CSN Newsletter 5/7/2019

CSN Newsletter – 5/7/2019

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American citizens are currently witnessing an attempt to take, or retain control of this nation. Yet the regular citizens are awakening and beginning to fight back. It is not just the election of Trump, which was the commencement of the fight, that is critical now. It has a great deal to do with whether the good people of the United States will be able to sustain a revolution by their active involvement in helping to drain the cesspools in every swamp that has formed in state and local political realms.

In this edition of the Citizen Sentinels Network newsletter, our writers examine the United States political arena in the wake of the National Day of Prayer. Two of our writers touch on this annual event as significant for Americans of faith. CSN offers an excerpt from a message Pastor Earl Wallace posted on the National Day of Prayer. He tackles a key element that holds incredible potential for draining the cesspools and restoring America, simultaneously. (a link to their new FaceBook page is shared below). Also, an article from Michael Lewinski touches on new hope people of faith are feeling and expressing in recent times. From the secular side of reality, Karen Hagestad Cacy, examines how Attorney General William Barr offers hope at the federal level of restoring the rule of law in America.

Another article that appeared on May 6th, from WND, features information on the “State of the Bible” study conducted by the Barna Group and commissioned by the American Bible Society. We only provide a link to that article entitled: “STUDY: 42 MILLION AMERICANS LOOK TO BIBLE FOR ANSWERS.” The study provides some interesting and some hopeful signs for America in the new millennium. It is worth a read.

This edition also features two articles from me; one is about current Democrat Obstruction in the United States of America. And, in the aftermath of Cinco de Mayo, I touch on the hidden history of the attempt by Mexican elites to destroy the administration of a popularly elected president. Yes, it did happen, and once upon a time, Mexico had been taken over by the French due to Elitists who did not want to lose their power over the people.

Additionally as a reminder, Liberty Christian Fellowship just launched a new FaceBook page titled: “Apply The Bible to Civics.” Pastor Wallace’s article on the National Day of Prayer deals with the application of the Bible to civics, which is much of what the new site is devoted to — instigating biblical solutions to America’s political problems. https://www.facebook.com/nancie.langleyorsini/posts/10211334513599091

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“Will Our National Day of Prayer Prevail To Apply The Bible To Civics?”

by Pastor Earl Wallace 5/7/19

Have you ever been reading your Bible, and thought, “I can’t think of it that way because of “‘separation of church and state’”?

Have you ever been preparing a Bible message and thought, “I can’t speak of it that way because of “‘separation of church and state?’”

Have you ever wondered where the concept “separation of church and state” originated, and what empowered this man-made concept to determine how we interpret Scripture?

Have you ever challenged yourself to read the Bible, as God intended, free from the constraints that the concept of “separation of church and state” places upon our ability to interpret Scripture, which reveals Who God Is, What He Truly Is Like, and How He wants us to live?

Obstruction IS the Name of the Game: Undermining the Republic

“We the People” need to restore their rightful sovereignty over their government

By Dennis Jamison –May 6, 2019It appears that now Democrat leaders have switched their strategy to get Donald Trump from the charges of collusion to the illusion of obstruction. Despite Attorney General William Barr’s report on Mueller’s effort to tie Trump to collusion with Russia, the focus is now to determine whether President Trump obstructed the flow of justice in the process of the “investigation.” But, this is such an uncontrolled political fiasco that the real victim is not only President Trump, the subject of the Democrat witch hunt to find a crime to fit the man, but the American people, who are getting the short end of the deal.

The amount of taxpayer money that has been wasted on an attempted coup against a duly elected president is astounding. Has the United States fallen so far into a state of corruption that the American people are willing to pay for their government officials to undermine the Republic? The time has come to truly examine the raw truth of this political circus.

Attack on America: AG Barr leading us back to a country of laws

written by Karen Hagestad Cacy May 5, 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS: On occasion, various lawmakers and newscasters opine about Washington rancor. “Can’t everyone settle down and get along better?” “Why won’t legislators cross the aisle and accommodate one another?” Others, mostly young people engrossed in the techno-world, note the march of time since the founding of America.

They question the efficacy of a constitution that goes back to its signing on September 17, 1787. How can the country still run on restrictions contained in a document so old? After all, the world today bears little resemblance to the eighteen hundred’s.

This argument increasingly is used as justification to alter or altogether toss out the founding document. It’s no longer relevant.

The People of God

By Michael J. Lewinski 05/02/19

The bigger the government becomes, the smaller the citizens become. As government on
all levels increasingly makes decisions governing citizens, we all have fewer and
fewer options regarding how we lead our lives.

The power of prayer was on display in the observance of the National Day of Prayer,
which was marked by a ceremony celebrated at the White House. We learned President
Trump starts Cabinet meetings with prayer. We learned pastors will no longer be
censored by big government. The Trump administration has committed to defend and
promote religious liberty. He said Americans have begun speaking of God again in
public without fear of being ridiculed or looked down upon. This is good.

The true story behind Cinco de Mayo, Mexico’s independence from France

by Dennis Jamison May 5, 2019

The holiday of Cinco de Mayo has taken on more and more of a political significance in the past few years due to the illegal immigration from Mexico. Yet, the holiday would not have become a significant holiday except for its birth in Southern California in 1863. In Mexico, this holiday is a regional, not a national holiday. Many American citizens may wonder why Mexican Independence would not be a truly major holiday in Mexico. A simple answer is that Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day.

It is not even close. September 16th is the date that all of Mexico celebrates as the Mexican Independence Day.

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