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4/21/2020 – The people of the world have entered the fifth month of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many of the American people are becoming concerned and agitated — at least those who realize they need to earn a living. Many other Americans seem to be falling in love with the “Socialist Nanny State” efforts of the Left and “Social Democrats.” In the various realms of our society. The entire world population seems to be walking upon a tightrope at this point in time.  

It seems undeniable that the United States, as well as the other nations of the world, are being held captive to a virus that is incredibly contagious. Yet, recent studies begin to question this premise, and COVID-19 may be about as contagious as the common flu – which for the 2019-2020 “flu season, the CDC, last year, had projected between 24,000- 62,000 deaths in the U.S. Current death tallies in the U.S. are over 40,000 lives lost.

Slowly, seemingly ever-so-slowly, the truth is coming into the light. President George Washington once professed that “Truth will ultimately prevail where there are pains to bring it to light.” Unfortunately, when truth is distorted, hidden or purposely buried, it will take great pains to uncover it and expose it to the light of day. CSN strives to bring into the light that which has been hidden. We will continue to peel away more “layers of the onion.”

In this Tuesday’s edition, based upon concerns presented in last week’s articles and videos, I offer a simplistic overview of the issue of accountability for the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Brian Anderson of DefCon News exposes the Democrats’ fake outrage over the defunding of the World Health Organization and their coverup of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Michael Lewinski takes a step back with a broader vision and examines how this time may be viewed from a long term perspective.

Executive Editor, Don Rosenberg provides another, closer to real time perspective with a look at “Life After Coronavirus.” He projects to readers some realities to consider due to the way the COVID-19 Pandemic has seriously changed our ways of living.  

Additionally a contribution from writer Caleb Backholm on “The struggle of social distancing and service,” brings up a Christian perspective in relation to the shut down and how it impoverishes the nation in ways only a Christian may comprehend. His article originally appeared on the My Faith Votes website: https://www.myfaithvotes.org/articles/the-struggle-of-social-distancing-and-service

A special suggestion is made to check out the video of the FOX News interview with Dr. Ben Carson on his positive outlook.

Accountability for Death and Destruction 

By Dennis Jamison 4/21/2020

As the people of the world confront the COVID-19 Pandemic going into the fifth month of dealing with this deadly virus, it is undeniable that America, as well as the rest of the world, is held captive to a virus that is incredibly contagious, and people are requested to, or required to, obey their respective local governments’ methods of limiting the spread of this strain of the coronavirus. Yet, because the majority of the people of the world have such a focus on the pandemic, and due to the internet a connected or interrelated focus on the pandemic, there is now common cause among all of the people of the world.

In the event a single death of an individual is caused by carelessness or by negligence, it is cause for concern, and usual cause for a lawsuit. I am certain the multitude of those attorneys in the United States formerly known as “ambulance chasers” would agree. In addition, I would also imagine that those attorneys on the corporate legal teams who file lawsuits against the corporate giants who do collective harm to the public would also agree. So who is responsible in a global pandemic? And if there were no accident that caused such havoc, what then? if it was not an accident that caused such widespread death and destruction, where lies the accountability?

Outraged Democrats Prove Trump’s Point in Pulling WHO Funding

By Brian Anderson, Courtesy of Def-Con News 4/15/2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) not only believed China’s lies about the coronavirus, they helped the communist country cover it up so it could spread throughout the world, infecting millions. Last Tuesday, President Trump, citing failures and a cozy relationship with China, suspended U.S. funding for the WHO until some serious reforms take place in the organization. Naturally, because Trump did it, Democrats are outraged and because they are Democrats, they don’t even realize that their outrage proves the President’s point.

The United States gives almost $1 billion to the WHO every year, accounting for 15% of its budget. China, by contrast, gives $86 million annually to the WHO, which is a quarter of one percent of the organization’s operating cost. For some reason, the WHO favors China, not the U.S.

A Dark Pall Abounds in These Times

By Michael J. Lewinski  04/12/2020

America will experience sweet, strong, glorious times, which will be absent fear and dread. First, however, we will have to experience dark and ominous times. Times of danger and times of loneliness. They will be times of opportunity and times of risk.

This is the story about a virus that took down the most prosperous economy Americans have ever experienced. This is about the lives of the people who have been upended by the CCPvirus. This is also a story about the renewal of American society. It will be a story admired by the world 200 years from now, just as the American Revolution is admired today.

It is a story about how America lost its soul. It is about families that are broken and broken up from sickness, drug abuse and murder. This story is about political and corporate corruption that harms the American public. This is about the abuse of Americans’ civil liberties. It is about religious liberty, the right of assembly, gun rights and their abuse.

Life After Coronavirus

By Don Rosenberg, 4/13/2020

We are finally starting to turn the corner on the pandemic. That is good news, but the cost in lives and to our economy has been very high.

It is important that we all get back to work as soon as possible. I’ve made some notes in another article this week on the best and most sensible approaches to do this.

As our economy is started back up, there are other aspects of life in America that will need to change. If we make these changes thoughtfully, we will be able to resist future pandemics and be in a stronger position than before.

The struggle of social distancing and service

By Caleb Backholm 4/21/2020

2020 has introduced a new term to our social lexicon — “social distancing.” And it turns out social distancing is a really destructive response to a really destructive disease.

Stay-at-home orders (social distancing) are like chemotherapy treatment. It’s a poison to our communities, and because we’re desperate, we do it hoping it’ll kill the cancer before it kills the patient. The critical question we are left asking is if social distancing is more or less destructive than COVID-19.

As of now, we aren’t taking our full dose of social distancing, because we already know what would happen. Imagine closing our hospitals, grocery stores, manufacturing plants, and trucking companies in order to achieve maximum social distancing. Much of the country would be “dead” within weeks, both figuratively and literally. It would be worse than COVID-19. So we don’t apply social distancing to all businesses for the risk of destroying our economy and ourselves.

But looking ahead, even our current balance isn’t sustainable.

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