CSN Newsletter 5/28/19

Editor’s Note…

This week’s issue has four tributes and two warnings.

Dennis Jamison talks about the Gettysburg Address and its relationship with Memorial Day. Doc Troxel gives an inspiring tribute to his mother Noma, Fr. Pius Sammut tells the story of Victor Frankl, a psychiatrist who survived the horrors of Auschwitz, and Michael Lewinski talks about his home state of Indiana – “Blessed by God.”

Pastor Earl Wallace warns us about Joe Biden and shares how he falsely claims to be “religious.” Our Video View this week is about Amelia Bonow and her new movement to “Shout Your Abortion” as she tries to convince 9-13 year-old children that abortion is “just like a visit to the dentist.”

If you come across videos that either expose the Left and their agenda, or skillfully debunk some of their propaganda, please share them to info@citizensentinelsnetwork.com.

Don Rosenberg – Executive Editor – CSN

May God bless those who offer their lives for the sake of others

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address: A Fitting Foundation for Memorial Day

By Dennis Jamison May 27, 2019

As Americans throughout the United States celebrate Memorial Day today,  it may seem that the “memorial” part has been drained out of the day to remember America’s fallen heroes. If citizens honestly reflect on this current three-day holiday, it may have more to do with relaxing at backyard barbecues, or taking in ball games. It may center around gatherings of family and friends, or spending precious time together with those who matter most. In one sense it is a celebration of life. Yet especially, since September 11, 2001, Memorial Day has taken on a new significance.

In 2019, however, Memorial Day may be celebrated by a majority without much real concern over its primary purpose: to honor the lives of the fallen soldiers who died in service to their country. And through the years, Memorial Day may not have been the most pleasant of holidays due to that purpose. The holiday was originally referred to as Decoration Day because it was a means to mourn the dead. Yet, the topic of death itself is an issue many people prefer not to discuss – a taboo topic—especially when it strikes close to home. Certainly, to those for whom it matters, it is hard to forget. It is hard to deal with, period.

Joe Biden Proves Anyone Can Be “Religious” While Failing To Have A “Relationship With God” That Applies His Bible To Civics. 

by Pastor Earl Wallace

America was founded on the application of the Bible to civics. View “The Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights” at:  http://libertycf.org/1591-2/ to see what I mean.

When each of us obey God’s 10 Commandments, others enjoy the “unalienable rights” to not be murdered (#6), sexually violated (#7), stolen from (#8), lied to or about (#9), nor have our 4-P’s coveted (#10), meaning our persons, people, positions and possessions. Neither the Democratic nor Republican Parties nominate for office people who have a 10 Commandments value system. Thus politicians on “both sides of the isle” routinely write policies that violate God’s 10 Commandments against “We the People.” One side passes regulations violating them against US (pun intended), and when the other side gets power, they won’t reverse it.  The so-called conservative side, runs on the promise that they will reverse sinful policies, but when they get power, they don’t do what they said they would do, which is lying, a violation of 10 Commandment #9.

Her Name was Noma

By Steve “Doc” Troxel, Ph.D.

Her name was Noma, although people kept trying to call her Norma. After her husband’s brother married an actual Norma, Noma would just say, “No. Norma is my sister-in-law.” One time, both ladies ended up in the same hospital at the same time – but they both survived the experience.

Her parents, Edward and Georgia, moved as newlyweds from Alabama to Oklahoma, when fields were fertile and opportunity seemed unlimited for farmers. They had little more than the clothes on their back, a pot for soup, and hope. Then the drought hit, and the Grapes of Wrath Dust Bowl became a reality.

Noma was born in 1927 near Konowa in southeastern Oklahoma. She was the sixth child of the family. She had three older brothers, two older sisters, and one younger sister. Black Friday and the Great Depression would not hammer the rest of the country for another two-and-a-half years, but the drought was already devastating family farms. No rain meant no crops, which meant no money, which meant no way for farmers to pay their mortgages. Banks couldn’t afford to carry those debts unpaid year after year, so lots of farmers lost their land.

A Gift, an Invocation and a Promise

By Fr. Pius Sammut, OCD

In 1997, as the world focused on the deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa, another significant passing went almost unnoticed. Austrian psychiatrist Viktor Frankl died on September 2 at the age of 93.

Search for Meaning 

During World War II, Dr. Frankl was imprisoned at Auschwitz, where he was stripped of his identity as a medical doctor and forced to work as a cheap laborer. All of his notes, which represented his life’s work, were destroyed. His father, mother, brother and his pregnant wife died in the camps. Immersed in this great suffering and loss, Frankl began to wonder why some of his fellow prisoners were able not only to survive these horrifying conditions, but to grow in the process.

A psychiatrist who personally has faced such extremity is a psychiatrist worth listening to. He discovered a link between prisoners’ loss of faith in the future and the dangers of giving up. He emerged from Auschwitz believing that “Everything can be taken from man but one thing: the last of all human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.” The most basic human motivation, he concluded, is the will to give meaning. Give a man meaning and he will survive!

by Don Rosenberg

One of the most disturbing videos I’ve seen recently is Kids Meet Someone Who’s Had an Abortion. It shows “Shout Your Abortion” movement founder Amelia Bonow asking kids aged 9-13 questions about abortion and sharing her own feelings on the topic.

Turns out Bonow is very proud of her abortion and has embarked on a campaign to convince others, including young children, that abortion is an excellent thing. She even has the word “abortion” tattooed on her inside lower lip.

Here’s how she explains the process…

“You go to the doctor, and they put this little straw inside of your cervix, and then inside of your uterus, and then they just suck the pregnancy out… And it was like a crappy dentist appointment or something. It was just like, ‘This is a body thing that’s kind of uncomfortable,’ but then it was over, and I felt really just grateful that I wasn’t pregnant anymore.”

Some of the children weren’t comfortable with her views and actually asked her some good questions.

Blessed by God

By Michael J. Lewinski  05/19/19

Indiana is the best state in the Union. We are a state truly blessed by God, and He has given us very good people. We are a state blessed by a thriving economy. And we are a state blessed by a government that is fiscally competent and responsive to Hoosiers.

Where do these things come from? They come from the good people who live in Indiana. They come from a governor and legislature who are grounded in the real world. They come from U.S. senators and representatives  who support President Donald Trump in defending us against the federal government which has usurped our duties and responsibilities under the U.S. Constitution.

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