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CSN Newsletter 4/16/19  … From Our Founder…

In the wake of the tragic destruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral, CSN news is not designed to deal with “breaking news.” Citizen Sentinels Network writers are normal everyday American citizens who are not afraid to write about their concerns and what they sense is vital. The newsletter normally offers commentaries by our writers that are provocative and reflective on the breaking news in our time. Citizen Sentinels offer alternative perspectives and a challenge to one-sided narratives and tainted “news” coverage. Our commentaries offer insight and clarity in a time in which confusion seems to be the norm.

The newsletter this week features a number of diverse articles from our volunteer grassroots citizen-journalists. I could not leave the issue of abortion as it is still one of the most important issues defining America’s future, so my article focuses on the turning tide in the abortion battle. I reveal the rising number of states with “fetal heartbeat” laws. We also offer excerpts from Gov. Mike Huckabee’s article that also deals with heartbeat laws. That article is a reposting from My Faith Votes, but readers can go directly to his blog posts, for healthy perspectives:  https://www.mikehuckabee.com/latest-news   

Dawn Hoagland, who offered the review of the movie Unplanned last week, looks at some alternatives to abortion that many Americans do not know about. Michael Lewinski provides two articles this week: one on the bad mood permeating America due to the Progressive poisoning, and one entitled: “Take it to Jesus.” And, last but not least this week, Sam Small reveals three types of Socialists.

Truly, there is a battle raging for the minds of the American people — a deep and sinister battle for the soul of America, and the world. It is the reason that the Citizen Sentinels Network exists. Our writers are normal everyday American citizens, unafraid to write about their concerns and what they sense is vital. In 2019, we seek to identify and support conservative Christian candidates in the mold of Dr. Ben Carson, with the fighting spirit of Donald Trump. Help us to find them and support them in the fight for life, liberty, and the right to pursue true freedom.

The Citizen Sentinels Network works with other patriotic, conservative, and faith-based groups in a network of mutual support. Citizen Sentinels are growing. In 2019, we need help to mount an even more serious challenge to the existing political status quo that is in danger of eroding freedom, not just from America, but of eroding freedom from the entire world. Help us to grow!

“We the People” Demanding the Right to Life!

By Dennis Jamison 4/16/19

The bitter controversy and very divisive battle over abortion have raged for decades in the United States, but it has intensified in 2019. The cultural debate has definitely become a real nationwide battle raging in America over the killing of babies, even in late-term pregnancies, by abortionists (non-doctors), abortion doctors, and abortion mills like Planned Parenthood. The battle started as the newly elected Democrat majority took the House of Representatives. Without wasting time, they immediately passed legislation that directly supported abortions worldwide, as well as other pro-choice initiatives. In February, the Senate rejected “The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (Senate bill S.311) that would have protected the lives of born babies.

Fighting for Life

Gov. Mike Huckabee

Georgia legislators have passed a bill banning abortion after the baby has a detectable heartbeat, which is around six weeks, unless the pregnancy endangers the mother’s life or poses “substantial and irreversible physical harm” to the mother.

The bill is under furious attack from the pro-abortion movement, particularly from Hollywood. The Writers Guild and over 100 liberal actors and comedians so far (there’s a handy alphabetical list at the link) are threatening a boycott of Georgia if it becomes law. Leaders of pro-abortion states such as Pennsylvania are seeking to cash in on the graves of unborn children by aggressively trying to poach Georgia’s lucrative film business (you stay classy, Pennsylvania Attorney Gen. Josh Shapiro – again, see the link.)

Georgia’s new Republican Gov. Brian Kemp is now in the hot seat, having campaigned on signing the bill but being put under massive economic and public relations pressure to veto it. Interestingly, Kemp has something in his background that none of his Hollywood critics can claim, that I’m aware of. Kemp is a former pediatrician, so he understands what’s happening in the womb and what abortion really is (Shapiro wanted to be a pediatrician like his dad but switched to poli-sci and law after flunking a pre-med class; and most of the people on the Hollywood boycott list are just former celebrities.)

Are there alternatives to Planned Parenthood?

By Dawn Hoagland

Where can a woman go if she thinks she might be pregnant and has questions? My Choice pregnancy care center has been around for ten years with two locations in Orange County, New York. Both centers provide caring, safe and non-judgmental support to young girls and women who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

At My Choice, patients receive free confidential medical care including pregnancy testing, limited STD testing, and ultrasound exams. They also receive compassionate pregnancy guidance to fully inform them about their pregnancy and health choices. Girls need to know that they have the right to see a doctor and to find out how far along they are in their pregnancy.

An unexpected pregnancy can raise many questions and fears for young women. Some girls have little or no support from their family or the birth father. The counselors at My Choice offer a shoulder to cry on, open hearts and open minds for listening and responding with kindness to anyone who comes to the center. It provides a soft place to fall.

The Bad Mood Progressives Bring to Us

By Michael J. Lewinski

In an essay by Peggy Noonan, she counsels Joe Biden not to run because the Progressive Democrats will tear him up. She understands very well the threat they pose to the country.

Noonan comprehends that the Democrat Party is not a party of inclusion, but rather a party of exclusion. She explains this by observing, “In the old party of classic 20th-century Democratic liberalism, they wanted everyone to rise…There’s plenty to go around, America’s a rich country, let the government get in and help. The direction, or at least the aspiration, was upward, for everybody.”

She noted, “Now there’s a mood not of Everyone Can Rise but of Some Must Be Taken Down. White people in general, and white males in particular, are guilty of intractable privilege. It’s bitter, resentful, divisive.”

These despicable people form the core of the politically correct cadre who tell the rest of us what to think and say, and what not to think and say. They wrongly think of themselves as morally superior and view the rest as hicks, hayseed and religious fanatics who believe in what they consider a non-existent God. The Progressive Democrats have absolutely no respect whatsoever for you.


by Sam Small 4/16/19


This a secretive figure of a very small group, usually very rich, that inspires others to come before the public forum. He (it’s usually a man) often has money to donate to various activities that will bring socialism closer to reality in pretty much any country. His driving force is his loathing of humankind. This he keeps firmly a secret, as it would confuse his activists. For him, socialism would control people’s bad behavior. Socialism would also legislate good behavior. His tragedy is that he knows full well the outcome of this socialist doctrine spells disaster for any society that takes it up. The Wizard sees this as humanity’s just desert for being fundamentally evil.

Take it to Jesus

By Michael J. Lewinski

The hedge fund manager, Ray Dalio, recently wrote an essay claiming that capitalism is broken. He has a point. He blames the federal reserve for the increasing income inequality and other problems that they caused. His big takeaway is that the breakdown of the family, our failing educational systems, failing infrastructure, and crony capitalism present an existential threat to our nation.

He points out that this failure has been taking place over a long period of time going back to the early ‘70s. One way we can deal with one of these problems is by significantly reforming education policies. The Trump administration wants to give parents the financial resources to pay tuition to any school of their choice. Choice, after all, is the hallmark of capitalism.

The Federal Reserve (FED) is long overdue for reform. Steven Moore and Herman Cain are great picks to nudge the FED into some reform which is more consistent with capitalism. President Trump would be doing us a great big favor by nominating such candidates of this quality. President Trump should also initiate an effort to reform the Federal Reserve charter.

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