CSN Newsletter 3/3/2020 “CoronaPanic” and “BerniePanic”

CSN Newsletter 3/3/2020 “CoronaPanic” and “BerniePanic

From our Editor…

Today is primary day in 14 key states with over 1,300 Democrat delegates up for grabs. Recent dropouts mean that Bernie, Bloomberg and Biden are all jostling for wins. Bernie has passion, Bloomberg has billions, and Bidens has… not much other than the endorsements of Pete, Amy and Beto.

The Democrats are in full panic mode, do they try to torpedo Sanders, or is their love for power so great that they’d rather participate in the demise of the United States than sit on the sidelines and watch President Trump keep America great with a landslide win in November? My article discusses the “CoronaPanic” and how the Democrats and the lamestream media are using it to whip up panic, sell newspapers and defeat Trump.

Our other articles this week are about the rise of Socialism in the U.S. The Leftist takeover of our education system has led us to a point where brainwashed Millennials have embraced Communism over Capitalism. Two articles from Def Con News cover Pelosi and Schumers endorsement of Communism from Def Con News (while they simultaneously try to torpedo Bernie), and Bernie’s shameless attempt to win the election by offering free stuff to illegals.

discusses an article by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, who suggests that Sanders or Bloomberg, whichever emerges from the primaries, disclose their cabinet picks in advance, and include all the other candidates. Our Founder, Dennis Jamison and our ghostwriter, Jacov ben Moshe, share their historic perspectives on life in the One-Party Democrat South, and the ruthless efforts of Stalin to establish communist rule in Russia by destroying the prosperous middle class. 

In the meantime, Donald Trump continues to run the country, working to lessen the impact of the Coronavirus and Dr. Robert Owens discusses his slew of successful trade deals.

Tomorrow we will see who ends up leading the Democrat pack and our Founder, Dennis Jamison returns from a successful visit to CPAC.

Don Rosenberg, Editor, Citizen Sentinel Network

Fear Sells

by Don Rosenberg, 3/2/2020

In the newspaper business there’s a saying, “If it bleeds it leads.” In other words, no matter what the pain the story may cause for the victim, the goal is to sell newspapers, and a bloody crime is interesting to read about.

The Coronavirus has been turned into a worldwide panic to sell papers and increase viewership.

Think of the panics we’ve been offered in the past. Y2K – when we thought all our computers would crash on 1/1/2000, and recent disease outbreaks like SARS, MERS and Ebola.

These were legitimate concerns and people needed to pay attention, but hindsight shows they were not the end of the world.

This Coronavirus is being exploited as a panic by the media and the Democrats…

The lamestream news organizations need people to watch TV news and read the papers. Now that “Russia Collusion,” the Muller Report, and Impeachment have turned into duds, how wonderful it is to have something new to glue people to their TVs to watch ads for male enhancement pills or weight loss.

Pelosi and Schumer Enthusiastically Embrace Communism

Courtesy of Def-Con News 2/26/2020

Being a Democrat means going with the flow and accepting the radical left shift of the party no matter how unpalatable it is. With self-described socialist Bernie Sanders emerging as the Democratic Party’s frontrunner, suddenly the donkeys have to pretend that Marxism is nifty. Both Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have come out to “enthusiastically” embrace the communist policies of Sanders. On top of that abomination, the Democratic leaders feel like socialism will not only win them the White House but also retake control of the Senate.

At last Tuesday’s Democratic Primary debate, Pete Buttigieg said that if Sanders were the party’s nominee, he’d lose to Trump and cause down-ballot chaos resulting in the House flipping back to the Republicans. After a closed-door meeting the House basement, probably to discuss how to get rid of Bernie, Speaker Pelosi was asked if she would be comfortable with Sanders as the party’s nominee.

“Yes,” replied Pelosi.

When asked about Buttigieg’s comments with regard to Sanders costing the Democrats the House, Pelosi went big and bold.

“I think whoever our nominee is, we will enthusiastically embrace, and we will win the White House, the Senate and the House,” said Pelosi.

Bernie Sanders: Illegal Aliens are Entitled to ‘Free’ Stuff Paid for by Us

Courtesy of Def-Con News 2/26/2020

We know that Bernie Sanders is a communist and a huge fan of Fidel Castro and the former Soviet Union, but he’s going where no communist dictator has gone before. He’s not only promising “free” socialist stuff to Americans but also says that illegal aliens are “entitled” to these government giveaways as well. He’s promising law-breaking foreign nationals that they can come here and help themselves to our paychecks. Even Stalin, Chairman Mao, and Pol Pot weren’t this extreme.

First Bernie made a list of things that he feels everyone has a right to: “Today, we got 500,000 people sleeping on the streets of America. Today we have 18 million families paying 50% of their limited incomes for housing. Today we have hundreds of thousands of bright young people who cannot afford to get a higher education. Today we have 45 million people paying a student debt that many of them cannot afford to pay,” said Bernie.

He left out that part how most of the stuff he is complaining about is a direct result of Democratic governance or lack thereof, but basically, Bernie said he’s going to give “free” housing, college, and medicine to everyone because he’s about “rethinking America.”

NYT columnist Thomas Friedman loves the Socialist candidates en-masse

COLORADO SPRINGS: New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman yesterday wrote his solution of how democrats can prevent disaster and beat President Trump: (Dems, You Can Defeat Trump in a Landslide – You can promise voters something our narrow-minded president won’t.)

Friedman writes:

“If this election turns out to be just between a self-proclaimed socialist and an undiagnosed sociopath, we will be in a terrible, terrible place as a country. How do we prevent that?”

Friedman goes on to suggest that Bernie Sanders or Michael Bloomberg, whichever one floats to the top at the DNC convention, disclose their cabinet picks, and, wait for it; those cabinet position filled with the other Democrat presidential candidates.

“Progressives and moderates have to do something extraordinary – forge a national unity ticket.”  – Friedman

Such a so-called dream ticket would look something like this:

 Kulak is the Russian Word for ‘Deplorable’

By Yaacov ben Moshe 2/29/2020

In 1929 in an edict that seemed both impossibly savage and self-destructive, Stalin announced the “liquidation of the kulaks as a class.” The people he called kulaks were the relatively wealthy peasants in the countryside.

For much of the eighteenth, nineteenth and into the early twentieth century, they were the most important single economic sector of the Russian empire. They were also the cultural center. They preserved Russian traditions and honored religious faith. They grew more than enough food to feed the nation. The excess they produced created more wealth in international trade and hard currency for Russia than any other group.

That is why it seems, at first thought, that it was counter to his own interests when Stalin enlisted 25,000 urban factory workers to go and dispossess the agrarian peasants. He trained them, gave them revolvers and ordered them to drive the kulak families off their land, outright murder many of them, send more of them off to prison camps, and enslave the rest. The resulting famine killed tens of millions of kulaks and others in the most painful and pitiless way.

The atrocity of the de-kulakization — the heartless butchery and wanton waste of life, the inhumane genocide of a culture, the destruction of the productive economic heart of Russia —  seems a brutal insanity unless you understand the real motivation behind it. As Stephen Kotkin has revealed in his biography of the man, Stalin was tough and cold, but he was not a madman. He did what he did, as Kotkin, proves, not out of murderous insanity but, even more chillingly, simply because he was a communist.

Women’s History Month, Rosa Parks and lessons on One-Party State Control

by Dennis Jamison 3/2/2020

As American’s begin the month of March, which is designated as Women’s History Month, and as the remembrance of Black History Month just ended, there is a unique opportunity to reflect upon Rosa Parks (b. February 4, 1913, Tuskegee, AL – d. October 24, 2005, Detroit, MI), and the time in which she lived. As a black woman, she became an international icon of the Civil Rights movement. But, as this transition from one month to the next in light of America’s past unfolds, it is a good time to reflect on why Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights movement are so important in American history. They provide lessons in how “democracy” goes bad.

Many Americans hold the image of Rosa Parks as the little elderly black lady, who through a bold act of defiance, launched the Montgomery Bus Boycott, becoming a symbol of the civil rights struggle. Yet, there is much more to this history than Rosa Parks’ single act of defiance  against a bus driver in Montgomery, Alabama. Rosa Parks is among the many who protested against the Jim Crow segregation, including the practice of “Negros to the back” of public buses. During this time, several efforts were made to challenge such Jim Crow discrimination in various southern states.

At the time, Morgan said: “If something happens to you which is wrong, the best thing to do is have it corrected in the best way you can… The best thing for me to do was to go to the Supreme Court.” Even though this case was historic and overturned state segregation laws, such laws did not apply to travel on buses within state boundaries, but it did lead to the U.S. Supreme Court setting the precedent that interstate commerce came under the Commerce Clause, and segregation on buses traveling from state to state was unconstitutional.

Trump Trade Deals

By Dr. Robert Owens 3/1/2020

President Trump campaigned on his ability to revoke, revise, or replace the bewildering myriad of trade deals previous administrations negotiated which worked primarily to the benefit of everyone except US.  Finally, after twenty-eight years of politicians selling American workers and entrepreneurs out President Trump is putting America first.

A case in point:

After dragging their feet and the nation through their impeachment/election campaign ploy the House recently passed the United States Canada Mexico Agreement (USMCA).  The Senate quickly followed suit and President Trump signed the new and improved trade deal replacing the job killing NAFTA.  This is the upgrade 21st-century America needs.

This is such an obvious improvement that even normally virulently anti-Trump labor leaders led by the AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka have come out in support of the new deal.  In an op-ed for CNN Trumpka said, “Because of our patience and perseverance, the USMCA now includes strong labor rights and a viable mechanism to enforce them. … We also secured a separate enforcement mechanism that allows for inspections of factories and facilities that don’t live up to their obligations. This was an important priority for the labor movement because it ensures that working people in all three countries have greater protections under this new agreement. … The deal isn’t perfect, but that it is a far cry from the original NAFTA, and that is a huge win for working people in North America.”

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