CSN Newsletter 4/22/2021 – Reshaping America, A Red State Manifesto

CSN Newsletter 4/22/2021 – Reshaping America, A Red State Manifesto

4/22/21 – The Derek Chauvin trial and the recent verdict serves as an intelligent litmus test for American justice. Intelligent people should ask the question whether or not the United States is a place where someone charged with a crime can still obtain a fair trial. Regardless of Party politics, one needs to seriously re-examine our system of Justice in all honesty and sincerity. That is “Justice” with a capital “J.” Does it still exist? One must ask: How much interference with the jury trial was there with the demonstrators in the streets, the mainstream media extravaganza (which essentially put the officer on trial   in the public arena), or the public officials providing their self-serving, or Party-serving, rants on social media platforms that pander to only one political perspective of reality or one political ideology?

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America in Crisis: A Red State Manifesto to Defend the Nation – And Our Rights

By Richard Moss, MD – April 19, 2021 As the Left grows ever more aggressive and imperious, the Republican Party at the federal level remains as feckless as ever.  It will fall to red states, therefore, to push back against the…

Justice For All – Who Commit Crimes Against the People!

By Dennis Jamison — April 22, 2021 The old guard Democrat leadership seems quite pleased with the verdict in the wrongful death of George Floyd. They weighed in on a number of occasions to affect the outcome of the deliberation of the jurors, which in other…

Hostile takeover of America – (Un)lucky 13?

By A. Dru Kristenev —-April 17, 2021 War is fought on multiple fronts and the effort to keep America a republic is under assault from all sides… and borders. In one day this week, Congress undertook introduction of radical legislation to accomplish what amounts to a hostile takeover of…

Redefining “Infrastructure”

By Jim Bratten – 4/12/21 As we see all too frequently, when Progressives have difficulty winning over opinion to favor their policies, they simply change the definition of the words describing the issue, policy, or program. “Words mean things,” to quote Rush Limbaugh, but in Progressive La-La Land words are fluid –  a…

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From FOX News: Ben Carson on Chauvin trial – Identity politics drive ‘stakes of division’ – 4/19/21    

From Project Veritas: PART 1: CNN Director ADMITS Network Engaged in ‘Propaganda’ to Remove Trump from Presidency … ‘Our Focus Was to Get Trump Out of Office’ … ‘I Came to CNN Because I Wanted to Be a Part of That’ – 4/13/21

From FOX News – Hannity: Hannity reacts to Biden’s call for Americans to ‘protest with purpose’ – 4/20/21   

From The Blaze: Ocasio-Cortez declares Chauvin guilty verdict not enough: ‘It’s not justice!’

NEWS – 4/20/21

From FOX News: AOC called out over response to Chauvin verdict – 4/21/21

From FOX News: Leo Terrell exposes Democrats’ ‘big lie’ after Derek Chauvin verdict – 4/21/21

From High Intensity Health: Top 3 Causes of Death in 2020: Where’s the outrage over this? – 4/18/21

DarkHorse Podcast Clips: Former BLM member on Jordan Peterson, Evergreen & Ta-Nehisi Coates (Brittany King & Bret Weinstein) – 4/17/21

Recommended Reading…

From New York Post: Ben Carson on Chauvin trial – Identity politics drive ‘stakes of division’ – 4/19/21             

From The Daily Caller: Senate Passes Sweeping Bill Aiming To Crack Down On Hate Crimes – 4/22/21

From The Daily Caller: FITTON: Schiff’s Secret Subpoenas – 4/20/21

From LifeSitenews: Police refuse to comply with order to question people leaving home, Ontario gov’t backs off – 4/19/21

From The Daily Caller: Seven House Republicans Pledge To Deny Donations From Big Tech Companies – 4/21/21

News From Arizona – From The Epoch Times: Arizona’s Maricopa County Delivers Ballots, Equipment for 2020 Election Audit – 4/22/21

News From California – From The Blaze: Longtime Hollywood Foreign Press president circulates article branding BLM a ‘racist hate movement,’ faces serious backlash – 4/20/21

Review> From NPR: Supreme Court Rules For Worshippers And Against California COVID Restrictions – 4/10/21

News From Georgia –  From The Epoch Times (w/ video): Man Armed With ‘AK-47’ Opens Fire on Georgia Deputies – 4/18/21

News From Illinois – From The Epoch Times: University Math Professor Indicted for Hiding Support From China

News From New Mexico –  From The Blaze: Albuquerque police take defiant stand after leadership disciplines officer: ‘There is no morale’

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