CSN Newsletter 4/2/19 – Democrats’ Thirst for Power, Pelosi, Schiff, AOC, MSM Lies, Silence on Murders in Nigeria

From Our Founder… 4/2/19

In this issue of the Citizen Sentinels Network newsletter, a number of our writers have taken aim at specific aspects of the “Democratic” Party. Karen Hagestad Cacy, takes aim at Nancy Pelosi’s thirst for power. Michael Lewinski takes aim at Adam Schiff and the seemingly never ending “investigation” into whether Donald Trump is allowed to be POTUS. I take aim at the MSM, and offer my historical take on “The Big Lie” or the “Progressive” propaganda in the effort to undermine Trump. Also, New York resident, Dawn Hoagland, a new contributor, takes aim at AOC. Pastor Earl Wallace poses his question regarding the society that American Christians are living within, which is from a radio sermon he offered over a year ago. He offers a solid solution to the divisive propaganda present in the U.S. today.  Finally, in addition to a U.S. focus, Doulas Burton, a veteran journalist, offers a report on flagrant and purposeful attacks on Christians in Nigeria in an article that was originally published in the Washington Examiner on March 20th. Sadly, the MSM does not normally report on the deliberate persecution of Christians in Africa or the Middle East.

Truly, there is indeed a battle going on for the minds of the American people — a deeper and more sinister battle is raging for the soul of America, and for the world. It is one of the reasons that the Citizen Sentinels Network newsletter exists. Our writers are normal everyday American citizens who are not afraid to write about their concerns and what they sense is important.

Additionally, in the wake of the article on the origins of the Facebook swamp, our ally over at USA.LIfe is preparing to receive many new participants in what founder Steven Andrew refers to as a social platform that is pro-American! What a concept! But, it is now a reality – please take some time to switch over to this new challenge to the Facebook monopoly!

Check it out at their site: www.USA.Life

The Citizen Sentinels Network offers a small but direct challenge to such one-sided and tainted “news” coverage from the MSM, as our commentaries offer insight and clarity in a time in which confusion or chaos seems to be the new normal. CSN is currently working with other patriotic, conservative, and faith based organizations in a network of mutual support to offer a greater challenge to the powers that be, as there is strength in numbers. In 2019, we seek to grow, so consider how you could help us to mount even more serious challenges to the existing political status quo that is in danger of eroding freedom, not just from America, but of eroding freedom from the entire world.

Nancy Pelosi: “I have my power and I want yours too.”

written by Karen Hagestad Cacy

Power was carefully put in its proper place by our founders when they drafted the Constitution. The first Americans knew and acknowledged human nature. To wit, that men or women can be greedy, power-hungry bullies. If but given half the chance.

Accordingly, those founders set up a system of checks and balances so that no one group or individual with even a modicum of power could ride rough-shod over others. They purposely designed law-making to make it difficult to limit citizen freedoms.

Our country was meant to elevate the individual man, not to put him in chains under the heel of an intrusive government.

What now?

By Michael J. Lewinski

Now that President Trump has been vindicated by the Muller report how are the Progressive Democrats going to attack the president between now and the 2020 election? Deep state and establishment politicians deeply hate President Trump, and they are going to keep coming after him. These intellectuals, yet idiots rouges, have an outrage which knows no bounds.

The House intelligence committees have subpoenaed 81 witnesses to another Trump collusion investigation order by Adam Schiff. They are not going to end this hoax on the American people until they are arrested, tried, convicted and behind bars. They will never let go. Eventually, we will see that one side is right, and the other one is wrong.

They cannot creditably argue that the president has not significantly improved the economy for all Americans who are doing better. They would reinstate the Paris Climate Accords and repeal the job-killing regulations. The Progressive Democrats cannot provide the security that the American people deserve from our enemies, both foreign and domestic. They would reinstate Iran Nuclear Accords and go back to their open boards policies. They are going to roll back the gains we made in protecting our religious freedom, second amendment rights, freedom of speech and our other rights under the Bill of Rights.

The Big Lie and the Deep State Coup

Dennis Jamison – 4/2/2019

Many American citizens are awakening to the harsh reality that the mainstream media corporations are now culpable in aiding and abetting a very public witch hunt, portrayed as an investigation, which people have never witnessed in the history of this nation. The one-sided barrage of accusations and alignment with false witness against the duly elected POTUS perpetuated a cloud of doubt regarding the election of President Donald Trump. The failed coup to undermine a democratic national election in the United States has only happened once in the nation’s history, and it started in Democrat James Buchanan’s White House when his own Democrat cabinet members plotted treason against newly elected President Abraham Lincoln. That deliberate treason led to the American Civil War.

Have Americans been cleverly deceived and divided?

by Pastor Earl Wallace

In Mark 8:5, Jesus “cautioned us, saying, “Watch out; beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod” who represented both the politically correct religion and the politicians of Jesus’ day.)”Leaven” is a pervasive influence that modifies and transforms our view of things.

If we were to remove the leaven of the label Democrat, Republican, conservative, libertarian or any other political identifier from in front of the name of a public figure, would we discern that that person is advocating for policies that support or violate the word of God?

America’s Founding Fathers explain in The Federalist Papers that they did not want Americans to be split into political parties they called “factions.”Alexander Hamilton wrote Federalist Paper No. 9, which he titled: The Union as a Safeguard Against Domestic Faction and Insurrection.  In it he says “From the disorders that disfigure the annals of those [European] republics the advocates of despotism have drawn arguments, not only against the forms of republican government, but against the very principles of civil liberty. They have decried all free government as inconsistent with the order of society, and have indulged themselves in malicious exultation over its friends and partisans.”

Where did Alexandria come from and who is telling her what to say?

AOC’s Green New Dealis a blatant power grab by the globalists

Dawn Hoagland – March 24, 2019

The Green New Deal, a non-binding resolution, introduced by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), the newly elected representative of the 14th District of NY, proposes guaranteed access to clean water, a 100% green energy power grid, upgrading every building in America to meet green energy standards, free higher education, affordable housing, a guaranteed job with benefits, and universal healthcare to be provided by the government for all Americans within the next ten years.

Every kind of green renewable energy has massive limitations. Each one is dependent on sunshine or wind or space which is not always available. Coal, oil, and natural gas have provided the energy that fueled the Industrial Revolution and presently powers our technology based lives. Electricity is a beautiful thing. God gave us reason, logic, and creativity which we used to invent electricity to benefit mankind.

Elon Musk is doing his best to actually produce an electric car in the next three years that can hold a charge for many miles, deliver the speed, safety and comfort that people expect—all for about $25,000. Can most people be driving a Tesla or some other electric car in twenty years? Maybe. It is an ambitious goal but one that is in the realm of real things that could happen.

Nigeria’s Christians slaughtered by Boko Haram amid western media silence

by Douglas Burton – March 20, 2019

Terrorists of the group Boko Haram in Nigeria took over the town of Michika  town of Michika in Nigeria’s far eastern state of Adamawa, Monday, burning buildings and exchanging fire with government troops, according to Nigerian wire services and eyewitnesses interviewed for this report. The attack began at 7:30 p.m. in Michika and continued for hours with an unknown number of casualties, although initial reports mentioned “scores killed.” Nigeria’s 115 Task Force Battalion from nearby Lassa in Borno State was quickly dispatched and intercepted the terrorists, killing scores of them and causing “heavy casualties,” according to a press statement from an Army Public Affairs officer in the capital of Abuja.

“I heard bomb blasts and lots of stray bullets,” said Father Peter John Wumbadi, head of St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Michika, in a cell phone call Monday night. Wumbadi said the hail of stray gunfire motivated him to pack six of his teenage students at the parish school into his SUV and drive past burning buildings and crowds of panicked citizens running for cover in the local bush.

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