CSN Newsletter, 4/23/2020 Looking Behind Covid-19, Coronavirus Rules to Live By

CSN Newsletter, 4/23/2020 Looking Behind Covid-19, Coronavirus Rules to Live By

From Our Founder… 4/23/2020

This Thursday’s edition will be our second week with two news editions, and we are happy to provide this expanded effort for our readers. The issues of the day involve many that are associated with a domestic as well as a foreign threat to the Republic, an invisible threat as well as many that are quite substantial. We now are opening up one more news day edition, as we begin our postings on Thursdays as well as our normal posting day on Tuesday. We will now have three editions, to address the increasing complexities of the issues citizens need to be aware of in such trying times. Additionally, our new Sunday edition will focus on a more spiritual message because “for lack of vision the people perish.”. Truth and expression of genuine sincerity from our writers is still one of our underlying imperatives in offering the articles and commentaries we provide.

There is a lot of information to be on top of to stay well informed. Especially, with regard to the Covid-19 issues because they cannot be avoided, and the governmental response affects our lives directly. And, the American people are slowly becoming more educated, becoming more concerned about what is real and what is not real with regard to the pandemic, and they are also becoming more agitated. Those recent demonstrations in various states seem to be the people reacting to an overreach on the part of a number of governors, who seem to be trying  on their tyrant-type uniforms with their various lockdown mandates. 

But also, it is still an election year, and several issues need to be addressed — such as those governors, who seem to be trying on their tyrant-type uniforms. CSN writers and editors work to provide clarity in a sea of disinformation, fake news, and false narratives that come from the MSM. Our mission is to help citizens of the grassroots to stay informed through ordinary citizens who are not spewing out what they are told to propagate by those who pay their salaries. CSN writers are regular people within the community, who represent a realm of the grassroots who have as much to gain, or to lose, as everyone else – especially if we could lose our precious freedoms, and that is something all Americans should be concerned about. 

“We the People” do have a great deal to lose. One can see that “business as usual” has now been redefined. We are hostage to an invisible enemy, but it is not necessarily Covid-19. With an increase of outrageous mandates from the governors, there is a real danger due to fear, or   a pretense of fear, or a utilization of people’s fears. Fear and ignorance have been consistent handmaidens to tyrants throughout time. The Citizen Sentinels Network is the watchmen and watchwomen to make sure American citizens have the truth and accurate appraisals of today’s events. We absolutely believe that the price of Liberty is eternal vigilance.    

In Tuesday’s edition, we presented information reiterating that the United States, as well as the rest of the nations in the world, are being held captive to a virus that is incredibly contagious and deadly. Recent studies begin to question the premise of how contagious and deadly COVID-19 actually is. And as a measuring stick, for the 2019-2020 “flu season, the CDC had projected between 24,000- 62,000 deaths in the U.S. Current death tallies in the U.S. for COVID-19 are over 40,000 lives lost.

Today, we are offering an article from a new writer dealing with exactly the developing realization that the COVID-19 situation may not be what we have been led to believe. Prof. Andrew Combs looks more intently at the science behind the numbers in his “Musings on COVID-19. It simplifies the issues so we can wrap our heads around them.

Executive Editor, Don Rosenberg provides a glimpse into the Chinese propaganda that is flooding through the social media sites. The article reveals that the information circulating through social media channels may not be what it appears to be. CSN has posted media links that express this reality.     

Brian Anderson of DefCon News, also offers an example of the latest propaganda coming from our very own American propaganda outlets, in his “Doctor Fired For Opposing Coronavirus Drug Touted By Trump.”  

And since we know that Russian propaganda struck at the heart of the 2016 elections, why would people think that the Chinese Communists, or MSM sympathizers would not put out their propaganda for the 2020 elections? We do still cover the elections! We offer two articles about high profile endorsements for Joe Biden. An older article from Judi McLeod, an award-winning journalist and Editor of Canada Free Press, examines the Obama endorsement. And a second article from Brian Anderson of DefCon News, takes a look at the Bernie Sanders’ endorsement.  

We are also offering a recent discovery unearthed by an accomplice, or colleague of CSN writer Karen Cacy, who has detailed “The Unofficial Rules for COVID-19.” We offer this information as we have it in good authority that “Using humor is just how people cope in grim circumstances, and it’s a very healthy response,” says psychologist April Foreman. So take it with a grain of salt, or whatever is close in case you cannot find salt these days..

A special suggestion is made to check out the video from Newsmax revealing that the Obama Administration gave $3.7M grant to the China Virology Lab.  

Musings On Covid-19

By Dr. Andrew Combs 4/23/2020

Everyone should take a look at this (somewhat scary and hopefully over-the-top) article by Joel Gilbert published in “The American Thinker” — Is Maoist America Here to Stay?

In a “what the heck just happened?” piece (though not in jest), Gilbert describes what is going on all around us in the US – a nation catapulted into a shutdown of our society resulting in widespread violations of fundamental civil liberties, carried out by many throughout government and society at large who seem to feel entitled to arbitrary and unlawful tyrannies.

And, all of this happened out of fear of a virus.  By believing in the advice from medical experts such as Drs. Fauci and Birx and those from the CDC, based on models yielding erroneous apocalyptic predictions (due to reliance on unreliable data), I believe President Trump has blundered into a very dangerous place. It is because in the US we have followed the Chinese totalitarian model of “forced mitigation.” This method defers infections (thus deaths) in the near term while it avoids solving the virus problem (inevitable infections from a highly contagious respiratory pathogen) in the long term.  Its purpose was to avoid overwhelming the health system (and buy time to develop a good vaccine), but it has cost us our civil liberties as a side-effect – relative health safety at the price of transient totalitarianism.

The forced mitigation model stands in stark contrast to the more benign Swedish model which is based on the guidance of their chief epidemiologist Anders Tengell, an approach echoed in a NY Times Op-Ed by Dr. David Katz of Yale University.  Mitigation in this model is “surgical”, not the “scorched-earth” policy we have in place.  It focuses on allowing the disease to spread while protecting the vulnerable, who seem to be largely confined to the elderly and those with existing poor health.

China Propaganda Discovered to be Rampant on U.S. Social Media

By Don Rosenberg 4/23/2020

Did your friends text you in the last few weeks with dire warnings about a pending “national lockdown” to be carried out by Government Troops? Did you see posts or tweets from friends who claim “My sister has a friend in the National Guard and he’s telling her to get ready for a nationwide shutdown?”

If you were skeptical about these claims, a recent article by Mark Moore of the New York Post exposes what we already suspected, the Chinese government has been extremely active in trying to spread disinformation to the United States and the rest of the world. By using hacked twitter and facebook accounts, and by setting up fake ones, they are not only trying to avoid the embarrassment of their involvement with the release of the coronavirus, they are actively trying to foment fear, panic and unrest in other countries through a coordinated campaign.

What’s more, Russia and Iran are cooperating.

According to the article…

The disinformation is then picked up and magnified by each country, sending the false information reverberating across social media platforms, where the repeated claims are given credibility.

In mid-March, messages that the Trump administration was ready to lock down the entire country began to appear on Americans’ cellphones.

“They will announce this as soon as they have troops in place to help prevent looters and rioters,” warned one of the messages, citing a source in the Department of Homeland Security. “He said he got the call last night and was told to pack and be prepared for the call today with his dispatch orders.”

Fake News Lie Of The Day: “Doctor Fired For Opposing Coronavirus Drug Touted By Trump”

by Brian Anderson courtesy of Def Con News – April 22, 2020

From the second Trump said the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine showed promise in treating patients with coronavirus, the liberal media and democrats have been using it to attack the President. They’ve ignored international studies showing the effectiveness of the drug, they tried to blame the death of a man who drank fish tank cleaner on the President, and now they are saying a doctor was fired for opposing Trump’s hope in the drug. Like everything else, this is more fake news.

The New York Times sounded the alarm:

A doctor who led a U.S. agency helping to develop a coronavirus vaccine says he was removed because he questioned the promotion of hydroxychloroquine, a drug endorsed by President Trump without rigorous vetting.

The doctor in question is Rick Bright who was the director of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) and as the deputy assistant secretary for preparedness and response.

The Return of the Obamas—Who Never Went Away—To Steal Election 2020

By Judi McLeod ——-April 14, 2020

Loudly tooting the horn for the so-called return of President Barack Obama to politics today comes the all out duplicitous Fox News.

Former President Barack Obama formally endorsed Joe Biden – his vice president and running mate through two terms and presidential campaigns – in the looming race against President Trump, stepping off the sidelines after withholding support for any candidate for months. (Fox News, April 14, 2020)

“Multiple sources familiar with the situation confirmed to Fox News that an endorsement video from Obama will be released later Tuesday.

“Another source told Fox News, “Stay tuned,” when asked about a looming endorsement for Biden.”

Notice how “multiple sources” and “another source” somehow never get named in the Fox story?

“Obama’s past reluctance to back Biden even as the former vice president came closer to the nomination had raised awkward questions about their relationship, but those close to the former president had suggested he was keeping his distance so as not to meddle in the primary process.” (Fox News)

Embedded video

Sanders Endorses Biden By Saying Republicans Are Not Americans

“We are in a terrible moment, an unprecedented moment and I know we share the understanding that we gotta go forward, right now and out of this in an unprecedented way to address the terrible pain that so many of our fellow Americans are feeling,” started Bernie.

He used the word “unprecedented” twice in that same sentence, which is something without precedent, but he claims to be concerned with “our fellow Americans.” The thing about that is, not everyone meets his standard for being an American.

“Today, I am asking all Americans — I’m asking every Democrat, I’m asking every independent, I’m asking a lot of Republicans — to come together in this campaign to support your candidacy, which I endorse,” said Bernie.

Ok, he starts out by calling on all Americans, and then clarifies who they are. Every democrat is an American according to Bernie. Every independent makes the cut in Bernie’s book. However when he gets to Republicans, many of them are Americans, which means that he thinks many are not. What’s his estimated breakdown? 50/50? Maybe worse at 40/60?

 (Copied version – from a highly protected inside source)

This clearly explains everything we need to know!  

1. Basically, you can’t leave the house for any reason, but if you have to, then you can.

2. Masks are useless, but maybe you have to wear one, it can save you, it is useless, but maybe it is mandatory as well.

3. Stores are closed, except those that are open.

4. You should not go to hospitals unless you have to go there. Same applies to doctors, you should only go there in case of emergency, provided you are not too sick.

5. This virus is deadly but still not too scary, except that sometimes it actually leads to a global disaster.

6. Gloves won’t help, but they can still help.

From Newsmax(w/ video): Obama Gave $3.7M Grant to Sketchy China Virology Lab – 4/19/20

From Townhall(w/ video): Navarro Explains What Should Disturb Americans the Most About China’s Behavior – 4/20/20

From Lockdown TV:  Why lockdowns are the wrong policy – Swedish expert Prof. Johan Giesecke  – 4/17/20

From the Hoover Institution: Kicking and Screaming: WSJ’s Kim Strassel on the Media vs. Trump – 4/14/20

From MyFaithVotes: Governor Mike Huckabee joined our CEO, Jason Yates of My Faith Votes to discuss the government’s response to COVID-19, the economy, and the elections – 4/14/20

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