CSN Newsletter – 6/16/2020 – All Americans Matter

CSN Newsletter – 6/16/2020 – All Americans Matter

From Our Founder…

Over the weekend, many in the nation celebrated Flag Day, and some knew that it was also the birthday of the U.S. Army. Perhaps there were many also who knew that it was President Trump’s birthday. Yet, the national media was not promoting positive issues such as the birth of the Army of freedom, or the flag of the Land of the Free. Those topics do not fit in with the contemporary drum beat of poisonous propaganda. The police in Georgia taking the life of someone who was willing to actively resist arrest, or the Capitol Hill  

Defenders of the U.S. Army (and there have to be defenders – no one thought that there would need to be defenders of the police just a few years ago), and defenders of Old Glory need to come forth and speak up and speak out. The Silent Majority can no longer afford the luxury of being silent. Political correctness be damned to hell where it likely originated! 

American citizens are slow to anger, but once they realize they have been played, they do not relent in their efforts to rectify the wrongs. Unfortunately, freedom can turn into a sedative or a false sense of security, such as “it can’t happen here.” The intuitive answer is one which tends to be uncomfortable for many locked into their comfort zones of self-centeredness. The answer was stated a long time ago and it is on the CSN masthead: “Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty.” And it is not important who said it. Truth is truth. Vigilance indicates that the United States is in an undeclared state of war – severe destruction and chaos has come to the United States. Prophecies have been proclaimed and have now come to pass regarding the problems that plague the Republic today.

The Sentinels will continue to speak up and speak out, but it is more than obvious that all people who love God and who love America must take action in one way or another. People as old as 80 years of age are helping in the Citizen Sentinels Network, so age is not something that is always prohibitive. People can pray, lead prayer calls, good people can write and offer their support of the Republic. Good people are needed to speak up and speak out and exercise their First Amendment rights. Good people are needed to run for office in areas where there is a need (almost everywhere) for good people to lead. Dr. Carson said during his campaign that the kind of Democratic Republic we have is not maintained as a spectator sport. That is especially true now. As another statement made a while ago is also truth: All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to DO nothing. United, America Will Stand – Not kneel!    

Today we offer an excellent informative article from Dr. Owens on the current American Cultural Revolution. He views the current activities of Antifa and Black Lives Matter as similar to the Chinese cultural revolution under Mao. He looks at the historical foundation of the rioting in France that led to the birth of the Communists. A very good article on several levels.

My article deals with the three phases of treason that the United States has faced. We are in the current phase, and as Dr. Owens points out another truth: “If the majority won’t stand firm for what we believe we will fall hard for what a violent minority wants.” Personally, I have great faith that good people will awaken and take corrective action before America falls. But, Dr. Owens is right, the Silent Majority can no longer afford to be silent, or we will fall to the violent minority.  

Once again, we offer an article from guest writer, Ray Di Lorenzo, who has been featured in the past. He offers an article he wrote in early June for Canada Free Press. It is a very perceptive article on how the powers that are wanting to take down America are waiting for others to do their jobs for them.

We also offer an article from an anonymous writer who is offering a similar perspective and contributing sincere thought on why the Democrats who are controlling major cities behave the way they do to the rioters, looters, and to black people in general. It is a question that many American citizens may be asking, or maybe they should be asking. 

We also have another brief article from Indiana’s voice, Michael Lewinski. He provides a very clear and to the point perspective in his article: “Choose Your Poison.”

This message started out by recognizing the nation celebrated Flag Day and the birthday of the U.S. Army over the weekend. And admittedly our topics today do not do honor to those holidays mentioned. However, the last entry we offer is an “Open letter to the NFL” from a reader who appears to have strong feelings about the whole movement of “taking a knee.” The message is filled with pictures, and the letter makes a powerful point, and it brings into perspective the two holidays America just celebrated. 

We encourage others, as we have in the past to send in open letters, letters to the editors, or simple comments. Do not let America’s enemies silence you! In the same manner, we will receive homemade videos that are accompanied by a brief description or narrative. We are all citizens. We are all Citizen Sentinels!  We are ALL Americans and we ALL matter!

We have a special recommendation to view the video from the Hoover Institution which was recorded on January 25, 2018. Peter Robinson interviews Shelby Steele On “How America’s Past Sins Have Polarized Our Country.” The information presented by Dr. Steele is very timely. It has much to do with what some of our writers are talking about and has much to do with what the writer of the “open letter” has to share.

Dennis Jamison  

America’s Cultural Revolution 

by Dr. Robert Owens, 6/16/2020

In the 1960s Mao Zedong, the world’s greatest mass murderer and the insane megalomaniac, known to his enslaved people as the Great Helmsman, decided that his Revolution was no longer pure enough. To accomplish his purge, he unleashed the Cultural Revolution on the defenseless people of Communist China.  Waving the Little Red Book of Mao’s sayings, the Chinese version of Antifa surged through the streets.  They attacked anyone not completely onboard with the destruction of Chinese culture.  The traditions, beliefs, sacred memorials, art, literature, and monuments of the past were all marked for the trash heap of history.

Many of those who became and are now the “Heroes of the Revolution” were then the victims of the out of control street gangs authorized by Mao to turn the very society he himself had created since the communist conquest of  China in 1949 upside down and inside out.  Even Deng Xiaoping was forced to renounce his infatuation with the idea of using free markets to lift China out of poverty.  Deng went on to become the father of the current Chinese resurgence once Mao died and his cultural thugs lost power.

United, America Will Survive All Three Phases of Treason

by Dennis Jamison – June 16, 2020

Treason and tyranny are ancient and succeed due to deception and ignorance based upon lies and mental laziness. However, tyranny endures well in a culture of fear due to viable threats, the demonstration of physical force, and outright violence. What Americans and the entire world are seeing in this time is an attempt at overthrowing the United States of America. The worst enemy is the internal enemy because those ones once trusted, are different from who they appeared to be in a different time, or in a different light. America now has to deal with the domestic enemies in our midst whether we want to or not, whether we like it or not.
Treason is as old as the United States of America, although a majority of Americans would not realize it. Treason goes all the way back to the beginning of the nation. While citizens just celebrated Flag Day and the birthday of the U.S. Army, many Americans would likely be shocked to know that U.S. Army officers at the highest levels under George Washington had plotted to take over the infant Republic. The Newburgh Conspiracy is not well known. However, it is reviewable via many historical sources. Top officers who did not share George Washington’s belief that the U.S. should be a free country, intended to seize control of the U.S. Army before General George Washington could disband the troops after the revolution.

The Takedown of America

By Ray DiLorenzo —June 8, 2020

Putting anger into words is never easy. One always risks exaggeration. I will not do that.

It is normal for political groups in any democratic republic to not agree on the best way to govern. But, in that democracy, when any group will no longer accept the results of an election, and twice in a twenty-year period seeks to reverse that election, you no longer have a democratic republic. We are there.

The battle for America has begun. The snakes in the Democrat Party with the help of Soros and his minions are using their forever reliable useful idiots to do their bidding. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the Left, are fiercely working to finish the job they planned in 2016…a coup, the takedown of America. And Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, the scum in the Democrat Party and some in the Republican Party, and all the other enemies of freedom think they have cause to celebrate.

A coup has only one purpose…Civil War!…a real civil war. The American Civil war was not a civil war at all. It was a war of secession. There wasn’t a struggle for control in Washington. It was a group of states simply wanting out.

To further this coup, Democrats with treasonous elements in our government concocted a Russian conspiracy hoax which is now coming to light as the hoax it was. The rats are scattering, pointing fingers, but they are now using a very unfortunate incident with a stupid police officer and a virus, of all things, as a way to destroy the greatest nation the world has ever seen, and for what? Power!

Why are Democrat Mayors Allowing Looting in Their Cities?

by Anonymous – 6/16/2020

I have been astounded by the response of Democrat mayors and governors relating to the death of George Floyd and the protests, rioting and looting. Why did they tell their police forces to “use a light hand” and allow riots and looting in their cities?

This is certainly politically incorrect, but I think I am seeing a master/slave relationship, where the masters see their slaves as an inferior race. There are many examples: abortion and affirmative action are just two.

Their support for abortion goes back to the early times of the Democrat party and the establishment of Planned Parenthood. They insist that African-Americans must have access to abortion on demand that is ongoing, free, unrestricted and nearby – even after birth. In my opinion, this is not to ensure that “women have the right to choose,” but to control the population of black Americans, since they are the main “customers” at abortion clinics.

Choose Your Poison

By Michael J. Lewinski, 6/15/2020

It has recently been said that Americans, we are at war, and that we must face it head-on. Evil globalist and socialist elites are out to bring down and destroy America. Their political arm is the Democrat Party. Their propaganda arm is mainstream media and social media. Their funding arm is Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Their brainwashing arm is made up of millions of Marxist public-school teachers and college professors. And, as we are now seeing on the streets of the U.S. cities, their military arm is Antifa.

Since before he was elected, President Trump witnessed turmoil through the country.  At his rallies, Trump supporters were attacked.  One scheduled in Chicago had to be canceled.

To the NFL and its Players

Sent in from a CSN Reader…

If I have brain cancer, I don’t ask my dentist what I should do. If my car has a problem, I don’t seek help from a plumber! Why do you think the public cares what a football player thinks about politics? If we want to know about football, then depending on the information we seek, we might consult with you, but even a quarterback doesn’t seek advice on playing his position from a defensive tackle!

You seem to have this over inflated view of yourselves, thinking because you enjoy working on such a large scale stage, that somehow your opinion about everything matters. The NFL realizes the importance of its “image” so it has rules that specify the clothes and insignia you can wear, the language you use, and your “antics” after a touchdown or other “great” play. But somehow you and your employer don’t seem to care that you disgrace the entire nation and its 320 million people in the eyes of the world by publicly disrespecting this country, its flag, and its anthem! The taxpaying citizens of this country subsidize your plush work environments, yet you choose to use those venues to openly offend those very citizens.

Katie B. from GoodPatriot.com talks tough love about racism and “white privilege.”

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