CSN Newsletter 3/19/19. The Democrats True Agenda Exposed

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3/19/19 – In this issue of the Citizen Sentinels Network newsletter, a number of our writers have taken aim at the “Democratic Party, or Progressives. Former U.S. Department of Transportation speech writer, Karen Hagestad Cacy, takes aim at the overall scope of Democrat insanity. She also touches on the horrible massacre in New Zealand with regard to anti-Semitism. Michael Lewinski offers two articles this week, one of which delves into the Justice Democrats behind AOC. The second article provokes thought regarding the People’s Republic of China. Also this week, I offer my historical take on “Progressives” real desire to get rid of President Donald Trump.

Additionally, another ally of the Citizen Sentinels has made the news in March. Camp Constitution is the summer camp to teach young people from K-12, the principles of the Constitution, as well as how it is currently being abused. There is an article regarding how their website has grown.

Please understand that the Citizen Sentinels Network is currently working with other patriotic, conservative, and faith based organizations in a network of mutual support. Citizen Sentinels are offering a direct challenge to nefarious groups like the Justice Democrats on a state by state level.

As they grew out of the shambles of the Bernie Sanders campaign, our network of Ben Carson campaigners developed a two pronged platform to bring American citizens back to the foundation or original blueprint of the United States. Our newsletter is the educational aspect. Our political activities of supporting candidates in the mold of Dr. Ben Carson has been pursued since 2016.

We are proud to have played a part in the election of a U.S. Representative and a U.S. Senator.

But, this is just the beginning. We are here to make a positive impact in the U.S. political arena, and we already have. We need help. Join us in this genuine grassroots endeavor!


Liberals, Democrats, and Socialists: Mad as a Sack of Ferrets

written by Karen Hagestad Cacy Mar 18, 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS: The times, they are a changing, and not for the better. As a body politic, we have to ask: What does a liberal, Democrat Socialist America offer?

Crude movies, de-humanizing rap music, abstract art, legalized baby killing. Singling Jews out, again,  Jews singled out for climate change (“the weather,”) ban on cow farts, no more salt or Big Gulps.

Then there is the unequal justice dividing the administrative state from Americans, a war on white men, and racism as far as the eye can see.

Every time these modern “improvements” to the body politic are espoused by progressives, socialists, and new democrats, they only serve to confirm one thing. Democrats today are as mad as a sack of ferrets.

Nefarious Justice Democrats in the News

By Michael J. Lewinski

I have written before about the Justice Democrats who helped to elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), who is pushing their Socialist agenda through the Green New Deal. Let me expose you to the people who are behind this organization and are pulling the strings on AOC and six other Congress critters.

Behind the scenes, AOC’s chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, coaches her on what to say, composes her social media posts, and was involved in drafting their Green New Deal proposal with other staff members during one weekend. Before that, it was Justice Democrats who were organizing people for a grassroots effort for knocking on doors and raising money for this candidate which they interviewed and selected to run for Congress in the New York 14th district contest.

Cenk Uygur, a Turkish-American lawyer and political activist who created and hosts The Young Turks, was one of the founding members of the Justice Democrats. The Young Turks is a YouTube based program that advocates for open borders, socialism and Communism. Cenk Uygur has done quite nicely over the years in America, as his net worth from knocking around television for a few years, but primarily from the The Young Turks is actually around $5 million dollars. He is definitely within the ranks of the wealthy”Progressives,” who feed off of a capitalist system they seek to destroy.

“Progressives” Desire to “Kill the King” by Impeaching Trump

Donald Trump is the personification of all that the Socialists/Communists hate

By Dennis Jamison – March 19, 2019

Last week Nancy Pelosi (D-CA),made a statement in an interview with the Washington Post that impeaching President Donald Trump was “not worth it…” For intelligent people who do not buy into the mainstream media’s non-stop barrage of attacks against the president, it seemed an idiotic statement. Anyone who understands how the process of impeachment works also understands there are not enough votes anyway to move to convict Trump of something that would qualify as “impeachable.” Certainly, since the 2016 election the “Democrat” Party has attempted to manufacture some type of “impeachable” offense via Robert Mueller’s wasteful witch hunt.

Pelosi and Schiff try to walk away from this outrageous fiasco

Dittoing the statement by Pelosi, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the one leading the House investigations into Trump “crimes,” said it more directly when interviewed by CNN. Schiff admitted the obvious: “In the absence of very graphic evidence, it would be difficult to get the support in the Senate needed to make an impeachment successful. Again, my feeling is let’s see what Bob Mueller produces. But the evidence would have to be pretty overwhelming,” It’s highly likely that Schiff, being an intelligent guy, knows Mueller has found absolutely nothing that Trump did that would be credible impeachable offenses.

Disturbing News About China

By Michael J. Lewinski  03/11/19

In an article, Charles Hugh-Smith was trying to dispute the idea that China is doing well.  “… if everything is going great in China’s economy, why did President Xi feel compelled to declare himself president for life? Why is China rushing to install an Orwellian system of monitoring of behavior, online activity, etc., with heavy penalties for those who violate official norms?

Here’s another obvious question: what is it saying about China’s future prospects that those who know China best (i.e., insiders) are fleeing the yuan and moving their capital overseas?

We might also ask why critics of official policy are censored or even swept out of view. Are these the actions of a secure, confident ruling elite? The short answer is no, and some of that insecurity is undoubtedly the result of the increasingly fragile nature of China’s growth story.”

Camp Constitution’s YouTube Channel Reaches Over One Million Views

Published March 8, 2019 | By Hal Shurtleff

Camp Constitution’s YouTube Channel  recently reached over one million views.  We started the channel in July of 2010, and despite the excellent content, we received a modest amount of views over the years.  But that changed in the summer of 2016 when we were able to dedicate more time promoting the channel. Within a short time, we were averaging well over 1,000 views a day.

Our most viewed videos are Professor Willie Soon’s first class at the 2017 camp, close to 150,000, several by Mrs. KrisAnne Hall, and the class conducted by Debbie Bacigalupi at last year’s camp which has received close to 50,000 views.  Our content includes classes, and activities at our annual camps, presentations of our speakers at various events, Camp Constitution Radio shows, on the spot interviews, and events which we attend. We have created playlists of our instructors, our annual camps, and topics such as Agenda 21 and the U.S. Constitution.

Thanks for reading. To join our cause, please follow this link.

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