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From Our Founder… 5/5/2020

Today is Cinco de Mayo, and like St. Patrick’s Day and other holidays, it is cancelled for all good intents. This year, to say the very least, has been most un-usual. It is quite an oddity because even in time of war people would celebrate popular holidays. History is filled with those stories of when people celebrated a holiday — sometimes as in the amazing story from WWI, thousands of British, Belgian and French soldiers laid down their weapons, left their trenches and mingled together with their German enemies in order to celebrate Christmas together. 

But, in this unusual time, Chinese New Year was cancelled – nearly everywhere, St. Patrick’s Day was cancelled, Easter was cancelled, and Cinco de Mayo is basically cancelled. Out of all the holidays that Americans celebrate in a “normal” year, only the Jewish holiday of Passover seemed totally appropriate, yet it is mainly the Jewish people who celebrate the Passover. It is also possible that the Muslims in celebrating Ramadan, which is proceeding now, may be able to offer their prayers and their fasting without congregating. Essentially, those holidays which can be celebrated in the home primarily with family members are the ones which are exempt from a cancellation.

In reality, this is a time of reflection for all people, all over the world. Faith is an essential factor and ingredient in many peoples’ lives — especially in turbulent times. But, part of this time of self seclusion or of population regulation, has been able to illuminate how social human beings truly are. We were created to be social creatures — it’s in our DNA. And, as can be observed, when a desire to socialize is stymied, people everywhere react in ways that reinforce how much we truly need to socialize — even if only virtually.

The recent protests in the United States is an indication of this need for social interaction. Sadly, many of the younger generations believe that this is at the basis of “Socialism.” The historically challenged may have a hard time to comprehend socialism, and younger people who attempt to define it intellectually fail to define it comprehensively. Those who misunderstand socialism may do well to look around and see what it is like. The world as it is currently in various stages of the global “lockdown” is a bit like a mild form of socialism. The persecuted people of China and the poverty ravaged nations of North Korea and Venezuela are testimony to the maturation of the Socialist agenda into full blown Communism.

If people cannot learn in a way with less difficulty, it may take more lockdowns and more poverty and more persecution in the world to help people truly appreciate the realities of Socialism or its matured form of Communism. Sadly, stubborn or stupid people often need to learn things that “hard way.” America is the last bastion of freedom in the world, and our children are fancifully flirting with Socialism as the Social Democrats are now fully out of the closet. The old Democrat Party is now being taken over by the young Democrat Party, as the old leaders will die away, and America will be left with the younger, more useful idiots who will be left (and totally Left).

This week, in remembrance of Cinco de Mayo, I offer an article on this holiday that the casual reader may never have read anything like the genuine history behind it. It offers a glimpse into how tyranny can continue to be prolonged over a people for decades, even centuries, even much longer from historical examples. 

Judi McLeod, Editor of Canada Free Press, has an article titled: “The Con Called The ‘New Normal’ A Return To ‘Abnormal’ 2.0.” She tackles the various realities that the Left, or the new Socialists are trying to ram down the throats of the American public — and it is not a coronavirus test swab. 

Brian Anderson of DefCon News delves into the recent scuffles between NBC vs. President Trump. He also offers a second article on Nancy Pelosi snapping at a reporter who had the gall to ask about the recent sexual harassment charges against Joe Biden. Democrats are recently becoming more testy and it is why they prefer people mail in their vote in November because Joe Biden may just mail in his presence if he is elected POTUS. America and the entire world would be in trouble if the Democrats prevail in November — in any of the races.

Additionally, Dr. Richard Moss provides a very down to earth look at the realities of the middle America in flyover country, beyond the realm of the megalopolis culture. His words echo what Victor Davis Hanson talks about in one of our videos offered for review — which we highly recommend to our readers And, we just received a video from our allies at Camp Constitution that shows people in Boston are fed up with the lockdown.     

Dennis Jamison

Reflections on Cinco de Mayo and Political Machinations of Tyrants

SAN JOSE: Much like St. Patrick’s day, which was virtually ignored during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the holiday of Cinco de Mayo will also likely fall victim to the fallout from the disease. In addition, the tensions along the border with Mexico have subsided to some degree in recent months. This is partly due to the Supreme Court decision that allowed the Trump Administration to Maintain the “Remain-In-Mexico” Immigration Policy at present.

In early March, the Supreme Court ruled that the Trump administration could continue to enforce an immigration policy requiring foreign asylum seekers near the southern U.S. border with Mexico to wait on the Mexico side while their specific cases are considered. But, since Cinco de Mayo is not a major holiday in Mexico, it is likely that many of those Mexican asylum seekers won’t be able to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the United States.

The Con Called The “New Normal” A Return To “Abnormal” 2.0

By Judi McLeod May 4, 2020

There’s absolutely nothing at all “new” in the coming “New Normal” that Democrats and media are pushing on the masses currently held in lockdown during the ongoing coronavirus scare, because when all is said and done, society, in effect, will be returned to the same old abnormal world that preceded the virus.

It’s a return to a Democrat-created ‘Abnormal World’ where public school educators are getting away with confusing children about the genders with which they were born; where people will continue to lose their livelihoods just for using the pronouns ‘he’ and ‘she’. The so-called “New Normal” is a return to the Abnormal where millions of babies a year—some only seconds after their birth—are brutally aborted. The purveyors of the “New Normal” make their corrosive hatred of President Donald Trump their main reason for being rather than serving the people who elected them.

NBC News Chief Declares War on Trump, Instantly Claims Victory

By Brian Anderson, Courtesy of Def-Con News 5/1/2020

NBC has declared war on President Trump, which isn’t news to anyone, but it is kind of odd that they finally admitted this. The head of NBC News wrote an op/ed accusing the President of attacking the journalistic integrity of the liberal media and proved the “fake news” tag by admitting they are partisan hacks who get it wrong all the time. Since none of this declaration of war is based on reality, naturally NBC is claiming a decisive win. When you are making stuff up, you can have any outcome you want.

Andy Lack is the chairman of NBC News and MSNBC, and lacks any attachment to reality with this piece: “Journalism is under attack from coronavirus and the White House. But we’re winning.

They are winning the same sense that Charlie Sheen “won” by getting fired and contracting HIV.

In the last decade, the ugliest and most cunning threat to journalism comes from leaders in different parts of the world increasingly questioning not just the veracity of what is being reported, which isn’t new, but the integrity of those who report it, which is. Some leaders have gone further and egged on their supporters to target and harass anyone they don’t approve of in the media. And by “some leaders” Lack means Donald J. Trump, President of the United States…

Pelosi Snaps at Reporter Asking about Biden’s Rape Scandal

By Brian Anderson, Courtesy of Def-Con News 5/1/2020

Nancy Pelosi snapped at a reporter last week because she is broken and so is her amoral party. A reporter simply asked the House Speaker if it is hypocritical for Democrats to support Joe Biden despite the credible allegation of sexual assault against him. Pelosi didn’t answer but she did shame the reporter, a female reporter, for daring to ask the great Pelosi such a question.

At Pelosi’s weekly propaganda briefing, a reporter asked Pelosi how she can reconcile supporting Biden when she and the Democrats piled on conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“I don’t need a lecture or a speech,” snapped Pelosi.


That was as close as Pelosi would come to answering the question. From that point on, she regurgitated the Biden campaign’s talking points memo, instructing Democrats on how to deny the sexual assault claims against Biden.

My Neighbors Hunt

By Richard Moss, MD 4/20/2020

My neighbors hunt. They can survive in the forest, hills, lakes, and rivers, here in Indiana. They understand the world of nature, its vicissitudes and barbarism. Appreciating its transcendent beauty and cadences, they also accept its fierce cruelties. They do not worship nature. They seek reconciliation with it that they may endure and protect their loved ones. They admire the natural world, its towering majesty and microscopic complexity, but they do not hold it on a pedestal, pristine, and viewed from a distance. Theirs’ is a realistic appraisal of nature and its vagaries, and what they require to survive.

Coming from the Bronx, I was acquainted with riding the subway or bus or navigating the busy and often treacherous streets of New York. There I learned to survive in the city, but I knew nothing of hunting, fishing, or surviving in nature. Coastal elites have disdain for those schooled in such things. They assume that food, water, and other necessities and amenities just appear. They lack awareness of the complex grids, structures, and platforms that maintain their comforts. Or the sources of the electricity that powers their computers and air- conditioning. Or of the gasoline that fuels their cars. They do not appreciate those who make these daily, secular miracles possible, the commonplace wonders of modern, electronic civilization. Many Hoosiers preserve food. Some steam or pressure can. Or dehydrate, pickle, freeze-dry, smoke, or salt items.

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