CSN Newsletter, 4/28/2020 – More Perspectives on the Coronavirus

CSN Newsletter, 4/28/2020 More Perspectives on the Coronavirus

From Our Founder…

Within the past month, more reliable studies, based on more accurate data have emerged from a number of places in the world that have questioned the underlying premise that COVID-19 is as highly contagious as initially claimed. It is becoming clear that COVID-19 may be no more deadly than the common flu. In last Tuesday’s edition, we revealed the CDC had projected for the 2019-2020 “flu season… between 24,000 – 62,000 deaths in the U.S.” Recent death tallies in the U.S. now indicate between 45,000 and 54,000 lives lost (depending upon the source).

CSN strives to bring to our readers accurate and up-to-date information on the disease that has shut down the United States in several ways. We will also continue to pursue the top stories of this “one-of-a-kind” election year. Thursday’s edition presented articles that revealed the propaganda that has been dumped into the social media streams, and the misinformation, or disinformation coming from our mainstream media propagandists. In reality, the propaganda being fed to the American people come from many sources, and the American  citizen lives in an ocean of information. It is the way we live in this “information age.” But all the information is not healthy — just like all foods are not healthy, or certain life habits are not truly healthy. 

Accurate and honest information is key to one’s stable mental health as well as one’s total well – being. Those of us in the highly socialized “civilized” world need to find good sources of honest dissemination of information for the sake of the entire society, and our network of writers, as well as those who provide information in other reports we provide are concerned about the whole of the nation’s well-being, and the different people throughout the world. 

This week, I offer an article that provides an example of how media manipulate people’s general good nature, or good inclinations. In March, I introduced the idea of “media distancing” based on our current training of social distancing from one another. The article is an example of why U.S. citizens should practice “toxic media avoidance.” 

Along those lines of logic, writer Kendra Miller provides a similar perspective in how to be better informed in the sea of information. She is a professional and has a position in which she reviews the glut of information that is being dumped into the U.S. at this particular time. She writes from first-hand experience and with authority.

This week, we also welcome a new writer to the CSN network of writers, Linda Rost. I helped to  campaign for Linda Rost in Santa Clara County (before the lockdown) by walking precincts and hanging door knob flyers in our area. She was elected to the GOP Central Committee, and is now a good friend as well. She is writing from a common sense, grassroots perspective that is quite simple logic. Mrs. Rost is also a business professional, and although she is a new writer, her words are truly worth reading.

With a shift away from the COVID-19 reverberations, writer Kevin McCarthy delves deeply into the relationship between God and the U.S. Constitution. In as much as any single article could provide a cogent synopsis of the dilemma facing the citizens of the United States with regard to the secularists and socialists, this is one to read and digest most carefully.   

On another divergent shift, writer Charles Rein offers a book review of  Ed Husain’s book, “The Islamist.” The Muslims of the world have just begun their observance of Ramadan, and this article provides a glimpse into Husain’s journey, which is also a warning to the West about how a radical Muslim extremist could come into being. Rein also explains that We need to beware of extremism ideology in all forms – radical Islam, radical Christianity, tribal political parties, and the like. Ed might have saved himself grief had he been aware of this quote by the Prophet Muhammad, “Beware of extremism in religion; for it was extremism in religion that destroyed those who went before you.” It could just stimulate one to pick up a copy of Husain’s book.  

A special suggestion is made to check out the video of today’s FOX News report on the infection rate of COVID-019 being widely under-reported.

Dennis Jamison

Practice Safe-Distancing from MSM Parroted Chinese Propaganda

By Dennis Jamison – April 28, 2020

Parroting of propagandists in Communist China is fairly easy; one just copies and pastes.

In mid-April, after many officials in the United States started raising concerns about the origins and responsibility for the COVID-19 Newsweek posted an opinion piece by Kerry Brown, who seemed to be making every effort to qualify as a Chinese propagandist. Mr. Brown wrote as if he were well-informed about the issues surrounding the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, but his article revealed more about Brown himself than about the realities relating to China and the origins of COVID-19. Newsweek is not the same caliber as it was before it was sold by the Washington Post for $1.00 to Mr. Sidney Harman.

The article was titled ‘China Hawks Are Calling Coronavirus Their Smoking Gun. Don’t Buy It’. The purpose for the article seemed to be to dissuade intelligent people from believing that China should be held accountable for such a deadly pandemic. Brown was overtly postulating a ridiculous premise in his opening line “Despite all the accusations over the past few years, it’s proved hard to truly nail China for evil intent.” The real question would be: hard for whom? It is definitely hard for Chinese sympathizers to find fault with China for their human rights violations over the course of their history. It is extremely hard for the Chinese propagandists to acknowledge the Chinese Communist extermination of their own people.

Getting the Facts on the Coronavirus

By Kendra Miller 4/26/2020

There is an incredible amount of information available on the COVID-19 virus, the problem is that some of it is accurate and much of it is not. The mainstream media, recognizing that people ensconced in their homes are watching and reading more than they would normally, are feeding that obsession with inflammatory headlines to capture your attention and draw you into their reports.

It’s important to be informed, but it is equally vital that you get your information from reputable sources, which is harder and harder to do in this current news climate. While social media might be a great way to keep up with family and friends, it may not always be the best source for accurate information. Anyone can post anything at any time and reposting information tends to give it an air of legitimacy even if undeserved. And if you’re just following the soundbites from the mainstream news shows, you’re only getting bites of news without the full context. The medical briefings from the President and Vice President are good examples. If you take the time to watch more than 15 seconds, you’ll have a better understanding of what they are really thinking and saying.

We all Need Money to Live

By Linda Rost, 04/24/2020

Unless you are a criminal who takes without giving anything in return, you earn your money through the act of exchange.  You either trade your time and skills at a job, or you sell something you own. Or your business offers items or services for which other people are willing to pay.  When you take out a loan, you trade the loaned funds for interest. And if you get money as a gift, you offer gratitude, which makes the gift-giver feel good.

Our prosperity occurs in direct proportion to the quantity and volume of transactions in which we earn money in return for something exchanged. Even our states get most of their money when such exchanges occur through property taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, social insurance taxes. As more and more transactions occur, the higher the opportunity to assess fees and taxes.

Most of us hate taxes, but at least the fact that our states’ accounts fill when its citizens prosper keeps our government on the same playing field as the rest of us. We expect our government to create a safe and un-burdensome regulatory environment that promotes business activity so we can all prosper.

God and the Constitution of the United States

By Kevin McCarthy 4/25/2020

It is a rather common assumption that the Constitution of the United States is merely a secular document not bound to immutable transcendent principles. The evidence that is sometimes cited for this assertion is the absence of the mention of God in the entire 7591-word text of the Constitution.

This notion that the Constitution is unfettered from immutable transcendent principles forms the basis for the assertion that the meaning of the Constitution is pliable and can undulate over time to accommodate the changing mores of each contemporary age. It is, of course, the progressive Darwinian assertion that the Constitution is “living and breathing,” and therefore, is constantly evolving.

The early Progressives of the late 19th century openly opposed the founders and their notion that the Creator had bequeathed natural rights to each individual as well as the legal standing, by Natural Law, to claim such natural rights and to oppose any “power of the earth” that would attempt to abridge them.

Book Review: The Islamist

By Charles Rein 4/25/2020

The 12 most humorous words in English are: “Hi, I’m Habeeb. I’m from the Islamic state. I’m here to help”.

Don’t worry. Seriously I don’t know anyone named Habeeb. I just know my neighbor, Mohammed, and he’s an altogether good guy. He’s considerate, he’s safe, he’s a United Airlines pilot.

If you think you have a good sense of humor, try walking through a TSA security checkpoint with a giant banana stuffed down the front of your pants. I haven’t tried this yet, but I did once walk through a TSA airport security checkpoint with a gun in my coat pocket. Full disclosure, it was an accident; it was a toy gun. I strongly emphasize it was NOT loaded and I was 11 years old. This was the same age that the author Ed Husain starts describing his childhood memories. I’ll describe young Ed as a M.I.B. – Muslim in Britain.

From FOX News: Coronavirus antibody testing suggests infections are widely under-reported – 4/28/20

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From FOX News: Ben Shapiro blasts media for playing ‘gotcha game’ with Trump, while protecting Joe Biden – 4/28/20

Review > Hoover Virtual Policy Briefing Victor Davis Hanson: COVID-19 and the Lessons of History  – 4/9/20

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