CSN Newsletter – 3/25/21 – Tragedy, Crisis, and Tragedy

CSN Newsletter – 3/25/21 – Tragedy, Crisis, and Tragedy

From our Founder…

It seems like only yesterday Americans were ringing in the brand new year and saying goodbye to all the hardships, insanity, sickness and sorrows of 2020. People may have had high hopes for 2021, but as it has progressed thus far, to many it may be worse than 2020. It seems like it is not just more of the same, but much worse. Tuesday of last week there was the mass shooting in Georgia. This past Tuesday, there was a mass shooting in Colorado. We haven’t even past the third month of 2021 and we have had ample portions of insanity, and the crisis at the southern border, now finally that it has been finally recognized as a crisis, is riddled with hardships for all people involved – especially the poor people who had their own hopes of a better year if they came to the United States of America. Whoever has orchestrated and contributed to that unfolding tragedy is working on behalf of the devil.   

And, it has got to be bad in America if the “coronavirus plannedemic” takes a back seat to all of these other stories. However, in the darkness of the raging storm around us, it is critically important that people keep their heads on straight and their hearts in the right place. America and American citizens have been through much worse. The problem is that if we stay stuck in our own time, or in our own personal bubbles of what we think should be happening, we have lost perspective. American has not “arrived” to a point where we have achieved the fundamental ideals at the foundation of the nation. In fact, we are still growing and grappling with a number of problems that are unique to freedom and to self-governance. A healthy historical perspective and a genuine relationship with our Creator will sustain citizens in such times of tribulation. Our nation was born in such times that try the souls of decent people, as Thomas Paine expressed it.

Needless to say, the untimely murders of the victims of the mass shootings are not to be dismissed, not to be ignored. Every single human life is important, as life itself is totally precious. Those who lost loved ones through such senseless murders will truly suffer for a period due to the horrible hole in the heart that a loss of someone you love will leave. The pain of such loss cannot be mitigated in a way that will make the pain go away. Yet, if one can put the waste of precious life in perspective, and understand that such loss of life has also been caused by tragic traffic accidents that occur everyday, or consider the numbers of those innocents who have died due to complications with COVID-19, or the many who died due to the fury of nature through earthquakes, floods, or hurricanes or tornadoes, some perspective is secured. It is the cause of such horrific shootings that make these incidents seem so much more tragic. However, every life lost in a seemingly senseless way is a tragedy for those who suffer through such loss.         

To repeat: Every life lost in a seemingly senseless way is a tragedy for those who lose a loved one and must suffer through such loss. Nevertheless, insensitive and senseless politicians would jump at the opportunity to politicize such shooting events. Why? It is because in the majority of such incidences, politicians who would politicize such events are insensitive and senseless and motivated by personal or political purposes. Rarely, are they motivated out of concern over those who died. 

If the Progressives, or Marxists, or the conglomerate of the Leftist – Socialists who ignore the hundreds of thousands of inner city murders, or the millions upon millions of babies who are aborted, were truly concerned about the value of life, they wouldn’t limit their concerns to the sensational gun-related incidents. The concern is often feigned and behind the intent to outwardly show concern, there is intent to manipulate tragedy into political capital. Such hypocrisy is clearly transparent, and only ignorant people would be fooled by their empty clamor of concern over people dying senselessly. Also apparent is an obvious absence of moral convictions.    

So, is 2021 just more of the same old sh**, just re-packaged? Is there hope for positive change? Yes, there is hope amidst the rubble and the chaos and catastrophes. This can be known by embracing a healthy historical perspective which reveals that humanity has survived much worse – America has survived much worse. Greater hope can be derived from holding on to the self-evident truths that our founders fought and died to secure and pass on to their posterity. Greater hope can be ignited from the deep Judeo- Christian heritage at the core of the founding principles of our nation. Also, the CSN will continue to fan the flames of hope, yet with a realistic appraisal of the world we live in.

Our first article is from A. Dru Kristenev, the lady who has just survived a horrific tragedy herself. She is back and despite all that she has lost, she expresses hope in her article though she is fully cognizant of the “’Harris-Biden’ Administration operating on pure Fantasy.” That hope, however, is found at the end of the article, and some may find it surprising; others may find it inspiring.

Our second article is a contribution from guest writer Howard Self, Director of “Right to Believe.” He examines recent court cases that have significant implications for those in the realm of faith amidst an increasingly hostile political environment that has become more intolerant of religious views of any sort. Self examines some recent victories for religious liberty, but the fact that it is even an issue means American “leaders” are no longer sure of their heritage and their God-given rights, no longer able to hold on to the self-evident truths of the Founding Fathers. 

Guest writer, JIm Bratten, Director of the “Hoosier Patriots,” returns this week. He has given the CSN permission to post articles from his Indiana newsletter and we are very grateful for his willingness to share his thoughts. He offers a historical perspective of a year ago from the invasion of COVID madness. He brings up the point of herd immunity that the CSN was advocating last year. Bratten poses a serious truth and asks a quite relevant question: “One cannot stop a virus from being a virus by forcing humans not to be human. Was any of this necessary?”  It is an excellent question. 

Another one of our network writers, D.J. Haugh, offers an article that re-examines the issue of abortion from the lenses of an Australian philosopher, Peter Singer, who sees things differently than normal, moral human beings. He believes that “children are so reliant on outside care for their survival that they are ‘nonpersons’ and killing them up   to an indeterminate age should be allowed.” Singer is an example of an intelligent individual possessing an obvious absence of moral convictions who would defend his position as “moral.”     

The final article today from one of our network writers, is from Bill o’Writes, who laments the recent turn of events in America within the pretext of America’s birthday party. Yet, it is a lament as I mentioned; so, one may need to actually read what Bill o’Writes writes about this somber, and not happy event.

The videos we recommend today are some of those from the virtual Election Integrity Conference at From Regent University that we referred to on Tuesday. The first video in a series of videos is the keynote address by Dr. Ben Carson. All of the videos are quite educational, especially the last one by Dr. David Clements.

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“Harris-Biden” Administration operating on pure fantasy

By A. Dru Kristenev —-March 24, 2021

Harking back a few years, the first article of mine published by Canada Free Press was entitled “Obama’s no strategy IS his strategy” which referred to the rapid growth of the terrorist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Considering that Biden’s cabinet is rife with Obama cast-offs, is it any surprise that the southern border crisis isn’t being handled any differently?

Republicans are crying that the current occupant of the White House has no plan to deal with the massive rush of illegals at the border. Even CNN is questioning the Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about the administration’s inability to handle the influx that immediately formed as soon as Biden took the pledge of Office. The knee-jerk reaction is the same as ever from democrats… blame the former administration for their own incompetence, frank negligence and disregard for human suffering. Didn’t Obama slough off the whole ISIS mess onto Bush by laying the swiftly established terror regime at the feet of the previous administration while indolently waving a hand at the “JV Team?”

Recent court rulings affirm First Amendment protections

March 22 (UPI) — For some time, the First Amendment and religious freedom in general have been under almost continuous assault via court rulings on all levels across the nation. Recent decisions, however, are providing a ray of hope that First Amendment protections against governmental interference in religious matters can still hold sway as the framers of the Constitution intended.

Undoubtedly, the most important and far-reaching decision pertaining to the First Amendment is the Feb. 5 Supreme Court joint ruling in the nearly identical cases of South Bay United Pentecostal Church vs. Newsom and Harvest Rock Church vs. Newsom.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom had banned all indoor worship in churches throughout the state in response to the coronavirus pandemic. This was the most severe restriction on church worship in the nation and considered by many to be blatantly discriminatory against the religious, as no such restrictions were placed on TV studio audiences and other similar gatherings. In its 5-4 ruling, the court held California’s restrictions to be unconstitutional, and therefore the state must again allow its houses of worship to hold indoor services. (The court did allow the state to continue its 25% capacity attendance restriction.)

One Year Later

By Jim Bratten – 3/15/21

It’s been a year since Dr. Anthony Fauci and other “experts” at the National Institutes for Health and the Centers for Disease Control told us it would take “two weeks to flatten the curve,” referring to expected capacity problems at hospitals settling out after an initial influx of Chinese virus cases. Around the country hospitals delayed or rescheduled elective surgeries and non-emergency procedures to prepare for the surge of patients. Most states saw no capacity problems.

“Trust the science,” they said, while we were isolated in our homes, houses of worship were closed, our businesses were bankrupted, our schools were shuttered, and a highly-prosperous, vigorous economy was shackled and suppressed. However, they never followed the science; never trusted it.

Response to the virus, based on models predicting hospital bed demand, cases of infection, etc., has been all wrong. But 40 million people lost their jobs a year ago due to huge miscalculations by medical “experts.” Dr. Fauci’s technocratic reaction to tens of millions of Americans losing their livelihoods was, “inconvenient.”

It’s My Party

By Bill o’Writes – 3/22/21

A birthday party seemed appropriate for my upcoming 244th “birthday.” I planned well and invited good people. It was supposed to be a Grand Old Party. I sent out millions of invitations and expected a huge crowd. What I didn’t expect were the millions of faux people who crashed my party. Lots of uninvited people came from far away. Some who came, believe it or not, were even dead. How does that happen? Even though none of those illegitimate guests received proper invitations, they were allowed to stay.  Believe it or not,  they had the nerve to claim it was their party and I was a sore loser. Not true. I invited only the people who had a legal right to come.

That insult should have been enough, but even worse, they also stole my best birthday present, the Constitution, and then ran off with it. What was worse, when I called the “police,” they did nothing. I tried to take my case further, but even the judges, who are supposed to protect the Constitution, declared it was none of their business, so they did nothing.

Since then, the crashers have torn my beloved Constitution to shreds and refuse to give it back. But that came after they misused it to spend prodigious amounts of money, enough to bankrupt me. I have complained loudly and often, but they have punished me for complaining about losing my precious gifts. Once again, the judges say it’s none of their business. Now the crashers will do whatever they want with my money and my precious rights. It seems there is no redress possible. Now, not only won’t they give me back my Constitution, they are ripping it apart right in front of my eyes.

Tune in to Citizen Voice on Friday (3/26) by accessing this link below:


Citizen Voice with Dennis Jamison | Episode 3  (3/19/21)

From Regent University: ELECTION INTEGRITY Conference: Click to see…Keynote address – Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Peter Navarro, Former U.S. Director of Trade, Mark Steyn – Canadian Author and Commentator & Tucker Carlson Guest Host, Eric Metaxes, Dr. David Clements – Law Professor, New Mexico State University – 3/23/21

From Crossroads with Joshua Philipp: 21 States Sue Biden On Fed Overreach w/Oil Pipeline; Released Prisoners Get Voting Rights – w/ Q&A – 3/19/21

From Eye Opener w/ Michael Lewis: Georgia Secretary Raffensperger denied as delegate; Major corporations back Amnesty to 4.4M illegals – 3/23/21

Review> From The New American: The Freedom Movement w/ Defend Florida founder and Women for Trump co-founder Caroline Wetherington – 3/17/21

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From The Daily Wire: Biden Taps Harris To Fix Biden’s Border Crisis After Harris Laughed About Visiting Border – 3/24/21

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From PJ Media: [EXCLUSIVE] Read the Shocking Pentagon Training Materials Targeting Conservatives in the Military – 3/22/21

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Review> The Navarro Report vols. – 1, 2, & 3 – 2/2/21

Note: Evidence used in the preparation of the Navarro Report includes more than 50 lawsuits and judicial rulings, thousands of affidavits and declarations, testimony in a variety of state venues, published analyses by think tanks  and legal centers, videos and photos, public comments, and extensive press coverage.

News From California – From The Larry Elder Show: A California ‘Reparations’ Story? It’s Complicated – 3/24/21

From Red State: ‘From State Shakedowns to Federal Syndicate’, California’s Extortion Racket Goes National – 3/24/21

News From Iowa – Breaking> From The Epoch Times: More Democrats Express Alarm Over House Leadership’s Bid to Overturn Iowa Election Results – 3/25/21

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