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From our Founder… 5/15/19

5/15/19 – Our articles this week have taken on the Democrats and Socialism. There are some very serious issues that American citizens are currently witnessing in 2019. Karen Hagestad Cacy challenges Americans to take an honest look at what is happening in America that erodes our freedoms. This is a time in which the challenges to American freedom can no longer be ignored. Michael Lewinski explains that Socialism is fraud upon the people. My article is on Venezuela and the horrors of Socialism that fully morphed into a Communist state. Unfortunately, citizens in America are not getting accurate information about the tragedy in this South American nation.

The newsletter also features an article from Audrea Decker, the Communications Director for My Faith Votes. Her article is on the “Equality” Act, and a direct link to her article can be found here:  https://www.myfaithvotes.org/articles/what-you-must-know-about-the-equality-act

The Citizen Sentinels Network is currently working with other patriotic, conservative, and faith based organizations in a network of mutual support. This week we refer readers to two articles with regard to Christian Conservative battles. One link will take readers to an article regarding a victory in Washington State that The Kingdom League International participated in. Another link will take readers to an article on the Camp Constitution website, which deals with the battle they are fighting over flying a Christian flag in Boston.

The victory in Washington State can be found here:

The article about the legal fight over flying the Christian flag can be found here:

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The Democrat assault against Trump is not about Trump, but you

by Karen Hagestad Cacy May 11, 2019

The once prosperous country of Venezuela has been reduced to a country of no medicines, family pets eaten for dinner, and a leader who doesn’t give a damn so long as he has his.

“You’re either with us or you’re against us,” seems to be the power-hungry chant of many of our fellow human beings.

Fortunately, America’s founders were familiar enough with the tyranny of the English Crown to draw up our country’s papers and by-laws equal to the task of marginalizing the evil among us.

Democratic petulant whining does not constitute a “constitutional crisis”

Socialism is a Farce

By Michael J. Lewinski   05/05/19

Socialism is a fraud, a farce. It’s a system in which the people pretend to work and the government pretends to pay them. At least that’s the way Governor Mike Huckabee sees it. We have seen it in Russia. We have seen it in China. We have seen it in Cuba. We have seen it in El Salvador, and now in Venezuela, and soon, here in the USA if the Progressive Democratic Socialists have anything to say about it.

Of course, that isn’t the way it has to be. We can elect Conservative Republicans who support and promote competitive free market capitalism. It just depends on whether more Socialist Democrats turn out or more Conservative Republicans and Moderates turn out and vote.

We certainly have the motivation to do that. Socialism always ends up with the government forcing people to do what they don’t want to do at the end of a gun barrel. Socialists take care of the government leaders and their allies by draining resources from the economy, while leaving everyone else high and dry.

What You Must Know about the Equality Act  

Audrea Decker – My Faith Votes

Equality. It is a word that has helped spark movements and revolutionary change around the globe. It is a powerful word representing opportunity, fairness, and equal rights for every person under the law.

The fight for equality helped free African Americans from the bonds of slavery and segregation to finally allow them to enjoy their God-given human rights and opportunities.

The movement calling for women’s equality helped women gain the right to vote, brought discrimination into the light, and lifted women out of poverty and oppression across the world.

Now we hear the powerful word equality being discussed again, in Washington D.C., local communities, places of business, television shows, and through social media.

This time, however, the word “equality” is being used to describe everything but true equality. Political players, media pundits and community activists have one goal in mind: undermine what God has designed and established – biological sex – and ultimately silence the human right that birthed America – religious freedom.

This new “debate” over equality is perhaps the biggest threat to biblical values that our generation will ever face. It is an aggressive all-out assault on biological sex and gender, basically prohibiting people from acknowledging that God created man and woman – period.

Is Venezuela Becoming Another Vietnam?

The willingness of the U.S. government to fight for freedom around the world is a blessing and a curse

By Dennis Jamison –May 14, 2019

It is becoming clear, as well as ironic, that several prominent American personalities have recently raised their voices against the United States’ support of the people of Venezuela, and the current effort to rid the nation of a dictator who has destroyed his own people. This could be construed as support for the corrupt dictatorship of Communist President Nicolás Maduro. Surprisingly, or not, one of the latest public personalities to raise concerns over the U.S. intervening in Venezuela is Tucker Carlson of Fox News. He almost seems to be on a single-handed crusade as several of his programs have taken this slant. But, it reveals much about Carlson and the “conservative rainbow.” His view is in alignment with the Libertarian realm of the Conservatives.
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