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6/11/19 –  Last week, Citizen Sentinels News helped Americans remember the sacrifices of the boys and men on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. In the wake of President Trump’s visit to Great Britain, we share his speech on D-Day that he delivered while overseas. It is quite relevant for our time.

Also in this issue, readers will get a double-barreled blast from Karen Hagstead Cacy about the movement of sensible, common-sense oriented Americans reviving the spirit of the Sons of Liberty and the original Boston Tea Party. She also deals with the never-ending Democrat investigations. I share an article about the Deep State which resonates with Karen’s observations from both of her articles. Americans have been told it doesn’t exist by those who are part of the Deep State Leviathan still living in the Washington Swamp.

Michael Lewinski offers his take on Rand Paul’s fight for a better and more sustainable economy.

We also have another Video View for you by Trevor Loudon on the Democrats’ reasoning behind their obsession with open borders.

Please share the articles of the writers whose perspectives you appreciate. United “We the People” Stand!

Dennis Jamison

President Trump’s D-Day Speech

The following is now considered to be President Donald Trump’s best speech, even by his adversaries in the mainstream media.

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America’s Second Tea Party 246 years after Boston


Colorado Springs: The historically pivotal Tea Party protest of 1773 was an iconic event of American history. It is the event that led to the start of the American Revolutionary War in 1775. The Boston Tea Party was a political protest that occurred at Griffin’s Wharf in Boston, Massachusetts. American colonists frustrated and angry at Britain for imposing “taxation without representation,” dumped 342 chests of British tea into the harbor.

Tea Party Re-Deux

Similarly, today, in America and indeed, around the world, ‘the people’ have become increasingly frustrated by the power big governments’ and multi-governments’ have over the electorates. The ruling class that has been ascendant for well over the past 30 years has found comfort in their lofty seats of power. Hence, they are loath to give them up.

The fable of Democrat versus Republican has been well played over the years. Sensible people have bought into their boxing match. One party gets in, and the opposition rails; the other party gets in, and the reverse happens.

Lately, both parties are of the same ilk. Both endorse big government. Both party’s representatives in Washington, D.C. enjoy smoking the same cigars at the same club of insiders. The drama is played out in a complicit media, supported by a school system designed to create like-minded robot victims of students.

Just how deep and entrenched is the Deep State?

The Swamp needs to be drained. Justice needs to roll through the nation’s capital city for Americans to truly have hope that America can be great again.

By Dennis Jamison –June 10, 2019

A genuine irony exists today despite widespread mainstream media silence, in that a broader spectrum of Americans are beginning to realize that a Deep State of political elitists and a real Criminal Cabal exists at the core of the United States government. This entity, no matter how it is identified is only slowly coming out of the shadows and into the light. Nevertheless, public exposure and identification of the core criminal elements is a slow and arduous process. This identification process may be the initial step, and seminal effort to destroy the nerve center that has been entrenched in the proverbial swamp in Washington politics.

The very first step in that process of identification was the election of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States in 2016. Such an unusual series of politically motivated events surrounded the election in an aura of awe and shock. Hillary Clinton and the “Democratic” National Committee rigged the “Democratic” primary process, which later brought out the Bernie Sanders’ arm of the Party to sue their own DNC. Later, American citizens learned that although Trump was publically sworn to abide by the election results on national television, the Democrats were under no such constraints. The whining and then the street theater by the Democrat “Brown Shirts,” and the ranting by the MSM media “stars” represented a phase of rejection of the election results that fell flat.

Then Americans began learning of a shadow government within the federal government—consisting of those unelected bureaucrats that remain in their jobs despite the winds of political change that may bring a new political party and new players into the halls of Washington’s cumbersome and powerful bureaucracy. Americans learned through the MSM that there was alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and those dastardly Russians. However, what the MSM conveniently refused to cover was the Deep State intelligence operatives who had colluded with a British foreign agent who had been hired for his “professional” services to create suspicion over Trump and his campaign.

Witless in America moving past disturbed to angry over fundamental change

by Karen Hagestad Cacy  Jun 10, 2019
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO: For those Americans who were young during the Cold War with Russia, and who recall Nikita Khrushchev’s “We will bury you!” threat, America today feels increasingly like a foreign country. Many of us are approaching or have passed our sell-by dates. As Obama acolytes work to “fundamentally change America,” during and after his presidency, many of us feel ourselves growing more witless by the day.

We don’t “get” those who insist on change from America’s founding principles.

Traditional American justice is being turned on its head. Our current president is asked to prove his own innocence in the absence of any crime. Not, not guilty? What?

After the Mueller investigation, partisans, including Mueller himself, wish to keep ‘the matter’ going.

It seems a converse of the old Ronald Reagan joke about the optimist – a man was searching through manure and was asked why.

He responded, “With all of this manure, there’s bound to be a pony in here somewhere.”

Democrats might be asked the same as they continue to search for a presidential crime.

Their response no doubt would be, “With all these investigations, there has to be a Trump crime somewhere.”


By Michael J. Lewinski  06/08/10

Recently, Senator Rand Paul introduced the Pennies Plan which was defeated in a cloture vote. It wasn’t even close as 25 Republicans joined with Democrats to defeat the measure.

The Pennies Plan would have “slowed the growth of federal spending to 18.2% over ten years” and “would expressly protect Social Security, include instructions to make the individual income tax reforms passed by President Trump permanent, and expand access to Health Savings Accounts.”

The “Pennies Plan,” introduced by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY,) was defeated by a 22-69 vote. All 22 votes in favor came from Republicans, with 25 Republicans joining Democrats to block it. According to the American Action News staff who produced this article, this is the ‘swamp’ in action!

Trevor Loudon, “Behind the Push for Open Borders”

“This is an orchestrated, communist assault on America to destroy America’s borders, to create confusion in America, to overwhelm the system politically.” —Trevor Loudon, communism expert Interviewed on May 20, 2019.

Trevor Loudon is a New Zealand author, speaker, political activist, and blogger. Loudon is the author of two books on U.S. politics, “Barack Obama and the Enemies Within” and “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress,” which was made into a documentary in 2016 titled “The Enemies Within.”

In this video he explains the real reasons behind the Democrats’ obsession with unrestricted borders…

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