illegal Immigration on Track to Top Past 3 Years Combined – 3/8/21

News From Montana – From The Epoch Times: Arizona and Montana Take Legal Action Against Biden Admin ICE Arrest Regulations – 3/9/21

News From New York – From New York Post: New Yorkers can still stop city’s plan to shutter Rikers amid a crime spree – 3/11/21 

News From Nevada – From NTD News: Entire Staff of Nevada Democratic Party Quit; US Commerce Secretary Owns Stake in WeChat – 3/10/21

News From Texas – From The Epoch Times: 500 National Guard Troops Sent to Texas Border Due to Immigration ‘Crisis’: Governor – 3/10/21

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