CSN Newsletter 5/28/2020 – The Tug of War Facing Our Country

CSN Newsletter 5/28/2020 – The Tug of War Facing Our Country

From Our Founder…

5/28/20 – Our Tuesday edition issue was devoted to Memorial Day, which was Monday, even though it was Tuesday. We are not trying to confuse anyone, but there is something significant here that should be noted. The effort to remember the previous sacrifice of men and women, who died for freedom, should not simply be a mental speed bump. Americans are not living in a normal time. The citizens of the world are not living in a normal period of history. It is a critical time, and many of our writers and those from outside our network, as well as the videos we present each week, indicate that it is a serious time of change or transition. Some articles today, some of the videos will also address that reality. 

It is not a matter of an attempt to frighten people. It is more an attempt to awaken people — and not just people in the United States, but those in other nations as well. The CSN newsletter has readers in South America, in Europe, and in Asia. There is a global yearning for freedom across the planet, and it must be addressed, because oppression exists throughout the world. Citizens in America should be concerned about the fate of freedom everywhere, for if we do not, we will eventually be surrounded by those nations that care nothing for freedom because they are run by tyrants! Brave and brilliant men and women did not give their lives so that freedom would die.

My article today addresses this point, and it is an attempt to help Americans awaken to the reality that we are not just in this COVID-19 zone. But we are all in this together because we are able to lose our freedoms because good people choose to pretend all is okay, or others are able “to handle it.” That is naive. Americans since the days of Patrick Henry’s proclamation of “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” have been willing to fight for freedom. My article asks what of this generation?

Already the Left is not only at work to steal this year’s national election, but also to expand the local swamps in each state where there is a foothold and to create new swampland in contested territory. And, Americans need to bind together and work together (even if they would prefer not to). Recent articles, specifically by former Tea Party leader, Kevin McCarthy, on ‘The Left and Religious Freedom,” pointed out that “The Left will not rest until the “wall of separation” can finally be closed around us on all four sides.” Another article from Tuesday, by Ray Di Lorenzo, examined more comprehensively how longer lockdowns erode more of our freedoms. Di Lorenzo proclaimed:  “Standing up together, we will not stand down. We’re going to have to be stubborn…”

Along those lines of logic, some concerned patriots of Washington state express similar concerns in their take on the reasons behind the lockdowns.  

Additionally, writer Caleb Backholm presents an article that originally appeared on the website of My FaithVotes. He brings the Christian perspective to the difference in views of COVID-19 between the Left and the Right. The original article appears here.

Dr. Robert Owens presents a perspective on President Trump’s ending of NAFTA, and explains why it is all part of a good deal for American and Mexican workers. His question is now, how Big Labor will look on the effort that Trump has made to protect American jobs. 

We also present the second installment of author Kevin McCarthy’s article on Life is Precious. If readers missed the first installment it is well worth the read. One of McCarthy’s truly insightful  conclusions is that: “The evil of abortion is not only the death of a child, it is also an assault on the soul of society…”

We have a special Video Views recommendation to view the independent YouTube video interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits, who exposes Dr. Fauci for contradictions. A second recommendation is to check out Mick Huckabee’s presentation in which he asks “Did China Just Threaten US With COLD WAR?”

Dennis Jamison

United “We the People” Shall Stand — United We Preserve Our Freedom!

By Dennis Jamison –May 28, 2020

In the wake of Memorial Day weekend, usually less a solemn time of year, Americans in days past, would look forward to the beginning of summer. Normally, only a passing flash of a distant memory would be revived through a parade, or a simple ceremony, or even just meeting an old veteran with stories of sacrifice in time of war. Memorial Day is hard because it was born from the death of hundreds of thousands of Union servicemen. Yet, despite those memories, does the sacrifice of countless men and women who died for their country still make an impact in people’s minds?

That there were people who were willing to give their lives for the sake of freedom was born into the DNA of the American people. But does the willingness to sacrifice for others still resonate with the people?

What Is the Real Reason Behind the Lockdown?

by “Some Citizens of Washington State” 5/26/2020

After watching what the radical Democrats are doing at the federal, and state level, we are alarmed. They have used the COVID-19 crisis to shut down everything when we had a thriving country.  They said it was best to protect everyone from dying.  They used the fear factor to control us.  They cannot win the presidency with a thriving economy, so they have tried everything to destroy it.  They are also using this crisis to prevent our organizing and campaigning for President Trump and local candidates.

By having our kids at home, our focus is back on our families and not in what is going on at the state, national and international level.  We are more focused on our family problems, especially since tens of millions of working people have lost their jobs. They have closed all “non-essential businesses,” something not consistently defined. This crashed the economy and led to the passing of at least three stimulus packages that have made people much more dependent on the government, more so than before President Trump was elected.  This makes the Democrats look like the heroes because they were the ones who came to the rescue. Of course, people may not realize that as a result we will go further into debt and our dollar will become weaker. The Democrats know this.  It is another way to destroy our economic system and increasingly control a dependent population for their globalist agenda.

How the Left and the Right View COVID-19

by Caleb Backholm 5/16/2020

Can a virus be political? Recent research suggests many people are viewing the Coronavirus crisis through an ideological lens. Here are a few reasons why politics are affecting how people approach the coronavirus disease.

1. COVID-19 only attacks Democrats.

OK, this answer is a bit tongue in cheek, yet there is also some truth in it. Look at the areas most afflicted by the virus — New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Orleans, Detroit, Seattle — all these areas are heavily Democratic.

It’s pretty unlikely the virus is looking at past voting trends before choosing its victims, but a plausible explanation could be that COVID-19 spreads fastest in high-population density areas, which also happen to vote Democrat. Whatever the reason, it would seem that those with personal experience of the virus are more often Democrats. For many in Republican areas, on the other hand, the negative effect they’ve experienced is that of losing income, or sometimes even a job or business. Perhaps that personal experience is affecting how people see the threat of the virus.

Though plausible, I think there are even more significant explanations for this political divide. Worldview differences are even greater factors.

“The Donald” Trumps NAFTA Boondoggle

by Dr. Robert Owens 5/27/2020

For years labor leaders, America Firsters, and just about anyone who paid attention have railed against the unfair, job killing, economy destroying one-sided giveaway Bill Clinton and Progressive Democrats foisted on America.

NAFTA allowed and by providing economic incentives encouraged large multi-national corporations to outsource not only jobs but also production.  American automobile manufacturers led the way and became the prime example of the offshoring movement.  Back in 1994, when NAFTA first descended on the American worker like a plague, the average American autoworker earned about $36 an hour in today’s dollars. The average Mexican autoworker, meanwhile, earned just $6.65 per hour.

Life is Precious   (part II)

By Kevin McCarthy 5/26/2020

(Note: Part I of this article appeared in Tuesdays edition – 5/26/20. We link back to a point in the article previous to where it ended in that installment)

The killing of a baby is justified because the baby does not meet the Leftist standard of personhood as provided by Giubilini and Minerva. In their view, it is only when a person is able “to make aims and appreciate their life” are they then morally subject to a “right to life” and, make no mistake, those “aims” had better be acceptable to the Left. Can you believe this monstrous illogic? Here is some more from these two dangerous ideologues:

“If a potential person, like a fetus and a newborn, does not become an actual person, like you and us, then there is neither an actual nor a future person who can be harmed, which means that there is no harm at all. So, if you ask one of us if we would have been harmed, had our parents decided to kill us when we were fetuses or newborns, our answer is ‘no’, because they would have harmed someone who does not exist. “

From Christina Aguayo: Judy Mikovits, PhD Exposes Dr. Fauci For Contradicting Himself On Lifesaving Treatment – 5/20/2020

From Huckabee – BREAKDOWN: Did China Just Threaten US With COLD WAR? – 5/27/2020

From National File: VOTER FRAUD: Patrick Howley Interviews Citizen Journalist Exposing Mass Voter Fraud in Texas – 5/19/2020

From FOX News: Coronavirus sparks greater need for food banks across US – 5/28/2020

Review From Washington Examiner (w/ video): A pandemic is the perfect opportunity to restore education – 5/4/2020

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