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5/12/2020 – This past weekend was the day sent aside to celebrate Mother’s Day. Although it would be hard to cancel Mother’s Day like all the other holidays that have been “vaporized” this year, it would not have included many elaborate plans for those in states still under “lockdown.” 

Yet, the Mother’s Day holiday was overshadowed a bit by the DOJ dropping the case against Gen. Michael Flynn. This was predicted in late April and President Trump assumed that would be happening as the evidence came forth revealing the injustice perpetrated against Gen. Flynn by the Obama FBI. 

To compensate for a limited coverage from our network writers on this major shift in the justice being dealt out by the Justice Department these days, CSN has included a number of articles and video links from other reputable sources in case readers missed some of the initial media coverage. To say the least, this seems to be only the beginning of a deeper penetration into the Deep State and the corruption existing at the core of the federal government.

Of course, Christians, conservatives and patriots know that corruption is not limited to the federal government. I offer readers an article that provides a hard look at Mother’s Day in light of the culture of death existent in America today. 

Additionally, while the COVID-19 Pandemic has been the cause of three quarter of a million deaths throughout the world, and the cause of millions being unemployed in the United States, both Don Rosenberg and Canada Free Press editor, Judi McLeod provide articles that examine Democrats’ potential for stealing an election.

DefCon News contributors delve into the recent revelation that one of the military aides around President Trump has tested positive for COVID-19. The article pnders: “Is The Deep State Trying To Take President Trump Out With A Coronavirus Infection?” And the second article does a bit of fact checking on Joe Biden’s claims of his academic credentials.  

A special suggestion is made to check out all of our videos today. There is a great FOX video of the new White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany.

Dennis Jamison 

Reflections Upon Mother’s Day in a Culture of Death

by Dennis Jamison 5/12/2020

In 2020, Mother’s Day may have a bit more meaning in a broader perspective across the United States and across the world during the global pandemic that has claimed over three quarter of a million lives throughout the world. Mothers are the ones who bring new life into the world, and traditionally the widespread loss of life such as unnecessary wars (or disease epidemics) make motherhood seem meaningless.

Ironically, the seeds for Mother’s Day were planted during just such a time. In the time of the American Civil War, it is likely that thousands upon thousands of mothers in the U.S. questioned their value as over 620,000 boys and men died as a result of the Civil War. During this war, and afterwards, those who were left to pick up the pieces had to deal with the physical loss of sons and fathers, as well as those who were considered what we refer to today as the “collateral damage” — deaths of those who were caught in the crossfire, or in the ravages of war. Such loss of life also creates a deep emotional loss of those loved ones who met such a tragic end. Ending the practice of slavery in all Southern states came at an incredibly great cost; the price of taking responsibility to do the right thing was quite high.

The Real Reason for Continuing the Pandemic Panic Revealed – Voter Fraud

By Don Rosenberg 5/11/2020

The Democrats have finally tipped their hand – their actions to hype a severe flu into a nationwide panic are purely political. Without a strong candidate for President, their chances of beating Trump with his historically successful economy are nil.

Having failed with character assassination, Russia collusion, and a groundless Ukraine phone call impeachment, their only remaining hope is to wreck the economy to keep the election in November as close as possible, and then cheat their way to victory in the swing states.

The first hint was when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to include in the Coronavirus Stimulus bill a rule that would have ordered states to mail absentee ballots to all registered voters, rather than allowing them to require a signed, absentee ballot request form that would be authenticated by election officials before the ballot is mailed to the voter.

As the rest of the country is trying to reopen to save our economy, it’s the Democrats in the House of Representatives and Democrat governors who are leading the way in tactics designed to delay reopening and scare Americans from voting in person.

How Can Obamagate Ever Be Investigated If Mail-In Vote Returns Democrats To Power?

by Judi McLeod – 5/12/2020

With all eyes and ears now focused on Obamagate, who’s left to fight off the Democrat planned Vote-By-Mail November 3 election?

Obamagate reveals that it was then President Barack Hussein Obama who set up the “Russians-stole-the-election-from-Hillary” hoax.  It was anti-American Obama who FBI-framed an innocent General Michael Flynn.

The revelation tells the world who Obama was and is—but will it return Flynn’s had-to-be-sold house to him, or wipe out the heartache and hurt imposed for three and a half years on his family?

Will Obama ever be made to face justice, or has he already, just like his protege Hillary Clinton flown off, free as a bird, to mount other, even more devious plans?

Deflect, divert and distract is what former liar-in-chief Barack Obama is all about.

Is The Deep State Trying To Take President Trump Out With A Coronavirus Infection?

By:  Def-Con News – 5/10/2020

Conspiracy theories are only crazy until they become conspiracy facts. The liberal media assured us it was nuts that the “deep state” was trying to take Donald Trump out, but we’ve seen tons of evidence recently that Obama’s Justice department and loyalists worked very hard to set up the President and his campaign. For some reason, people in Trump’s orbit keep turning up COVID-19 positive, which begs the legitimate question: are these same deep state forces trying to get the President infected as a way of finally taking him out?

As Def-Con News’ Donn Martin pointed out it was weirdly coincidental that one of the first reported cases of a coronavirus infection was at the conservative CPAC convention in early March that was attended by many prominent Republicans and President Trump. Following that, the liberal media went nuts asking why Trump hadn’t been tested as though they had expected him to be infected. Maybe the CPAC case was an attempt to get Trump infected with the disease.

Not long after that, a staffer in the office of Vice President Mike Pence was diagnosed with the coronavirus, and again the liberal media wanted to know why Trump hadn’t been tested. If they can’t get Trump directly, maybe see if Pence can get him infected.

Is “Dementia” a prerequisite to being the Democratic Nominee?

By  Def Con News 5/10/2020

Back in 1988, Biden was bald. Somehow, now he has a full head of hair. Maybe “hanging out” with staffers grows hair, who knows? This gem is from YouTube’s 1988 Road to the White House with Senator Joe Biden filmed when Biden made his first unsuccessful attempt at running for president. In this video, bald Biden tells some bald-headed lies about his academic career. This and his plagiarism scandal derailed his hopes of winning the democratic nomination. Why doesn’t it derail his hopes on try #3? Isn’t he still a liar? Maybe it’s the hair plugs.

In the press conference in the YouTube video, Biden was asked about his academic record. Biden started by telling the reporter, “I think I have a much higher I.Q. than you.” Then he says:

“I went to law school on a full academic scholarship. The only one in my, in my class to have a full academic scholarship,” said Biden.

Fact check: Biden did not have a full academic scholarship at Syracuse law school. He had a partial scholarship.

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