CSN Newsletter 6/17/2021 – woke science, woke schools, woke military, woke history, broke elections

CSN Newsletter 6/17/2021 – woke science, woke schools, woke military, woke history, broke elections

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By Jim Bratten – 6/14/21

Kamala Harris delivered the commencement address to the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) Class of 2021 in Annapolis, Maryland late last month. She informed the graduating midshipmen, “You are mechanical engineers who will help reinforce sinking bases; you are electrical engineers who will soon help convert solar and wind energy into power …” So much nonsense – sinking bases? Converting solar and wind? What about those in nuclear power?

Instead, Harris concentrated on the “woke” cultists that support her political party in remaking our nation. She pandered to identity politics and woke gender preferences, completely oblivious to the fine men and women seated before her.

The Death of Rational Science

By Jack Gleason – 6/17/21
We humans see ourselves as rational beings who make decisions based on facts.  “Science is king,” we say, “Listen to the experts.” In science, honesty is key.  If you cheat in your experiment, you won’t get a useful result.  If our caveman secretly switched a sharp rock for a dull one, no one else would be able to successfully follow his new process. In science, mistakes are valuable tools in the quest for truth.  Accepting the hypotheses and experiments of others, and replicating the results, is the key to improvement in all areas of human life.

Recently the scientific method has fallen out of favor to be replaced with a quest for “fairness” and “what feels right.”

Homeschool or revamp public schools? Both

By  –June 12, 2021

There has been a question about whether parents removing their children from public schools is the best method to remedy the indoctrination of students against America and its Constitutional Republic.

The answer is yes… and no.

Pulling children out of the schools is not the only answer.

Never Never Give Up

By Bill O’ Rites – 6/11/21

In the final agonizing weeks before the 2020 election, my daughter, my son-in-law,  and I often discussed the final outcome. We celebrated along with the enthusiastic huge crowds of supporters at each Trump rally, contrasting them with the hide-in-the-basement strategy of Joe Biden. Joe was, understandably, wary of facing the American people, knowing he meant to undermine our democracy, placate the Chinese, open our borders to speed up the takeover of our democracy, and annihilate our God-given freedoms. Who can forget the hyper-impressive ice cream interview meant to show folksy Joe at his best? Do you still remember what his favorite flavor is? Do you even care? We heard about his sprained ankle, his wonderful wife, Jill, the “doctor,” and his pet dogs, which were meant to humanize him in the public eye. Unfortunately for Joe, their behavior turned out to be a negative.

The Holiday of Juneteenth Came at Great Cost to America

by Dennis Jamison – 6/15/21

On Saturday, many Americans will take part in festivities for celebrations of freedom known as “Juneteenth,” also known as “Emancipation Day” or “Freedom Day.” It is definitely a holiday that deserves a more substantial place in America’s history, as it has been limited in its scope of inclusiveness for all American citizens who love freedom. It has traditionally been a celebration for Black Americans or those who were relatively in association with multi-cultural or racially mixed communities – where there were no real or artificial barriers between people. But, there had to be some awareness of the history behind the celebration.


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American Minute by William J. Federer – for June 17 — “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!” This order was given this day in 1775 by Col. William Prescott to the troops defending Bunker Hill.

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