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This issue of the Citizen Sentinels Network newsletter offers commentaries of some of our writers that are reflective and provocative regarding the state of the Republic at this moment in our nation’s history. Former Methodist minister, Susan Schrier Clouse, offers insight into the recent divisiveness in the United Methodist Church.  Kathleen Hall takes aim at the increasing trend of bearing false witness against people one does not like – another form of discrimination! Sam Small offers a layman’s insightful analysis of the realities of socialism, and Michael Lewinski challenges “We the People” to get creative again in dealing with the dangers facing America in our time.

Additionally, this week I offer recent research revealing the shadowy downsides of Facebook. As we have announced, the USA.Life platform is a direct challenge to the Facebook Leviathan. If you have not gone to the USA.Life site, do so! It will offer you an opportunity to do something positive – to shift reality toward a more healthy social media platform to help make America great again!! The founder, Steven Andrew, is providing a social media platform with pro-American, pro-Christian algorithms! What a concept! Please take some time to check it out at: www.USA.Life

Be assured that the Citizen Sentinels Network will continue to offer a genuine platform for real American citizens to exercise their First Amendment rights, no matter what race, religion, or nation of origin. Americans are living in another time when “We the People” can make a significant difference by raising our voices in unity and taking action to affirm our love for freedom, not only for America, but for the greater freedom for all the people of the world.

Join us in this noble grassroots endeavor!

When Grace and Truth Collide

By Susan Schrier Clouse

For those of you who’ve been watching what’s happening in the United Methodist Church, I’m sorry. My church is a hot mess. As a now retired UMC pastor who was raised Methodist, I’ve seen it coming on for years.

There has been an on-going fight over human sexuality, particularly homosexuality, for decades. What’s the church to do in an increasingly sexually permissive culture? Over the years, the UMC has sacrificed more and more Christian morality for the shiny object of politically-correct inclusivity. We’re so far down in the weeds now that the debate is over whether or not to perform same-sex marriages and ordain non-celibate homosexuals. But the real issue is so much bigger.

The Traditionalists — made up of a few evangelicals in the United States and the bulk of the global church in Africa and Asia — prevailed at this recent General Conference. On paper at least, the UMC still prohibits same-sex marriages and the ordination of “self-avowed practicing homosexuals.”

The Progressives — almost exclusively from the U.S. and led by U.S. bishops — may have lost this battle, but will continue the fight. I imagine that the United Methodist Church will split twice. Once geographically with the United States separating from the global community, and then again within the United States as Traditionalists will distance themselves from the Progressives over this issue and others.

The whole thing breaks my heart. The church that led me to Jesus and has been with me through the ups and downs of life has lost its way. This debate about human sexuality highlights one of the many ways that the UMC leadership is failing to follow Jesus. It is part of the reason I retired from active ministry.

Original Caption: “A crowd of teenagers surrounded a Native American elder and other activists and mocked them after Friday’s Indigenous Peoples March at the Lincoln Memorial.”

Push Back Against Bearing False Witness

By Kathleen Hall

Recent letters from three writers in our Catholic newspaper showed that they could not wait even one day for the full video to be released to learn the Covington students at the March for Life were the targeted victims of yet another fabricated incident. Instead, they chose to immediately libel them and attack our President.

The boys’ crime? Wearing “Make America Great Again” hats, as protected by our First Amendment Right of freedom of expression. Now it seems this is only a “right” for some; others exercise this right at their own risk. Is this the Judeo-Christian country we support as Christians?

Verbally abused for the better part of an hour by a vile protest group while waiting for their bus, the boys sang school chants to drown out the hateful, unprintable slurs. The Indian drummer, known for activist agitation and arrests, drummed his way into the school gathering and into the face of Nick Sandmann, who did not move or respond verbally.

5 Fatal Flaws of Socialism

By Sam Small

FATAL FLAW 1  The Belief that Socialism Cannot Fail

The core idea of socialism, and its child, communism, is that everybody lives according to their needs and talents. Everybody shares what they have and gives away what they produce. It will be a huge world family where no one goes wanting and no one is alone. World resources are used to the minimum and no one takes more than they need. Wars become impossible. Everybody’s equal. Kindness rules. Love is eternal.

So why should this fail?

Any scientist, engineer, social planner or office manager will tell you that any theoretical system of human interaction must first be tested before advocating adoption. All human behavioral projects are piloted, and data is gathered. Analysts come to a conclusion as to whether the project deserves to be mainstreamed. Humans are complicated entities. They are also surprising and unreliable.

Socialists do not test or experiment. Neither do they interpret the dreadful history of socialism unfavorably. The reasoning for this is that for them, socialism is the beautiful dream that cannot fail unless someone deliberately attacks it. To a socialist, that is the only reason a socialist revolution would fail.

A Creative Nation

By Michael J. Lewinski   03/06/19

I have not written on China’s social credit score system before. This a totalitarian effort to implement the kind of total control of its population described in the dystopian novel “1984.” In an article written by the author and hedge fund manager Martin Katusa, he pointed out that America has the same infrastructure in place as the systems China has in order to accomplish their tyrannical intentions. This is something we all need to be concerned about.

This system of rewards and punishment has the possibility to be implemented by American Progressive bureaucrats and politicians. If you don’t have a good social credit score by toeing the line, you may find your ability to travel may be restricted. With a low social credit score, you might not be able to get a loan or have your children enrolled in good schools.

If you hang out with people classified as untrustworthy, you lower your own score. You get a speeding ticket or violate other laws, you lower your score. You buy the wrong products like tobacco and alcohol or fattening foods, you can lower your score enough to be classified as untrustworthy. The same is true if you play too many video games or speak ill of the government — your social credit score will go down.

Vacating the Facebook “Swamp”

By Dennis Jamison – March 12, 2019

Throughout 2018, social media giants came under serious scrutiny from the federal government. It was a different Administration, and in the aftermath of the data breach   of sensitive personal information off of Facebook via Cambridge Analytica as a way of profiling and cataloguing political preferences of American voters, a substantial number of citizens became suspicious of Facebook’s purpose. Since last year, this social media giant has increasingly lost credibility regarding the protection of the privacy of user’s information. However, new concerns have been surfacing since the start of the new year.

Old accusations about Facebook purposely and frequently allowing unauthorized access to precious user data to outside enterprises (like Microsoft) for their nefarious purposes are resurfacing. However, serious investigations are producing enlightening revelations regarding Facebook. For instance, recent research is attempting to provide a clear connection to the founding of Facebook and funding from the federal government, or to be real: from the American taxpayers. Actually, recent research has uncovered a very interesting “coincidence” that occurred in 2004.

Shortly after the horrific terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001, the United States government manifested a great number of defensive actions, one of which was the passage of the Patriot Act. That Act changed reality for Americans in a number of ways, but for young Americans born shortly before, or shortly after 9/11, it has little relevance to their post 9/11 reality as they did not enjoy a more free society. Two years after the Patriot Act was law, the federal government was still seeking ways to fight terrorism, and was   even awarding grants to private sector companies to assist the process.

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