CSN Newsletter 4/14/2020 – Philippines, Italy, China, and Putting America Back to Work

CSN Newsletter, 4/14/2020

From Our Founder…

As Americans have entered the terrible two week “valley of the shadow of death,” it becomes increasingly clear that the Communist government of China cannot escape culpability for the origination of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Whether by accident, or by deliberate action, Covid-19 is a product of the Chinese Communist Party. And there are other disturbing reports that should make people throughout the world reconsider the reality of the various global endeavors of the Chinese Communists. 

Initially, amidst the initial humor and jokes about the “corona” virus, one witticism on social media from folks in Ecuador reflected that COVID-19 was the only thing that had come out of China in several decades that lasted very long. Indeed, initial indications were that China was bungling a potential accidental outbreak of a serious disease, but later, theories emerged that the disease was created in a laboratory. 

Given the incredible amount of disinformation, fake news, and false narratives circulating across the planet, we feel it is important for citizens to kept informed, but not frightened out of their wits. With the mainstream media in the United States doing its best to spread the misinformation and propaganda of the Chinese Communists, the Citizen Sentinels Network is providing coverage that was well-researched and as accurate as possible.

Further peeling away of more “layers of the onion,” it has become frighteningly apparent that the deeper one digs into the issues with this latest virus from China, the Chinese Communists become more and more implicated in more sinister problems all around the world. In point of fact, they are very much like the COVID-19 they created, as they have grown in such scope that they are a dangerous and insidious enemy to the entire world community.

In 2019, the Chinese Communists celebrated their 70th anniversary of taking over mainland China. CSN covered a number of events in that time celebrating the dawn of the Chinese brand of International Communism. One event involved the raising of the Communist Chinese flag over Boston City Hall. Since the latest coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, there have been an increasing number of questions about the genuine source of COVID-19.  The Epoch Times has produced an investigative video precisely on this effort. We feature that video in this edition. It is not intended to promote fear, but to help clear away the confusion and the ignorance regarding the source of COVID-19. 

This week, the CSN newsletter has had an influx of articles from our writers. And, leaders in the CSN have agreed that there needs to be a second edition each week to cover the coronavirus issues, the election year issues, and the various issues associated with a domestic as well as a foreign threat to the Republic. We will start posting on Thursdays as well as our normal posting day on Tuesday.

One of the articles this week was submitted from a reader in the Philippines who took issue with my mention of the current president of the Philippines giving an order to “shoot to kill” those who violate the country’s shelter in place laws during the pandemic. We welcome the perspective, as my sources for the comment in my article in last week’s edition, were all from center-Left, or Leftist publications. It is worth it to read ‘Noell’ Dacanay’s commentary from the view of a grassroots’ perspective.

We also offer a repost of a very revealing article from an Italian about how Chinese Communism infused into Italy and later infused COVID-19 into Italy. It is another grassroots’ commentary for readers who do not receive such “insider information” from a nation that has been devastated by COVID – 19. The article is written by Giacomino Nicolazzo, reportedly one of the most beloved writers of Italy.

This week, Dr. Robert Owens weighs in with a perspective on President Donald Trump’s “Main Street Marshall Plan.” He tackles the practical, secular issues facing the re-start of America’s economic engines, but he also touches on a much deeper set of issues that lie within us all that relate to our relationship with our Creator. 

From a second perspective, Executive Editor, Don Rosenberg, discusses the re-start of the United States’ economy from a more practical and common sense perspective. 

In another article Brian Anderson of DefCon News deals with another failure of socialism in the exit of Bernie Sanders from the presidential race. Sanders left the race last week just as our Tuesday edition was being posted. But Anderson has a unique perspective on Sanders and his efforts to remain meaningful to his extremist comrades and his starry-eyed sycophants.   

Dennis Jamison

Considering the “Shoot Them Dead” order of President Rodrigo Duterte

By Nowell C. Dacanay 4/13/2020

Please consider this perception of the “Shoot Them Dead” statement of President Duterte in regards to his efforts to enforce the shelter in place restrictions due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Let me begin by giving my personal discernment over the Presidency of Rodrigo Roa Duterte (PDu30) of the Republic of the Philippines.First and foremost, I personally think that clearly Duterte is not (yet) the most perfect president the Philippines could ever wish and/or hope for. Certainly, he is not infallible and he definitely has conspicuous flaws. But, I do think he is a conscientious and responsible necessary evil, if not essentially good, and one that the Philippines needed this time, considering objectively the present Philippine scenarios politically, socio-economically, culturally and demographically.

The Philippines needed a strong disciplinarian man with a deep heart for the masses like a diligent father in a good family would and should have. With his presidency, the Filipinos could finally discern and delineate what had been wrong all these past years. Most Filipinos had been enlightened and awakened of what has corroded the essential foundations of our statehood and nationhood, demarcating the lines between the truth and the lies that were long intertwined over the years of political deceptions and manipulations. Now we have a clear-cut rationale and qualification benchmark in choosing the future political leaders of our country.

Italy’s Communist Recipe for Disaster

By Giacomino Nicolazzo

Montecalvo, Lombardy, Italy – March 24, 2020 – As I sit here in my involuntary isolation, it was just reported that overnight 743 more people died and 5,249 new cases have been reported. This brings the total cases of infection to 69,176 and the body count to 6,820. We take relief in knowing that 8,326 people have recovered so far. (Numbers as of 3/24, 8:30 pm in Italy.)

Most towns here in Italy, from the upper reaches of the Alps to the ancient shores of Sicilia and Sardenia, while not deserted, are closer to being ghost towns than the bustling centers of tourism, business and daily life they were just a few weeks ago.

Many of us know someone who has been infected and recovered. Some of us know someone who did not recover…now they are dead. But everyone knows someone who has been affected by this microscopic monster in one way or another.

Sixty million of us are in lockdown… it is like a war zone here. We are being held prisoner in our own homes by an unseen enemy that sneaked in unnoticed…by most of us. As you will read in just a few more minutes, there were those who knew something like this was coming… or at least they should have.

Trump’s Main Street Marshall Plan

By Dr. Robert Owens 4/13/2020

How it was:

Basking in the glow of renewed freedom birthed through the Trump era tax cuts and the President’s massive reversal of the regulation noose that’s strangled America for the past three years, small-business success has achieved record highs. The best economy in half a century unleashed by the lower taxes and fewer regulations inspired small businesses to hire more employees, to pay higher wages, and then to reinvest its capital.

How it is:

This pandemic is what historians call a black swan event. It came out of nowhere and changed our perceptions forever. But, having said that, the same conditions of lower taxes and less regulation still exist. Though currently stifled by the stay-at-home orders and self-quarantines, this period of confinement and artificial limits is building a tsunami of pent-up demand.

Get America Working Again

By Don Rosenberg 4/13/2020

As President Trump said, the decision of when Americans can get back to work is going to be one of the hardest he’s made in his life. I decided to explore the complex series of factors about people, localities and industries that determine when a particular business should be able to open in various parts of the country to different types of people.

I think there are a lot of parallels between the coronavirus outbreak and a wildfire. You decide how to fight the fire based on location – is it isolated and unimportant, or highly populated? You look at the fuel source – is it a tinderbox, ready to ignite, or is fuel not readily available? You look at weather conditions – is it dry, hot and windy, or is a rainstorm on the way?

These factors are used to decide to let a small fire burn itself out, send in air drop teams to put it out immediately, or contain the fire by using firebreaks and letting certain areas burn. After the main fire is over, you go back to make sure it doesn’t reignite.

Applying this approach to a viral outbreak, this is what I came up with…

Bernie Sanders Drops Out

Socialism Fails Again: Bernie Sanders Drops Out

by Brian Anderson, Def Con News 4/10/2020
Socialism has never been successful in any country or any U.S. Presidential race. For the second time in a row, Bernie Sanders and his progressive socialist message have crapped out in the democratic primaries. The elderly communist suspended his presidential campaign on Wednesday, giving the elderly crazy guy Joe Biden a default win and the party’s nomination. Now we just have to wait and see if his supporters will defy stay-at-home orders to burn down the cities like they promised.

CNN reports comrade Bernie is kaput:

And then this is kind of weird or maybe it’s not. Fox News reports that Bernie is still going to try to amass delegates so he can make Joe Biden be a communist kook at the Democratic Party Convention:

In a curious moment, though, Sanders said that Biden “will be the nominee,” yet went on to stress the importance of continuing to win delegates for his own campaign so he’ll be able to exert “influence” on the party platform.

Hey, at least he’s still trying to destroy the democratic party so he’s got that going for him.

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