CSN Newsletter – 5/27/21 – This is what “Fundamental Transformation” looks like

CSN Newsletter – 5/27/21 – This is what “Fundamental Transformation” looks like

Today’s Thursday edition provides a focus upon key issues that are plaguing our Free Republic. Some of them are quite obvious, others run more deeply under the surface of the events we are able to observe. The article in last Tuesday’s bulletin serves as a real  good example of an issue that lies below the surface – citizens simply do not know if or even why they should worry about the COVID vaccines. No studies of side effects – for short or long term complications. This is why CSN is cooperating with such a survey to see if there are more widespread detrimental effects because people are simply acting on trust of the manufacturers of the vaccine – even the doctors who recommend it. In case you missed it:  https://citizensentinelsnetwork.com/csn-tuesday-bulletin-5-25-2021/ or go to https://CovidStudy1.com

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Whose property is it? Yours? Mine? No. Theirs…

By Toddy Litman – 5/25/21

The truest insanity and greatest existential threat to the United States of America, is President Joe Biden’s Green New Deal for threatening the entire body of Private Property Rights by any notion of “going off of fossil fuel.”

Fundamental Change

By DJ Haugh – 5/25/2021

Fundamental – adjective: of central importance. One of my favorite Rush sayings was (and I paraphrase), “Words have meaning.” It helps to understand the difference between the Right and the Left. To Liberals, words are a weapon to be wielded to win power. It matters not whether the words are accurate, truthful or meaningful as long as they work to help the Left acquire more power.

“Throwing Fuel on the Fire:” The Source of the Racial Conflicts Today

Craig Huey – May 18, 2021

America has been the land of opportunity and equality. Despite many setbacks, America has constantly moved forward on issues of race, economic opportunity, and helping people no matter what their color. Our country was founded upon what Martin Luther King said, “A person should be judged based upon their character, not their race.” The Attorney General of Kentucky is black, and he said some powerful things every American should hear…

Motivations Behind the Commemoration of the Tulsa Race Massacre: Genuine Reconciliation or Resentment-driven Retribution?

By Jonus Freeman – 5/27/21

Rumor has it that Tulsa, Oklahoma has been targeted for racially-instigated retribution on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Riots. The decent people of Oklahoma, 100 years later, are wondering just what kind of commemoration will take place this weekend in Tulsa. Based on the donations from the “woke” culture of White corporate executives hoping to assuage their thin veneer of guilt for crimes of their ancestors, the contemporary “BLM Brown Shirts” have become very wealthy, stealthy and on the ‘rise.’ …So, this weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is shaping up to be a showdown over an incident, to say the least, that was a despicable demonstration of evil and a clear example of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man that is reminiscent of last years rioting in the wake of the tragic death of George Floyd.

Democrats Cancel Duty, Honor, Country

By Ray DiLorenzo —-May 23, 2021

Our military is quickly becoming a political tool of Marxist socialists, and not even competent Marxists. The Democrats now think of the military as their personal security force. A trip to our capitol will convince you. They openly seem determined to destroy the discipline, purpose, and cohesion of our armed forces.


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American Minute for May 25 by William J. FedererPoet Ralph Waldo Emerson, was born this day in 1803 __________________________________________________________________________

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