CSN Newsletter 5/26/2020 – Memorial Day Issue

CSN Newsletter 5/26/2020 – Memorial Day Issue

From Our Founder…

This past weekend was essentially the three-day Memorial Day weekend, in which Americans normally honor the fallen veterans who gave their lives that freedom would survive in America and in different parts of the world. We feature a number of videos today with regard to President Trump honoring America’s fallen men and women of the military. In days past, all over America, the Memorial Day weekend would unofficially mark the beginning of summer. People would do fun things with families and friends. This year is different in many areas. The holiday (like many other holidays) was muffled by COVID-19, or the reactions (or overreactions) to it.  

Americans need to deal with the reality of the COVID-19 Pandemic in this country, and many are not too happy that across the horizon, there are men and women in positions of power who are treating the citizens in their states like peasants, and the leaders have morphed into people who do not resemble representatives of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Socialists must be salivating like Pavlov’s dogs in anticipation of some long delayed  gratification. They must be thinking that all they have to do is be patient a few more months and the plum of a nation will fall into their hands. 

On the other side of the political spectrum, citizens are awakening to the realities in which they find themselves immersed — whether they like it or not. But, after awakening, people still need to arise; and, after arising, they still need to take action. There are many patriot groups chattering away on whatever social media channel one chooses to frequent. But taking action requires a different muscle group. Typing clever messages, or complaining about the lockdown, or this governor or that governor is one thing. This may awaken people, but what do people do when they wake up? Do they arise, or do they lay looking at the ceiling? Citizens need to arise and take action in this most critical election year — there will be none other like it in a long time.

CSN writers are offering their articles to educate Americans — to awaken them. But, what of our readers? In the CSN newsletter, we have featured many grassroots organizations attempting to make America a better place. CSN activists are also working to promote and protect citizen candidates and those elected officials who have the best interests of the people in mind. What happens this year will affect America for many years to come. What each citizen does, or does not do, may affect their family’s future for many years to come. It is true that we are all in this together, but the bottom line is that when people may ask of us in the future, what part did we play in the outcome of the 2020 election, a lame defense of sitting on ones hands is hard to  justify.

We began this week with a most unusual Memorial Day, but I offer an article that addresses the fundamental point behind the day to honor those who gave their lives for their country. Memorial Day this year, may have given citizens an opportunity to fully appreciate the value of those who gave their precious loves for the sake of something more precious — for freedom itself.

A guest writer, Ray Di Lorenzo, who we have featured in the past, offers an article he recently wrote for Canada Free Press. It is a great article on standing together, and he expresses key issues clearly. He concludes that “The cure is not dependence no matter how much sugar is     in the pill. If taken, the medicine will prove to be worse than the disease. Standing up together, we will not stand down. We’re going to have to be stubborn…”       

Staying in the realm of medicine, Judith LaMontagne provides a brief analysis of Tele-Medicine in this era of pandemic. She shares some insightful perspectives on the advantages and down side of Tele-Medicine, which she believes is here to stay, regardless.

Author Kevin McCarthy from Virginia, offers an article which delves into the preciousness of life and touches on some of the hidden and horrifying intellectualisms behind killing a fetus, but also killing an a baby who survived an abortion. The topic presents some clear central points, but it is lengthy, and we feature his points in two parts (part 2 will appear on Thursday).

Our contribution from DefCon News today examines Joe Biden’s comments on the “Breakfast Club” radio show in which he said “You ain’t Black unless you support me.” We also provide an article link to a Politico piece revealing that Biden had to attempt to walk that back and lamely apologize for the statement.

We also have a brief article from Indiana’s voice, Michael Lewinski. He offers an insight into a regional issue (Mid-States Corridors project) that he uses as an example of how Progressives in government are “increasingly encroaching on individual rights.” Yes, it is true – even in Red States like Indiana.

A special suggestion is made to check out our videos from the Memorial Day holiday in case you missed what the POTUS was doing on Memorial Day.

Dennis Jamison

Memorial Day 2020: Have those who Fought for Freedom, Died in Vain?

By Dennis Jamison, May 25, 2020

In recent years, Memorial Day in the United States was just another holiday for American citizens to enjoy fun things people did over the three-day holiday weekend, which also marked the unofficial commencement of summertime. It was not considered too seriously across the social spectrum. This year is different. This year citizens are coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic, the various reactions to the virus and repercussions, and realities in states where Big Brother is cracking down on conservatives, and patriots, and people of faith, for the sake of “public health and safety.”

Indeed, Memorial Day this year may be taken much more seriously across the nation—possibly as serious as it was long, long ago. Memorial Day is actually a day to honor the dead. Yet, like the topic of death itself, Memorial Day tends to conjure up issues people would rather not discuss. It used to be easier to throw a party, a barbeque, or take an early mini-vacation as a way of celebrating a three-day holiday with family and friends. Thinking about the deeper meaning of Memorial Day was difficult. If taken seriously, as in days long past, it was a day to honor those who offered their lives for the sake of a higher cause.

Just A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down

By Ray DiLorenzo –May 25, 2020

Does President Trump and the COVID-19 Team (The Team), that he has so depended on, have two different agendas, with different objectives? Is The Team taking orders from Democrats for political purposes? They both have resisted relaxing the lockdown. They both initially resisted taking any action at all. It is no secret that the DNC is using the pandemic to develop and introduce a socialist alternative to recovery. A ‘recovery’ which would keep millions of people from being free and independent. Are they lacing their ‘medicine’ with sugar, making it effectively compelling?

The president firmly believes that fighting the pandemic and putting the country back on course as soon as possible has always been the goal, what he thought everyone, regardless of Party, wanted and was working towards. The president trusted The Team’s medical expertise to make sound decisions he knew would touch millions.

Weighing in on Tele-health

By Judith LaMontagne 5/25/2020

With the onslaught of Covid-19, many things have changed in the healthcare world. There have been profound changes, some of which will, no doubt, remain. Post pandemic, medicine will likely never be the same. It is safe to say that no one has been left untouched.  Tele-health, the newest child in medical care, obviously received a big boost. Few wanted to risk the possibility of an infection inadvertently acquired in a doctor’s office.

In many ways that may be a good thing, but there are also serious downsides. Although I have fortunately not had coronavirus, I have a healthy respect for this epidemic that has wreaked death and destruction to our way of life. I relied on tele-health, myself, when I became otherwise sick during the pandemic. And yes, quite frankly, I was not willing to enter the small hospital/clinic where my doctor practices. Yet, my illness definitely required medication. Tele-health to the rescue!

Life is Precious   (part I)

By Kevin McCarthy 5/26/2020

When we last heard of Alisa LaPolt Snow of the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, she was seen, in a 2013 YouTube video that went viral. The video shows her stammering badly in front of a Florida legislative committee in a poor attempt to answer the question put forth to her:

Legislator (to Ms. Snow): “If a baby is born as a result of a botched abortion, what would Planned Parenthood want to happen to that baby struggling for life?”

Snow: “That decision should be between the patient and the health-care provider.”

Legislator: “Wouldn’t the ‘patient,’ at this point, be the baby struggling for life?”

Biden to Black People: “You ain’t black unless you support me.”

By  Def Con News – 5/23/2020

Joe Biden claims he comes from the black community and grew up in the black church so he considers himself an expert on blackness. One of the criteria, according to Gangsta Joe, is that the only way one can truly be black is by supporting his presidential bid. Biden told urban radio host Charlemagne Tha God, that if he had any questions regarding his support, he is, in fact, not a real black guy. Let’s see if an elderly, rich, white guy telling black people how to be black goes over well with the black community.

Biden did a Skype interview from his bunker with The Breakfast Club host Charlemagne. After claiming that he knows a lot of weed smokers, Biden’s interview got cut short because a voice came on saying that the interview was over.

Serving the Peoples’ Interest

By Michael J. Lewinski  05/17/20

The campaign against the Mid-States Corridors project is an example of the damage Progressives inflict on local communities. Andy Horning who has been a Congressional candidate previously.  He pointed to his concern that government has been increasingly encroaching on individual rights as he was attending a rally in Indy to protest Governor Holcomb’s lock down order.

“No one person in America should have this much power,” he said. “I believe such decisions should be left up to representatives who would more closely reflect the will of their constituents. With all the concern that has been expressed, the importance of our elected officials is critical. They must say no to this project that is destroying lives, dreams and our community.

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