CSN Newsletter 4/1/2021 – Wanted, Real Conservatives

CSN Newsletter 4/1/2021 – Wanted, Real Conservatives

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The Dismantling of a Great Nation or WANTED: Real Conservatives

By Ray DiLorenzo —-April 1, 2021

Many of us have heard of the life stages of a great civilization. Every great nation passed through these stages without understanding the road they were paving for themselves. It’s about time we did.

Home Game Advantage

By JR Harrison – 3/31/21

Right up front, I want to make something very clear: the Republican Party is done, gone, a thing of the past..

Conservative Weakness

By DJ Haugh – 3/28/21

A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article encouraging Conservatives to fight the good fight and never give up. Sadly, I need to temper the optimistic tone of that article with some real-life facts…

Enough Is Enough

By Michael J. Lewinski – 03/29/21

Our country is being destroyed by Progressives. Enough is enough! They are intent on keeping black people on the dole and are now importing illegal aliens to put Spanish-speaking people on welfare to keep them dependent on the government too.

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From The Larry Elder Show: Larry Elder Dissects Biden’s First Press Conference – 3/25/21

Review> From CSPAN: Presidential News Conference – Biden Calls Attempts to Limit Voting Rights in U.S. “Un-American” and “Sick” – 3/25/21

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From The Daily Wire: Michael Flynn’s Family Files $75 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against CNN – 3/26/21

From The Epoch Times: Supreme Court Rejects Bid to Require Hillary Clinton Deposition Over Email Server – 3/31/21

News From Arizona –     From Arizona Today -Prescott eNews: Arizona Today with Col. Philip Waldron – Part 1 – 3/28/21

From Arizona Today -Prescott eNews: Arizona Today with Col. Philip Waldron – Part 2 – 3/28/21

News From California – From Crossroads: Fighting to Uphold the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution—Interview with Mike Fahner – 3/31/21

From The Epoch Times: Dozens of Unaccompanied Minors at San Diego Convention Center Test Positive for COVID-19 – 3/30/21

News From Missouri – From New York Post: Abandoned $1.6 billion Missouri resort community goes viral – 4/1/21

News From New York – From The Daily Signal: New York Congresswoman Calls on Cuomo to Resign Over Nursing Home Deaths – 3/31/21

News From Oregon –  From FOX News: Antifa ‘armed’ rioters descend on Oregon State Capitol in Salem – 2/29/21

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