CSN Newsletter 4/8/2021

CSN Newsletter 4/8/2021 – Welcome to Our Bizzaro World

“The United States is being run by criminals who do not follow the U.S. Constitution, and are primarily working with the states that do not follow their own state constitutions. This is evident in several ways. They blatantly stole a national election. They suppressed the information of the stolen election. They are passing legislation to eliminate the less populous states in any future elections. They have run the nation into trillions of dollars of debt — essentially robbed the treasury and the livelihood of our future posterity. They are endangering citizens all across the country at the expense of promoting destruction of our nation’s borders and illegal immigration. 

“The Individuals who want to pretend that it has not happened are still in denial – still stunned from what has happened, or who are too polite to raise an objection are truly not worthy of the freedoms we have inherited.”

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How to Lose Your Freedom: A Disturbing Parable Where You’ll See the Truth

by Craig Huey, 4/7/2021

How are we losing our freedom? About 7 years ago, I told readers about a parable that’s disturbing but filled with truth. It’s called “How to Catch Pigs.”

“Green New Deal, Infrastructure Stimulus?” American Jobs Plan… that’s the ticket!

By Dru Kristenev – 4/4/2021

Barely sneaking legislation past the American People, the democrat party in tandem with the Biden Administration is redirecting attention from wholly unpopular policies by giving euphemistic and deceptive titles to multi-trillion dollar projects.

Bizarro World

By DJ Haugh – 4/5/21

When I was a kid (yes, we had cars and electricity), I used to love to read comic books. Now, they’re called “graphic novels” to give them some class, I suppose. I digress. One of my favorite comics was Superman. I would grab any and every new issue,…

A Curse Upon Us

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From FOX News: Ben Carson asks Dems to explain what’s racist about Georgia voting law – 4/6/21

From FOX Business News: Trump calls to boycott ‘woke companies’ following Georgia voting bill backlash – 4/5/21

From My Patriots Network: General Flynn & General McInerney Warn The American People About Irregular Warfare Happening Now In America! – 4/5/21

From Forbes: Tim Scott rips “cancel culture”: “The cancel culture should be canceled” – 4/4/21

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It!) – Exclusive> From The Epoch Times: Exclusive – ‘Do Not Use Justice for Blacks as Excuse to Destroy This Nation’ w/ Bob Woodson – March 2021


ICYMI > Citizen Voice with Dennis Jamison | Episode 5  (3/29/21)

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News From Arizona –  From Bannon’s War Room (w/ video): Arizona Supervisors, Secretary of State and Dominion Colluding to Try to Block Election Audit – 4/6/21

News From California –  From The Epoch Times: Ms-13 Gang Member Caught Illegally Crossing US-Mexico Border Into California: Border Patrol – 4/7/21

News From Connecticut – Review> From The Covid Blog: Desirée Penrod: 25-year-old Connecticut educator dead one week after Johnson & Johnson viral vector shot – 3/22/21

News From Florida – From CBS Miami: Florida Protest Bill Ready For Senate Spotlight – 4/7/21 https://miami.cbslocal.com/2021/04/07/florida-protest-bill-ready-for-senate-spotlight/

News from Georgia:  From Bannon’s War Room – Episode 851 (podcast): The Managers of Woke Capital … Delta Boycott and Taking Over the GOP From Within (w/ Brent Beecham, Boris Epshteyn, Bianca Gracia, Dan Schultz) – 4/5/21

News From Michigan – From Bannon’s War Room (w/ video): ‘Very Quickly You Can See China Taking Over’: Biden Sells Out American Manufacturing – 4/5/21

News From Texas –  From UPI: Texas bans COVID-19 ‘vaccine passports’ – 4/7/21

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