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4/9/19 – This February, the Citizen Sentinels Network newsletter featured a number of  articles from our volunteer grassroots citizen-journalists who provided their sentiments on the horrors of abortion. Citizens’ responses came as the new Democrat-controlled House of Representatives determined to make funding for abortion a priority in 2019. Right now, there is a serious battle raging in America over the killing of babies by abortion doctors and abortion mills like Planned Parenthood. While Pro-Life advocates have not had a great deal to cheer about recently, the release of the movie Unplanned at the end of March is a strong blow for truth striking against the power of the abortionist propaganda and the pro-murder monster that has perpetrated the concept that mothers murdering their own children is humane.

One of the articles featured in this edition is from Jan C. Potter, which was also featured on the My Faith Votes website. Her article provides a way to do something, if someone would like to take action in the midst of this assault upon life itself. This divisive issue of abortion has haunted America for many decades, but the truth about abortion is increasingly gaining momentum with people of genuine faith and among decent people across the nation. In a recent CSN edition, former Gov. Mike Huckabee issued a warning to Christians: “The Senate could not even come close to agreeing that born-alive babies do not deserve execution. In fact, all… prominent Democratic 2020 Presidential hopefuls joined forces to block the act…. If we cannot protect babies with a law prohibiting the onslaught of infanticide, then we will be on the wrong side of history and it’s only a matter of time before our society slides into an irrepressible decline.”

We agree with Gov. Huckabee, currently the Honorary Chairman of My Faith Votes that “The only remedy for our nation is for Christians to boldly rise up and take action!” Definitely, this is not only a political issue; abortion is a moral issue, and God’s people are being called to do more than just pray. The Democrats have already drawn the line proverbial lines in the sand; so, good people need to rise up and take action, or roll over and allow evil to triumph.

Truly, there is a battle raging for the minds of the American people — a deep and sinister battle for the soul of America, and the world. It is the reason that the Citizen Sentinels Network exists. Our writers are normal everyday American citizens, unafraid to write about their concerns and what they sense is vital. In 2019, we seek to identify and support conservative Christian candidates in the mold of Dr. Ben Carson, with the fighting spirit of Donald Trump. Help us to find them and support them in the fight for life, liberty, and the right to pursue true freedom.

What is a life worth?

By Kendra Miller

In the battle over a woman’s right to choose whether or not a child she carries has the right to live, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of thought given to the possible value of the life that is taken.

Ask a young couple who has been trying to conceive for years about the value of an unborn child. Considering that one round of in vitro fertilization runs somewhere between $12,000-$15,000, plus another $5,000-$9,000 for medications, a couple could spend almost $25,000 dollars trying to conceive what another woman has deemed a worthless inconvenience. In most cases, this is paid for by the couple because only a handful of states require the cost to be covered by insurance.

If they have to go through multiple rounds of in vitro, the cost only escalates, not to mention the emotional toll it takes on them when they discover month after month, that their attempts have been unsuccessful.

The Newest Endangered Species

Judith La Montagne

What do chimps, black spider monkeys, whooping cranes, blue whales, and gorillas have in common? They are all on the endangered species list. Scientists have deplored what man has done to his environment, which has too often led to species loss.  Unfortunately, it appears we must now add another group to the endangered list: homo sapiens. While it is certainly true that the world is currently well populated, the argument is currently being made that when the upcoming generation does not replace those who are aging, as will soon be the case throughout the world, there will be huge economic and social problems for everyone. But that is an argument for another day.

I am not talking just of the lack of interest many couples show in having children, a problem in itself. I am speaking of the current tragedy of killing our young in painful and unconscionable ways. What? This is legal? How can we be so soft-hearted toward pain in the animal world while at the same time indifferent to the pain and loss of abortion. Animal rights defenders, while defending the rights of an animal, express concern when an animal is in pain and, worse, are shocked by when it is euthanized. Rightly so. Yet, so many of the public seem disinterested in the needless deaths and pain of helpless infants. By calling them fetuses, we think we can dehumanize them – a ploy that has been very successful. Some states are now making it legal to kill even after birth. How can we decry the suffering of animals and, at the same time, be so cruelly indifferent to the pain of our own offspring? Don’t they also deserve the right to life and the right to avoid suffering?


What an amazing ultrasound video—my eleven and a half week grandbaby stretching his legs and “jumping” in my daughter’s womb! We could see the tiny heart beating, and it became crystal clear that this little creation wasn’t just a “piece of tissue” but a living being.

That little being inside his mother’s womb is actually a living organism. He just hasn’t fully developed, passed through the birth canal, and exited his mother yet. He would have to cease to live, be killed, destroyed, or caused to die in order to stop developing to his full potential.

Abortion: A Deadly Battle for America’s Soul

God affirmed through the Founders that He endowed us with the “right to life.” He has never endowed us with rights to murder, truly a “right” human beings claimed for themselves

By Dennis Jamison —— April 9, 2019

Immediately at the beginning of 2019, the newly elected Democrats of 2018 took control of the House of Representatives and made known their determination to make funding for abortion a priority in 2019. The Democrat-controlled House immediately passed legislation to that indicated intent to directly support abortions worldwide, as well as the repeal of the Mexico City Policy, which is a U.S. government policy blocking citizens’ funding for non-governmental organizations providing abortion counseling, referrals, efforts to decriminalize abortion, or increase abortions.

The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act
Following the lead of the Democrats in the federal government, various states across the nation took up the battle. New York led the way.  On the 46th anniversary of Roe V. Wade, Governor Cuomo signed the abortion bill that permits abortions up to nine months, provides no stipulation that abortionists be doctors, and offers no protection for babies born alive. The new law also removed abortion from the NY penal code. Essentially, this bill legalizes infanticide!

“Unplanned,” the Movie, Lifts the Veil on Abortion

By Dawn Hoagland
The public has responded to the quiet distribution of “Unplanned” with support and praise. The film, which was shown in 1600 theaters for its opening last weekend, ended up being a box office success. It exceeded expectations despite minimal advertising due to refusals to air the trailer or ads for the film. Word of mouth has been very effective.

Critics have remarked that it is only Christians who are viewing “Unplanned.” Abby Johnson, the woman whose life the film is about, responded to that at CPAC 2019 by saying, “Fantastic! Because if 50 percent of people who call themselves Christians and Conservatives and checked a box on a form that said they were Pro-Life, were actually doing something to end abortion, we would have already seen victory.”

The true story of Abby Johnson’s devotion to her career at Planned Parenthood contrasted with her abrupt reversal of opinion about abortions provides a compelling narrative for the movie. The movie begins with the moment Abby sees a 13-week-old baby on a sonogram screen frantically struggling to get away from the suction tube of the abortionist.

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