CSN Newsletter – 6/11/2020 – Corrupt and Criminal Governments, Attacks on Western Values and Christianity

CSN Newsletter – 6/11/2020 – Corrupt and Criminal Governments, Attacks on Western Values and Christianity

From Our Founder…

America is reeling from one wave of turmoil after another since the end of last year and the beginning of this year. Keeping abreast of all of the news and the shifting scenarios is a challenge to say the least. The latest onslaught against America is the rioting and the violence that may have calmed to a degree at this point. But Americans who think that the anarchists and insurrectionists went home to just watch television would be mistaken. They have opened up a war upon American soil, and the Domestic enemy is the worst enemy because they are for all practical purposes – Americans. 

Yet, while we need to keep this perspective, we also need to realize if they are Americans in name only, and not aligned with the fundamental values and principles at the core of the nation, they are domestic enemies with little intent to build upon the foundation that was left by the founders. The intent is much different, and we do not have the luxury to view the domestic enemy as sharing our commonly held self-evident truths and Judeo-Christian values. Americans need to unite around those values in order to get through this wave of turmoil. It will surely get worse as the national elections come upon us.

Last Thursday, we featured an article from guest writer, A. Dru Kristenev, whose article was entitled: “How far are we from open revolt?” We have her permission to post other articles from her and today we feature a more recent article, which originally appeared in Canada Free Press on Wednesday. Kristenev looks closely at the current events and asks a very pointed question: “In a house of fear, love is defeated and while believers are playing the social distance game, mobs form a close-knit phalanx that is decimating our societal fabric. How is it that citizens of the Kingdom of God are giving precedence to Babylon’s unwarranted and unconstitutionally implemented regulations?” 

We are also providing an article from another guest writer, Lindsey Jensen, who published her article originally on the MyFaithVotes website today. Her article is also touching upon the decline of Christian values in America, as does Kristenev, but from another angle.

In my article, I also deal with the fundamental issues at the core of America’s problems and point to something similar, but it focuses on the action of pursuing freedom through corrupt or criminally centric governments. The root of the cause is the failure of God’s people to hold onto those self-evident truths contained within the blueprints for the nation.

Dr. Robert Owens presents a very insightful article on the “Pandemic Response Critics Trumped by Facts.” He provides a fairly thorough examination of this for a single article, and it is worth the read.

Michael Lewinski, the patriot from Indiana, offers a broad perspective on the recent efforts that were aimed at hindering church attendance. He also offers specific candidates who could make better public-minded officials – or public servants. After all of the waves of turmoil, it still is an election year, and we need to make well-informed decisions at the polls. 

We are again posting the petition to the White House in this edition. We ask that you sign here, or please go directly to the White House “We the People” petition site where it has been posted. We are posting the unabridged version of this petition for our readers to sign if they agree with the points. We also ask coalition members and allies to forward this brief petition to their members, and for others to have their friends sign this as well. This is something that citizens can do to exercise our First Amendment rights as free citizens.

Today, we are also featuring some good videos, but the first three are quite enlightening. One is a Hannity interview with Geraldo Rivera and Dan Bongino on what America would look like without police. The second one is Guardian Angel’s founder stating that defunding the police is ‘a recipe for insanity.’  The third is a close up look at the insanity from a Project Veritas video where brave individuals went undercover to help Americans see the domestic enemy clearly. 

Dennis Jamison

Suspicion, isolation, rejection, submission – how the West was lost

By A. Dru Kristenev –June 10, 2020

If anyone was thinking that the pandemic was a real threat to humanity, the current calculated riot reaction to any spark, which the George Floyd tragedy provided, proves it to be a concocted crisis from the getgo.

Opportunistic anarchist mobs in the streets, half wearing masks, half not, climb over each other to burgle pharmacies for oxycontin and steal merchants blind. Are they concerned about a puny virus with a 99% recovery rate? Hardly. And now the World Health Organization let the cat out the bag that asymptomatic people don’t spread the virus.

Yet, legitimate businesses and churches have played along like good citizens trying to follow rules that make little sense, the outcome of which has been detrimental to our God-inspired culture.

The Decline of Christian Values is a Danger to America

by Lindsey Jensen, My Faith Votes, 6/11/2020

Growing up, love of God and love of country was part of my home. Whether it was stories of my grandfathers’ many missions while flying for the Air Force, or stories of my grandmother caring for their family while he was away, I was reminded about those who sacrificed for the liberties that make America so unique. I also knew America afforded my father, and therefore my family, the opportunity for the American dream. I knew he was raised without privilege or material wealth, but because he worked hard, America opened her doors and he walked through them to earn the title CEO and business owner.

As we celebrate another Flag Day, it is important to understand what makes this nation so unique and why this flag is worth fighting for.

The Nation’s Cancer is Not Systemic Racism, But Corrupt and Criminal Governments

By Dennis Jamison –June 11, 2020

The mental pollution of propaganda blaring constantly from the mainstream media is a genuine disservice to humanity. The propagation of the narrative that it is okay to kill and destroy other people’s livelihoods in the name of justice is an unjust and insidious endeavor in and of itself. The MSM is currently nothing more than a source of lies and purposeful pollution of the public sentient. What the MSM and other “radical” mental manipulators are spewing across the airwaves and in some social media realms these days is intended to justify previously orchestrated chaos and violence against common people. There is no justice that can be derived from mob justice, period. And, it moves society backwards to an age when it was an eye for an eye, a life for a life.

What of the people left in the smoldering debris of their burnt out neighborhoods? Who cares for them? Now, the Democrat leadership is crying for the defunding of the police. Let that sink in for a moment. The Democrat leadership is calling for the defunding of the police. So, when there are no police to protect the people, then only criminals will rule the streets of the cities, and the people will live in fear.

Pandemic Response Critics Trumped by Facts

by Dr. Robert Owens – 6/10/22020

In the waning days of 2019 before the onset of the Social Security Flu, according to two separate studies the United States was ranked the nation best-prepared to deal with a pandemic.  Refuting the outlandish and false claims of the Democrats, Fox News reported both the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (JHCHS) based on  Global Health Security Index found that out of all the countries on this planet, America, led by the Trump administration, was more prepared to deal with an international pandemic than any other.

Fox News added this description of the Global Health Security Index, “It was developed with guidance from an international panel of experts from 13 countries, with research by the Economist Intelligence Unit from 2018 to 2019.”  And as reported in 2019 by the Washington Post, the Global Health Security Index was compiled by a large group of experts stating, “More than 100 researchers spent a year collecting and validating publicly available data.”

You Got The Whole World In Your Hands

By: Michael J. Lewinski  6/9/2020

A friend, Dennis Jamison, recently wrote, “Washington said in his Farewell Address that our Liberty originates from religion and morality, and of the two, religion is the primary source. Violations of Religious Liberty is against the Constitution, and we need to ensure only candidates that will protect and defend our God-given rights should be deserving of the votes from “We the People.” We “…need to expose those who do not intend to, or who have proven they do not protect and defend the Bill of Rights,”

Governor Whitmer, among others like the Kentucky governor, mostly Democrat governors, are governors who declared attending church is not an essential service. Can you imagine that church is not essential for people? We go to church to pray with our brothers and sisters for peace and the soul of George Floyd. Here in Indiana, we can attend church to hear our pastors preach about Jesus and about and his message of peace while rioting is going on all around us.

“As free citizens of the United States of America, it is our duty…”

Dear CPR Patriots,

We are forwarding this petition that has been submitted to the White House website.

The Citizen Sentinels Network, as part of the Coalition for a Principled Republic, advocates signing this petition and even submitting it to current candidates running for office this year to determine if they truly support “We the People” and our Constitution.

Read and…

From FOX News: Geraldo Rivera, Dan Bongino on what America would look like without police – 6/6/2020

From FOX News: Guardian Angel’s founder on defunding the police, ‘This is a recipe for insanity’ – 6/9/2020

From Project Veritas (courtesy Canada Free Press): @Project_Veritas INFILTRATED ANTIFA – Video: Deadly Weapons Training: We Believe in a Complete Abolition of the System Itself, Including Police – 6/9/2020

From FOX News: President Trump, Senate Republicans to put forward proposals for possible police reform – 6/9/2020

From FOX News: Ilhan Omar challenger says push to disband Minneapolis police department is ‘reckless’ – 6/9/2020  

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From FOX News (w/ video): Peter Navarro – China has exploited coronavirus pandemic to advance its strategic interests – here’s how: – 6/7/2020  

From Talk Radio (British view): Douglas Murray on the George Floyd protests, rioting & COVID hypocrisy Douglas Murray: ‘UK protests reminiscent of Middle East after a revolution‘- 6/8/2020

From The Hill: Bernie Sanders – Police departments that violate civil rights should lose federal funding – 6/4/2020

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From Canada Free Press (w/ video): Democrats Use National Ghanaian Colors As Props to Push Political Agenda  – 6/10/2020

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