CSN Newsletter 5/13/21 – Doom and Gloom? Or Hope for Our Future?

CSN Newsletter 5/13/21 – Doom and Gloom? Or Hope for Our Future?

For the edition today, I am offering a disclaimer as some of the articles from writers are a bit “doomsday-ish,” but I would hope that readers can look for the good, or what I may refer to as the “gold” within the content of the articles. For those who have “eyes to see,” they will see beyond the pre-packaged, parsed-out, properly sanitized perceptions of political correctness.

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Home Grown, Grassroots, Organic Californian “Recall Mania”

By Dennis Jamison —-May 13, 2021

Spending for de-growth

By Jim Bratten – 5/3/21

In his speech to Congress late last month, Biden laid out his outrageous $6 trillion,100-day spending binge, guaranteed to enslave our posterity in more unfathomable debt and destroy our nation’s fiscal integrity.


A Power Grab

By Michael J. Lewinski – 04/29/21

Biden said, “Boo! It’s about times corporations and millionaires, and billionaires pay their fair share.” What he meant was to stick it to the wealthy – the wealthy institutions and people who invest in research and employ others…


In The Presence of Evil

By Ray DiLorenzo —-May 12, 2021or our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Ep 6:12

History is filled with unheeded warnings of doom, and looming evil…

Here We Are

by Dr. Robert Owens – 5/11/21

For sixty years I’ve tried to warn people that unless we as Americans woke up and started paying attention our listing ship of state was going to crash into the iceberg of socialist authoritarianism.  I held up the freedom and the uniqueness of our Republic, the equality it proclaimed, the prosperity it produced, and the liberty it protected.  I extoled, cajoled, and foretold the coming of this long dark winter of our discontent.  I tried to use reason, satire, and sarcasm and yet … here we are.

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From Lindel TV:    https://lindelltv.com/  

From FOX News: Who’s actually running the show in Biden’s White House? – 5/13/21

From Forbes Breaking News: Rand Paul Clashes With Fauci Over NIH Money To Wuhan Virology Institute – 5/11/21

From FOX News: Rand Paul on ‘explosive’ hearing with Dr. Fauci – 5/11/21

From Forbes Breaking News: GOP Senator Point Blank Asks Fauci If COVID-19 May Come From Wuhan Lab – 5/11/21

From American Thought Leaders (Epoch Times TV): Gordon Chang: A Potential Kinetic War With Communist China? – 5/12/21


American Minute for May 13 by William J. Federer – First settlers to establish a permanent settlement in Virginia this day, 1607. 


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From Citizen Voice – Dennis Jamison interviews Stephanie Mann (5/3/21)

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Gas Prices Expected to Keep Rising in Wake of Colonial Pipeline Attack – 5/12/21

News From Arizona –  From Breitbart: Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Signs Election Integrity Bill – 5/11/21

News From California – ICYMI > From FOX News: California mom denounces ‘academic ideologues’ hijacking ethnic studies – 3/22/21

News From Colorado:  From Market Watch: ‘Amazing’: Pilots, passenger uninjured after midair crash near Denver – 5/13/21

News From New York – From NTD: US Judge Dismisses NRA Bankruptcy in Victory for New York – 5/11/21

News From Texas – From FOX Business News: VP Harris should be dismissed, Biden should ‘step up’ amid migrant surge – LIBRE’s President, Daniel Garza – 5/11/21

From CNBC News: SpaceX reveals first orbital Starship flight plan, launching from Texas and returning near Hawaii – 5/13/21

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