CSN Newsletter 3/18/2021 – Is our Country in the Twilight Zone?

CSN Newsletter 3/18/2021 – Is our Country in the Twilight Zone?

From our Founder…

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, a day in which gazillions of people all over the world would celebrate by becoming Irish for the day. Yet, such a crazy, illogical, and lively holiday celebration has been muted by the “coronavirus plannedemic.” Of course, it is possible that many Americans, in getting ready for our Independence Day celebrations in July, had miniscule gatherings of appropriately socially-distanced folks over for some corn beef and cabbage and some Irish beverages. Visions of backyard barbeques with a miniscule number of double-masked up, double-vaccinated family members rumbled in my head. Wow, how far America has “progressed” under the Progressives in just a few short months!

Last year around this time, I wrote: “If anyone would have predicted a year ago that the world would be in such a frenzy in 2020 that St. Patrick’s Day would… be canceled…   It may have been viewed as a weak joke. Nevertheless… initial jokes about quarantines for Corona beer, are also not so funny. As Covid 19 is ravaging the nation and the world, it is hard to deal with St. Patrick’s Day anyway.” And, we are still in the same prison now in 2021. And, this may seem to be the new normal, especially with the direction the new Administration is taking America.      

It has been over a week since Joe Biden was let out by his keepers to bestow his “words of wisdom” to the American public. Unfortunately, Biden’s words were hollow words from a seemingly hollow man, saying you might be able to barbeque in your back yard this Fourth of July.

Since January, it seems to me that the United States has entered the “Twilight Zone” version of this nation. Since that time, American citizens are becoming increasingly aware that a criminal element that has secured control of the federal government. It is a federal government that no longer has respect for the God-given citizen’s rights. We had a link to an article a week ago referring to N.Y. Congressman Jerry Nadler’s remarks that what “any religious tradition describes as God’s will is no concern of this Congress.” 

This remark was widely misquoted, but the clever “fact-checking” community normally redefine the parameters or the wording of quotations in order to dispel or mitigate the impact of the intent behind what was factually stated. The American public is usually filled with hope because the nation was founded upon faith. Many cannot, and refuse to believe that what is happening to America is actually happening. But, we must emerge In an intentional and willful effort from the Twilight Zone of mental manipulation and the proclamations of the agents of evil. The CSN intends to help educate and enlighten the general public and to motivate “We the People” to move beyond the Twilight Zone.

One direction to begin moving is by taking a U-turn on “The Road to Perdition,” which guest writer Ray DiLorenzo reveals in his article. It is a well-written glimpse into how the Supreme Court has set citizens upon this road.

My article today is one which deals with a positive substantial move which will be a part of that U-turn. I shed light upon a move in the right direction that provides a blueprint for a practical pathway for all of the states where Freedom is still of value to follow the Iowa example in which Gov. Kim Reynolds and the states’ GOP legislators passed a law to strengthen and fortify their state’s election integrity protections. 

Guest writer Judi McLeod’s article examines one of the consequences of the Democrat election victory, which I refer to in my article as the “Inquisition.” Most Americans are not aware of the inquisition-like purge that is taking place. Yesterday, however, Mark Levine interviewed Julie Kelly who has been documenting a relative timeline of the federal government’s inquisition since the January 6 event referred to as an “insurrection.” It is a view into the Twilight Zone we currently live in within the “Land of the Free.”

Dr. Robert Owens article in today’s edition deals again with the concept of the great Reset, which a number of our writers have addressed in different editions in different ways. However, Owens’s article, “The Great Reset Verses the Great Reversal” does offer a glimmer of hope. As a minister, he provides a fundamental message that many leaders of faith offer in such turbulent times: get connected, or re-connected to God.  

Our final article today from our network of writers is from our consistent contributor, Michael Lewinski. He provides more guidance in moving out of the Twilight Zone. He reiterates what Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center recently wrote: “Think about Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty who stood up and defeated the most powerful force in their world. Sam Adams knew he didn’t need a majority of people to join him.” He said, “It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” DeWeese believes that “Freedom Pods,” the title of Lewinski’s article is another way patriots need to gather together and rebuild the foundations for Freedom in America. Absolutely agreed!

Today’s video recommendation is from Steve Bannon’s “War Room” program as it features an interview with Dennis Prager who goes into a number of relevant current issues. Gotta Watch It! It was a program that aired the day after Joe Biden’s public speech last week. 

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Dennis Jamison
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The Road to Perdition

By Ray DiLorenzo —-March 18, 2021

We know communists and fascists began infiltrating our nation in the early twentieth century. We know they declared that our culture must be eradicated and our faith in God broken for a totalitarian socialist state to rise out of the ashes of a free republic. Who opened the door to this contagion and left it wide open? Who caused the plague to spread to a point where it has now infected the whole of our society and our culture, now unrecognizable to anyone over 50 years of age?

The United States Supreme Court.

“Freedom States” Must Strengthen Election Integrity

By Dennis Jamison — –March 18, 2021

Where the Democrat Election Victory Leaves the Free West

By Judi McLeod —-March 15, 2021

Dirty Dems knew long before Election Day it was inevitable that they would win.  Having first cut off any and all means of possible recourse, they spent the majority of their time planning a never-ending Nightmare Life for the millions of those who refused to vote for them.

The lives of ordinary people in the masses had already been brought to a standstill in the government-mandated lockdowns a full year before Election 2020—‘The Election That Will Never End’—took place. Then, with people still holding out against despair, President Joe Biden dashed all hope for relief by announcing folk may—just may— be able to hold small outdoor cookouts to mark Independence Day on July 4th. A long and dismal four months away!

Freedom Pods

By Michael Lewinski – 3/12/21

Tom DeWeese from the American Policy Center recently wrote, “Think about Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty who stood up and defeated the most powerful force in their world. Sam Adams knew he didn’t need a majority of people to join him.” He said, “It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”

DeWeese reflects Adams’ sentiment in his concept of organized groups called Freedom Pods. We need them spread all throughout Indiana and the rest of America. We do have such Tea Party groups in South Bend, Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis. We used to have one in Jasper, and we need another one to hold politicians accountable. DeWeese has cited a number of instances across the country in which people are forming Freedom Pods and being successful.

Tune in to Citizen Voice on Friday (3/19) by accessing this link: https://wcntv.net  

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