CSN Newsletter 3/4/2021 – Rinos and Chaos

CSN Newsletter 3/4/2021 – Rinos and Chaos

From our Founder…

As I start this message, I would first ask that prayers be offered by those who offer sincere prayers for one of our writers, A. Dru Kristenev, who suffered a horrifying tragedy yesterday morning. She has a healing ministry and had been for a time helping a paraplegic man and his wife in Mississippi. Tragically, the home they were living in burned down and the couple lost their lives in the fire. Please pray for the souls of Anne Marie and Steve, the married couple. Please pray for Ms. Kristenev as she is very far away from her home in Idaho. Now she has to scramble to find a place to live after such a devastating  and heart-wrenching tragedy. Please know that many in our community of writers are like family — we are a community of citizen patriots in mind and heart! 

As we move deeper into 2021, many serious setbacks seem to be unfolding in our pathways. Many at CPAC this past weekend offered fond memories of the great Rush Limbaugh who recently passed away. And, Americans are watching the rapid erosion  of our fundamental freedoms right before our eyes. The words from many at the CPAC event from last weekend are continuing to reverberate through the conservative ranks. And, the general takeaway from CPAC is that conservative patriots now realize they need to be able to take action to save the Republic. This is a crucial point that the Citizen Sentinels Network, as well as other patriot and conservative and Christian groups have been “preaching” for quite a while.

The key concept may be that “preaching” is no longer enough. Activism is the reality in the next few years if American citizens can save our Republic. We need many patriots like Rush Limbaugh who served like a Paul Revere in such perilous times. CSN plans  to continue to do our part to sound the alarm and to educate the uneducated, or those low-information voters. Yet, there is so much more to what our network is involved in and we will continue to actively promote organizations uniting in cooperation to work together in coalition, to actively support and promote citizen-servants to get elected to public office on several levels. We have been doing what President Trump spoke of since the days of promoting Dr. Ben Carson for POTUS.    

Also, we hope you will tune in to our “Citizen Voice” Video program that will be live-streamed through the Wisconsin Christian News network. Tomorrow on Friday, we will be offering our first live program. We will begin the livestream at 12 noon PST or 3pm EST, and all the relative times “in between.” Tune in by accessing this link below: https://wcntv.net  Also, when the programming is live, there is a popup on the homepage indicating that. Follow the directions to “join the audience.” As mentioned, in our Tuesday “Citizen Voice” Bulletin, the CSN is co-sponsoring this weekly half hour program with the “Light Wing Mission.” I will begin by teaching once again the “True U.S. History” and we are planning to feature informative and ‘edgy’ interviews about the events making history today in future presentations. It will include a Q & A period as well for those more actively interested. 

However, today we have a number of articles in our lineup. The first is an article that had been written by A. Dru Kristenev, just two days before the devastating fire. Please realize that she is writing about what befalls our country. She provides a brief synopsis of how we got to this point in the first place. It is ironic that chaos fell upon her in such a direct manner. Again, please pray for this wonderful lady, and the friends she had for many years that were lost on Wednesday.

Our second article is from Dr. Richard Moss, who is a member of the GOP, as he ran for Congress on a couple of occasions, and the CSN promoted his efforts. However, he has a definitive “insider’s” perspective that is quite provocative. He reflects what many within the nation may feel in the aftermath of a stolen election.

D.J. Haugh has become a regular contributor, and CSN is grateful for his words. In our edition today, he offers a brief economic lesson in his “A Primer on Economics.” Haugh is examining economic policy from a “common sense” perspective. He makes sense – read his article, so patriots can have a better grasp of how to address it in a simple way. In his article, Haugh discusses minimum wage. The Feds and Democrats, as well as some in the GOP favor raising the minimum wage to $15/hr. However, that does not help Americans much, but it does help Communist China. When the minimum wage is raised here, it serves to help China more because “China practices federalism so their provinces can set the wages to assure China can get the jobs from businesses in America, and, naturally, the higher America’s National Minimum Wage then the higher China can charge those American Businesses and still be less than the cost to make the same thing in America. So while some politician in America wants to treat America’s Minimum Wage propaganda as a domestic issue, consider that China gets a 100% profit out of this deal and that increasing their profit margin isn’t going to be of any value to the United States of America, that we cannot ignore how raising our minimum wage is endorsing slavery in China.” Quoted from a writer in our network who chooses to remain anonymous. Yet, truth is truth! Spread the word…

Michael Lewinski in his unique style as a former Marine of few words, has a significant message in his article, “A Future You Didn’t Vote For,” and although he wrote this in January, it seems that President Trump was echoing some of what Lewinski states in the CPAC speech he gave last Sunday. By the way, in case readers missed Trump’s speech at CPAC, we will put in a link once again to his full speech. It is filled with a number of future-oriented efforts that Trump seems to be promoting. And, our link works; the video has been removed from YouTube. Citizens need to socially distance themselves from YouTube, and save themselves from those who suppress free speech.

The final article is one I posted in Canada Free Press on Tuesday. I examine the ways in which Americans had been guided in their thoughts and perhaps in their actions in the days before the election and since. Despite all of the difficulties citizens have been facing and the deceptions and false hope we have had to “wade” through, I firmly believe that we are “Advancing Toward A Rebirth of Freedom.” 

Our video selection that we recommend today is a few speeches that we did not feature in the “Citizen Voice” Bulletin on Tuesday. The clip starts off with Sen. Marsha Blackburn and ends with Donald Trump, Jr. It is worth watching in case you missed it.

Dennis Jamison
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Chaos to create crisis and reap control

By A. Dru Kristenev —-March 1, 2021

Chaos from the China virus; chaos through censorship; chaos from endless war in the Middle East; chaos from riots in the cities; chaos from election reform (entrenched fraud); chaos from Common Core; chaos from constricting religion; chaos from wide open borders. Each engineered crisis is being exploited by the left that currently enjoys a slim majority in Congress and is occupying the White House.

In order to take advantage of a crisis, one – and in this case, many – had to be created and the best way to do so is initiate and develop bedlam on multiple levels. Using a virus as a weapon to crush a revitalized economy was the first wave of assault. Instituting a consistent and never-ending culture of crisis is the second wave which is to be accomplished by parallel efforts: unabated civil upheaval, unstable, vindictive executive action, fomented battles on foreign soil…

The Biden administration serves one purpose – to up-end the stability of the national economy and international relations President Trump achieved, forging disorder that requires razor-wire fencing to guard the provacateur-in-chief and his crony Congress. (Though it could be construed that Pelosi, Schumer and the White House gang may have really constructed their own prison.) And, at this juncture, it appears the Supreme Court can be added to the cabal…

Impeach The RINOs

By Richard Moss, MD – 2/14/21

When one ponders the treachery of Republicans in the aftermath of the recent stolen election, one wonders what purpose they serve?  It was dormant Republican controlled state legislatures in many of the “battleground” states, after all, that allowed the changes in election law – perpetrated by scurrilous Democrats and their lawyers – which led to the whole debacle in the first place.  Some rose up after the fact, but by then it was too late.

Where were they before?

Republican appointed judges, in many cases, including Trump appointees on the Supreme Court, joined in the perfidy and refused to hear legitimate cases brought to their courts regarding the election fiasco.  Texas, joined by 17 other states, brought a suit against Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin, regarding unlawful changes in election law in those states.  The Supreme Court had original jurisdiction, but the recent Trump appointees and Chief Justice John Roberts had no interest.  Their cowardice thus enshrined Democrat election fraud for perpetuity, when they could have ended it.  It will make it even more difficult for Republicans to win future national elections.

Nice job, Justices.

A Primer on Economics

By D.J. Haugh – 3/1/21

Entrepreneur – one who organizes, manages and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. Class, welcome to Intro to Economics. This class will teach you the basics of what makes an economy work, what makes an economy thrive and what makes an economy shrivel and die. Our first lesson is the answer to the question, “What is the purpose of business?”

Sadly, many people mistakenly believe the purpose of a business is to provide jobs for other people. They think entrepreneurs sit around thinking up ways they can invest their life savings into something that will allow someone else to come in, waste time and collect a paycheck. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Businesses are gambles – each and every one. Each business owner risks a certain amount of capital, usually by either working and saving the money needed (to get started) or by borrowing against their home or the proposed business. If the business succeeds, the risk taker can become wealthy – usually after years of hard work, long hours and more risk taking.

Advancing Toward A Rebirth of Freedom

By Dennis Jamison —-March 2, 2021

As the entire world is pushing forward into the month of March, millions of people may be in a state of disbelief that time has elapsed for leaders in the United States to have avoided the fate of many nations that have fallen under Communist domination. Yet, we are now in the month of March, and for those faithful, sincere followers of contemporary prophets from the Christian realms, there has been no miracle of God to bring order into the current chaos in America. For the loyal followers of “Q” there has been no patriotic military to rescue America from a stolen national election. For all pragmatic legalists who placed their sacred trust in the sanity of the highest court in the land, the non-action of the Supreme Court was more of a pronouncement that the court was capable of “washing its hands” of the entire issue of election integrity. And, it matters not the legalese that was used to sidestep these cases. The two demonstrations of judicial cowardice stand as a gaping void in the so-called judicial system in the “united states.”

So where does that leave Americans now? Citizens find themselves in the month of March in a splintered state of reality. Certainly, the GOP is fragmented. And Democrats are not totally happy with Joe Biden as the acting POTUS. Conservatives are happy to a degree because they just got a big boost at CPAC. However, the expectations of so very many Americans seem to have turned into a big “nothing burger.” Like a deflated balloon, much of the air has been let out of the average American’s hopes and dreams. With the U.S. government under the control of a domestic enemy that is antithetical to the American values chiseled into the bedrock of our nation, hope is a rare commodity in America. People are thinking twice about attracting the attention of the cancel-culture Gestapo. People are afraid to speak their minds freely in “mixed” company.

So what does that mean for America right now?

Tune in to Citizen Voice on Friday (3/5) by accessing this link:


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