CSN Newsletter 4/29/2021 – Blindness, Persistence, Perverting Justice, Peace on the Streets?

CSN Newsletter 4/29/2021 – Blindness, Persistence, Perverting Justice, Peace on the Streets?

Joe Biden delivered a speech to Congress yesterday, but it has been said to not be a “State of the Union Address.” CNN was making all kinds of analogies to other non-state of the Union speeches to provide the non-context of the event. One must wonder whether the State of the Union is so bad that Biden and the Democrats are so embarrassed to talk about it that the speech cannot bear that title. It’s either that, or the Union does not exist in the minds of the Democrats as they have already turned the keys to the nation over to the CCP!

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Solving “problems that don’t exist”

By A. Dru Kristenev —-April 27, 2021 That’s what the governor of Kansas had to say about election reform. Citing that there’s no evidence of fraud (that she acknowledges, not that it hasn’t occurred) she vetoed a bill that she said corrected a nonexistent problem. It comes down to believing what you…

Holding the Line on the Recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom

By Dennis Jamison – April 29, 2021 On Monday, the California Secretary of State, Dr. Shirley Weber, admitted that “the requisite number of valid signatures has been reported to our office to initiate the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom.” The link in that sentence takes readers to…

Perversion of Justice

By Jim Bratten – 4/26/21 Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) showed up in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota with her security detail and the usual sneer on her face. “We’ve got to not only stay in the streets and we have got to fight for justice … and I am very hopeful …

How can city leaders reduce officer involved shootings?

By Stephanie L. Mann – 4/23/21 Police are NOT the problem! Police are scapegoats for politicians who don’t want to discuss the breakdown of the family which has dramatically changed our cities. Targeting police and guns are not “solutions” and will do little or nothing to keep…

Our Freedom is on the Line

By Michael J. Lewinski – 4/13/21 Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “…to assume the blessings and security of self-government … That form which we have substituted restores the free right to the abounded exercise of reason and freedom of opinion.” He was speaking about our American Revolution. Coming against our…

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From Lindel TV:    https://lindelltv.com/

From Health & Freedom ConferenceGeneral Michael Flynn – April 16, 2021 Via Remnant

From Health & Freedom ConferenceLin Wood – April 16, 2021 (posted 4/19/21)   Via StillnessintheStorm

From Health & Freedom Conference – April 16, Via CloutHub 2021

From Health & Freedom Conference – April 17, 2021 presentations (some sound problems, but be patient)

From the NoQ Report: Jovan Pulitzer offered $10M to stay quiet about voter fraud – 4/11/21

From FOX News: MacCallum on trends in Census’ Congress redistricting: Never seen ‘people move because of politics’ – 4/27/21

From FOX News: Ingraham: Stop funding the destruction of the next generation – 4/29/21 Review>

From OANN: Houston Doctor Successfully Treated Over 20K Patients With Hydroxychloroquine – 4/16/21

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From The Daily Caller: Sen. Tim Scott Responds To Racist Attacks: ‘They Are Literally Attacking The Color Of My Skin’ – 4/29/21

News From Georgia – From American Action News (w/ video): Mother in Georgia Shreds School Board for Forcing Kids to Wear Masks in Incredible Speech – 4/23/21

News From Michigan – From The Daily Caller: More than 100 teachers call in sick to protest Michigan school’s adherence to CDC protocols – 4/29/21

News From Minnesota –  From New York Post: University of Minnesota student leader urges peers to make life ‘hell’ for cops – 4/28/21

News From New York – From New York Post: Cuomo admin buried scientific paper on nursing home COVID deaths: report – 4/28/21 

From New York Post: Federal agents raid Rudy Giuliani’s NYC apartment in Ukraine probe – 4/28/21

News From Ohio –  From the Hollywood Conservative: Ohio Republicans Propose Renaming State Park After Trump – 4/21/21

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