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Many Americans were recently shocked this weekend by the tragedy in San Diego when a crazy young person attacked the people in the Chabad of Poway synagogue. We all need to thank God that there were good people in the right place at the right time to avert an even bigger disaster. Unfortunately, for those people of faith living outside the United States, the world can be an incredibly cruel place. We offer an article this week about the horrors that occurred in Sri Lanka over the Easter holiday. This indeed is a tragedy of even greater proportion. The article was taken from the My Faith Votes website from another source, but it is the message of what is happening around the world to the people of faith that is truly alarming. But, it should also be a true wakeup call for all Americans, for without the lead of the United States, freedom of religion would be only a remote dream.

The other articles from our own writers this week are diverse, but there is a common thread, and that is the need for America to fulfill the original intent for her birth among the nations of the world: to help all nations to attain the fundamental human freedoms God granted to us.

One article that is only referred to in this edition is an article that Dr. Ben Carson recently wrote about some of his work as director of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. He recently wrote in RealClearPolicy about the substantial strides he is making to fight poverty in a genuine way, with the intent to deal with it on a long term basis and eventually eradicate it. Such an effort represents a conservative commitment to fighting poverty. It represents the opposite of what Democrat leaders have created in the inner cities all across the United States. Please take some time to read the essay using this link.

All of us at the Citizen Sentinels Network are very proud of what Ben Carson is doing as part of the Trump team. We helped him when he ran for POTUS and we do as much as we can to help him in supporting our POTUS, Donald Trump.

Additionally, our ally over at Liberty Christian Fellowship just launched a new FaceBook page titled: “Apply The Bible to Civics.”  Pastor Earl Wallace, who has an article featured this week explains that: ‘It is dedicated not to just highlighting societal problems, but showing specifically how America was founded upon the application of the Bible to civics, which avoided the problems, and still is the solution to them.’  

Check it out…


In 2019, the Citizen Sentinels Network needs help to mount an even more serious challenge to the existing political status quo that is in danger of eroding freedom, not just from America, but of eroding freedom from the entire world. Help us to grow! The very least you can do is to share the articles of the writers whose perspectives you appreciate. Share the articles with those whom you care about. United “We the People” Stand!

Link to Dr. Carson’s article:


Democrat Point Men are Pawns of a Criminal Cabal

Such great injustice needs to be seriously resolved before “justice” can truly be trusted again in America.

By Dennis Jamison

Intelligent American citizens would have thought the Democrat-driven “investigation” into collusion with the Russians to interfere in the United States’ presidential election in 2016 would have finished with the release of Attorney General William Barr’s report on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s diligent efforts. Unfortunately, not all voters are intelligent. Tragically not all voters are even citizens. And despite the best efforts of honest journalists to reveal the truth of whether Donald Trump’s presidential campaign team colluded with the Russian government, it will not matter to low-information, unintelligent, and non-citizen voters in 2020. The Democrat Nefariously-criminal Cabal (DNC) will use this to the degree that they can get away with it.

To stretch the stench of what Democrat leaders hope to tag Trump with on into the 2020 election campaign, the more recent strategy has switched from collusion to obstruction. Now, despite the ¬†Barr report on Mueller’s report, the focus is upon whether President Trump obstructed the flow of justice in the process of the “investigation.” In the spotlight now are the Democrats that have inherited the task of taking down Trump one way or another: Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) and Adam Schiff (D-CA). Nadler is currently the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, and Schiff is currently the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, both genuine ironies.

A Progressive Culture

By Michael J. Lewinski  04/25/19

In his most recent book, “White,” Bret Easton Ellis had his book reviewed by an individual who says he describes millennials as “childish Liberals for ‘demented narcissism.’”

“…White is an all-out assault on American political correctness, the ‘demented narcissism’ of the left, and the ‘childlike fascism’ of today’s millennials who can’t cope with life unless they are embedded in safe spaces and surrounded by a like-minded echo chamber.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Of course, not all millennials fit this description, but sadly, the vast majority do.

The reviewer continued, “Ellis labels these weak-armed keyboard warriors ‘Generation Wuss,’ characterized by ‘oversensitivity, their sense of entitlement, their insistence they were always right despite sometimes overwhelming proof to the contrary, their joint tendencies of overreaction and passive-aggressive possibility.’”

The reviewer further noted, “This is an age that judges everybody so harshly through the lens of identity politics that if you resist the threatening groupthink of ‘progressive ideology….’ If you don’t go along with the Progressives, you will be tagged a racist or a misogynist.”

These are the kinds of problems Progressives bring to us. They not only try to destroy our economy and our system of governance; they attack our culture and produce people like themselves. They promote a culture of death that kills babies in the wombs of their mothers by poisoning or dismembering them, while failed efforts to kill those innocent human beings are left on a table to die. That’s called infanticide.

Religious or Spiritual Values Drive Government Behaviors

By Pastor Earl Wallace

In 2012 in KL Malaysia a jihadist took me to lunch and dinner twice, saying, “You people (meaning Americans) are doomed, because you do not know how to defend your culture.” He explained how every freedom will be used against us. He had me research what they were doing and have done in Europe, and explained how it is going to happen here.

I left those meetings and started researching what formed American culture in the first place.    For if we do not know how it started, we can flail away at the problem, but never get back to the solution. As God kept opening ways for me travel overseas and actually meet and interact with business and government leaders, who represented all faiths I could see the difference in the outcomes they produce in societies. People do not act randomly, but act on values. Values drive behaviors.

Most people derive their values from religion, and because religion is what is most important to people, they and their societies and culture are organized around a response to the core or dominant religion.

Socialism and communism and fascism are reflections of religions. While it is obvious to see   that the religion is one that makes government god. What is less obvious to see is that those countries founded upon such ideologies use or sponsor a version of either Islam, Catholicism and a few offshoots of them that actually have a dictator-like leader, one man at the top, who controls heaven and hell, and ultimately all earthly affairs that determine where one goes when people die.

The controversy of George Washington’s inaugural address

written by Dennis Jamison Apr 30, 2019

SAN JOSE: George Washington, the Father of the Country, would undoubtedly not recognize the United States today. Not only due to the scientific advancements that are existent in almost every corner of the U.S., or the increased population spreading from Atlantic waters to the Pacific.

Washington would not recognize the government as it practiced in this time. Today’s government is quite different from the original blueprint hammered out in the Constitutional Convention.

It is highly unlikely that Washington would win election in 2020.

His opinion of the political parties would have eliminated him from any potential candidacy. Simply, he would resist being controlled by the elite of either party.

It is also possible that the American people would not view a military commander as a “suitable” candidate in 2020.

Furthermore, Washington was a genuinely humble man. That is a rarity today in those seeking elected office. He was a polite man, a genuine gentleman and soft-spoken for a military commander.

Easter Suicide Bombings Kill 290 at Sri Lankan Churches and Hotels

(UPDATED) Christians end Holy Week shaken by coordinated attacks at Sunday morning services and brunches on opposite coasts of the island nation.


Photo: St. Sebastian’s Church after the attack

The joy of Easter quickly turned into terror and grief for Christians in Sri Lanka this morning, where suicide bombers conducted coordinated attacks on three churches and three high-end hotels, killing more than 290 people and injuring almost 500.

Officials urged citizens to resist speculating whether Muslim extremists were to blame for the violence, which mostly took place in or around the capital city of Colombo. But police had been warned 10 days prior that churches may be targeted by a radical Islamist group, National Thowheeth Jama’ath, according to a security memo obtained by multiple media outlets and posted on Twitter by a government official.

Experts say if the bombings end up being religiously motivated, they represent the bloodiest sectarian attacks in decades in the island nation, located southeast of India, where civil war ended in 2009.

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