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6/18/19 – In this edition of the Citizen Sentinels Network newsletter, we are launching a new feature called “Feedback,” which will bring the comments and feedback we receive from readers via our website into the weekly newsletter. We welcome thoughtful comments from our readers, and now we are bringing into the newsletter itself.   

In this edition, we start off with questions regarding China as Don Rosenberg questions “Who is behind the curtain?” followed by our “Video Views” feature this week as Dick Morris addresses President Trump’s plans for China. Steve “Doc” Troxel, Chairman of the Lynchburg (Virginia) Republican City Committee tackles the perspective of America being so “advanced” that American citizens do not need to protect themselves any longer.

Dr. Richard Moss explores the serious lack of a viable political vehicle for the Conservatives who seek to defend the traditions and historical foundations of America’s Judeo-Christian heritage. Kendra Miller offers a “Farewell and Thank You,” to departing press secretary Sarah Sanders and Michael Lewinski deals with the insanity of Americans who call themselves Americans, but reveal they have no true clue as to what America stands for and represents to a dysfunctional world ravaged by Socialism and Communism.

In our new feature of “Feedback,” Kathleen Hall from Virginia offers her thoughts on an article that Mr. Lewinski submitted last week about the failure to pass Senator Rand Paul’s “Pennies Plan” for a better and more sustainable economy.

Please share the articles of the writers whose perspectives you appreciate with those whom you care about. United “We the People” Stand! 

Dennis Jamison

Who’s Behind the Curtain?

by Don Rosenberg 6/11/19

It looks like everything around the world is going to hell in a hand basket. North Korea has backed away from their denuclearization promises, Iran is aggressively attacking American interests on multiple fronts, and China recently withdrew their proposed agreements to settle their trade deal issues.

I used to think that the infamous George Soros was the main instigator of all these issues, but now I’m considering other options.

Enter China. China is in a fight for its economic life. Their economy is hurting and their trade with the US is being challenged by President Trump’s new tariffs. Their plan is to become the strongest economy and eventually the greatest military power in the world. Their economic and military growth has largely been fueled by thousands of sophisticated hacks to steal US technology, requirements that US companies trading in China turn over their trade secrets, and good old-fashioned spying. Now we’re learning they’ve been embedding spyware into their computers and cell phones and are using sophisticated surveillance camera technologies to oversee Muslim dissident regions of their own country. Why else would their top cellphone company be owned by the military?

Dick Morris Lunch Alert – Trump’s Real Plan for China

Dick Morris is the former Clinton political guru who turned against the family and now is doing his best to expose the truth about Bill, Hilary and the rest of the Democrats.

He puts out a daily “Lunch Alert” where he covers a topic of the day, and last Friday discussed the China tariffs and his take on President Trump’s strategy.

There has been a lot of whining about the tariffs and how they’re hurting Americans by raising the cost of goods from China, but if you think about it, China has been cheating in multiple ways to give themselves an unfair trade advantage. Currency manipulation, industry subsidies, avoiding research and development costs by stealing American trade secrets through spying and hacking, ignoring US copyright laws, using slave labor and cheap labor and ignoring the environmental impact of the manufacturing – all together they give the Chinese an advantage well above a 25% or even 50% tariff.

For more lunch alerts visit http://www.dickmorris.com

If We Cannot Defend Ourselves with Equal Force, then We Cannot Defend Ourselves at All

By Steve “Doc” Troxel, Ph.D.

I am a precinct election official, so recently, my team of officials sat in our polling place watching how few people bothered to come in to have their say as to who their party’s nominee would be in the fall.

Because our turnout was so low (only about 8% at my precinct), we election officials had lots of time to talk among ourselves. One of the officials, a Democrat, made the comment that she thought it was okay for people to have handguns to protect themselves, but she thought the country should ban all assault rifles because no one needs them. She said the word “assault” made her case. I didn’t want to leave that comment without a response, so I asked her what “defend the Constitution…against all enemies, foreign and domestic” meant.

She responded that we have an army to defend against foreign enemies and that we are a “first world” country so we don’t have to worry about domestic enemies. We talked a little further until another Democrat election worker wouldn’t let us continue. I don’t know whether the second lady thought we were arguing (we weren’t – it was a very civil conversation), or she didn’t like the topic of guns, or I was starting to make sense.

The crux of our all too brief conversation was my co-worker’s claim that as a “first world” country, we didn’t need to worry about defending ourselves from the government. That presumes that our governmental leaders are good, that no one in the government is trying to destroy our economy and turn us into a socialist country, that no one is trying to commit a backdoor coup against our legally elected president, that no one is leaving the back/Southern door to our country wide open so that thousands of people who have no respect for our laws can come in at will, and that no one in the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense, or the Pentagon is willing to order out the military against the people who disagree with certain political philosophies. (That only happens with the IRS, right?) I think we have seen just how close we are to having those things happen. So, to say that we have no need to protect ourselves from domestic enemies is naïve at best and criminal at worst.

Conservatives Still Lack a True Political Vehicle

By Dr. Richard Moss

A year ago, I was locked in a political race for the Republican nomination for Congress from Indiana’s 8th district. I was running against then four-term incumbent, Larry Bucshon. I had also run in the prior election cycle in 2016. And I had run in 2014 against Mike Braun (now U.S. Senator for Indiana) for state representative (HR 63).

The reasons for running in three separate campaigns, however, have not disappeared. Our “one-party” system in Washington remains profoundly corrupt and self-serving. It consists of career politicians from both parties, special interests, donors and lobbyists, all of whom agree on one thing: growing the size of government.

The Republican Party, in its budgeting and voting, is a left of center party; it is, as I often referred to it as, the Republican wing of the Democrat Party. With an increasingly Marxist Democrat Party, and no serious conservative opposition from “soft-progressive” Republicans, the trajectory of the nation is all to the left: more spending, more programs, more socialism, and ultimately, more tyranny.

Rather than promote a constitutional, limited government agenda that would actually expand liberty and shrink the power of the federal government, the GOP, in effect, embraces the tenets and policies of the Democrats (other than occasional, meaningless rhetorical flourishes to the contrary). Thus, there is no active force to thwart the mortgaging of the nation and future generations by politicians seeking short-term political gain.

Farewell and Thank You, Sarah Sanders

By Kendra Miller

If you’ve never had to stand in front of a group of reporters shouting questions at you, it’s hard to understand what press secretary Sarah Sanders has had to do as part of her job for the last three-plus years. To put it into perspective, consider what it’s like to have 10 four-year-olds simultaneously grabbing and yelling for your attention day in and day out. It’s wearing, trying and difficult to hold your tongue, let alone your temper. And yet, Sanders has run this gauntlet for several years with wit, grace and insight.

Sarah Sanders will never get the recognition and respect that she truly deserves because the hatred for her boss is so strong. While the mainstream media would just deal in soundbites and try to make her a laughingstock, I’ve looked for longer clips of her press conferences online. I have always been impressed with her ability to stay on point, answer repetitive and pointless questions while showing a quiet strength and grace when others were disrespectful, even to her face.

A Sick Puppy – Trump Derangement Syndrome

By Michael J. Lewinski

In Florida, a woman stabbed herself three times and told police responding to the incident that she could no longer take it living in Trump’s America. She is a perfect manifestation of the insanity that has taken hold of a sizable portion of our nation. This sickness has been labeled as “Trump derangement syndrome.”

What fuels this madness? It is all those strict constructionist judges filling the vacancies on the federal courts. It is the Trump agenda of fighting to secure the border. They do not like his Conservative American agenda of defeating the ISIS caliphate, withdrawing from bad international deals, re-negotiating trade agreements, cutting taxes, economic growth, record-low unemployment, a soaring stock market and rising wages.

We the People Have Power to Act

By Kathleen Hall

Thank you, Mike Lewinski, for covering this vote in your article and bringing to the forefront the names of those who pretend, during election time, to care about the well-being of the American People.

Who are these senators? Blunt, Boozman, Burr, Cassidy, Collins, Cotton, Cramer, Enzie, Gardner, Graham, Hawley, Hoeven, Inhofe, Johnson, McConnell, McSally, Murkowski, Portman, and Roberts. Where are they when it really matters? 

These Senators who call themselves Republicans voted against Rand Paul’s Penny Plan. 

It was a breath of fresh air to see someone addressing our vastly ignored gigantic national debt. It was encouraging, and made one feel hopeful that finally something might move us onto a path of sanity about our economic future. Some listed here are a surprise, others, not so much.

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