CSN Newsletter 6/2/2020 – Our Cities in Flames

CSN Newsletter 6/2/2020 – Our Cities in Flames

From Our Founder…

This past weekend was explosive as rioting broke out all across the United States in approximately 30 cities. People died, police officers were murdered, and the lockdown orders of many governors turned into curfews in the major cities. My city, which has been under lockdown mandates from on high is now under a 7-day curfew. President Trump in his remarks today, has also issued a curfew. Readers need to read the Canada Free Press article with the video of the president’s remarks, if they have not seen the video yet.

Americans are witnessing not just a protest of anger and outrage over the death of George Floyd, but a demonstration of pent up rage against many things. And, the President of the United States has rightly identified some of the organizers of such violent riots. This is not something one can easily turn away from, or pretend it does not exist. The rioting is even worse in scope than the rioting that swept through the nation in November of 2016 after Donald Trump was elected as America’s 45th POTUS.

And, being an election year, this rioting can be viewed as a further escalation of the hatred and animosity toward Trump, but it is more than that. It is lawlessness with the purpose to “raise hell” and create chaos and havoc. In some way, it can be viewed as the so-called “powers that seek to control” attempting to use their “useful idiots” do simply do as much damage as possible and to instill fear in the general public. The anti-Trump protests in November of 2016 went on for days, and evidence surfaced that the Democratic National Committee had organized much of the demonstrations that turned violent. Research would help to jog reader’s memories if they have forgotten who America’s enemies are.    

CSN network writers had already submitted their articles for today’s edition last week before the nation turned ugly with evil. Interestingly, the week started out with Pentecost Sunday, but it had already been overshadowed by the violence and lawlessness. My article was written in that time as I reflected upon two different views of what is happening in America today. My article deals with the anarchists at the heart of the riotous activities. 

A guest writer, Judi McLeod, Editor of Canada Free Press, who we have featured in the past, follows a similar perspective on the rioting in her article titled: “America Dealing With Insurrection, Not Media-Described Unrest.”

CSN Executive Editor, Don Rosenberg provides an article with a video linked to Laura Ingraham’s perspective that dismantles the five major “science facts” posited to thwart the efforts of reopening America and how the Left uses “science” to manipulate us.

Additionally, Dr. Richard Moss provides a personal account of his own experience with hydroxychloroquine, which he took for a couple of years while a visiting cancer surgeon in Asia. As always, Dr. Moss provides a very personable explanation of something that could be viewed as complex. It is quite educational.   

We also have a brief article from Indiana’s voice, Michael Lewinski. He provides a more general sweep of the political landscape across the country from his home state in Indiana.

Today, we feature a good number of videos on a number of different topics – some are of the responses to the violent rioting. But there are others that help readers understand the various pressing issues of the day. But, if you have not had the opportunity to view President Trump’s speech to the nation today, it should be viewed as it expresses his intent to end the violence against the American people.

Dennis Jamison

Activist-Driven Anarchy Knows No Bounds

By Dennis Jamison —–June 1, 2020

The loss of a single life can truly affect many, but how a life is lost will affect many in different ways. American citizens were watching in dismay as the riots over one man’s unjust and tragic death instigated so much mayhem and destruction.  Death in itself can be unjust, for many tragic reasons. People whose lives have been claimed by the COVID-19 can also be seen that way. Yet, from time to time in the United States of America, individuals and mobs rise up in great anger or indignation over serious injustice involving the unjust taking of human life.

The apparent unjust murder of George Floyd has now become the latest ignition point of the rise of anger, hatred, and rioting in many U.S. cities and in cities across the world. Video evidence indicating undue force by police action that led to one citizen being killed can rightfully justify anger and indignation. Americans do not like such unjust action because we still live in a civil society. Our civil society is based on the Judeo-Christian heritage at the heart of the nation. The Ten Commandments express the prohibition of murder, and thus the justice system of our nation has been established to protect U.S. citizens from murder.

Yet, once an unjust murder occurs, a citizen has lost his or her life. George Floyd should have been protected by the law enforcement officials, yet he lost his life at their hands. It is this point which makes Floyd’s murder so egregious. It is why all kinds of citizens can understand the injustice of the murder of a citizen. Nevertheless, rioting spread over a prolonged period of time, which involves the burning, the looting, the destruction of businesses and establishments is also unjust. People owning businesses that were the objects of violent or destructive activity were also violated. They had their rights taken by others. They had nothing to do with a black man killed by a white police officer, and they were not in Minnesota.

America Dealing With Insurrection, Not Media-Described Unrest

By Judi McLeod –June 2, 2020

June 2, 2020: Americans woke up this morning following the seventh consecutive night of looting, rioting; injured citizens and injured police officers trying to protect the wanton destruction of small businesses, including some of those operated by minorities—all media-described as “unrest”.

But it is not “unrest” that Americans are waking up to this morning but galvanized “insurrection”—an organized and orchestrated insurrection at that.

What innocent masses have been subjected to during the past three months alone is as shocking as it it outrageous: millions still in government-imposed Lockdown even as the Coronavirus is on the wane; millions of healthy people restricted to home isolation; millions of people daily losing the jobs they need to support their families.

Barely hanging on in a teetering economy brought on by the pandemic, small business owners watch helplessly as their businesses are burned to the ground by what the media calls ‘peaceful’ protests.

Anarchists on the rampage are not protesting for George Floyd Justice.  They hijacked the George Lloyd protests, turning them into dangerous, deadly full-out anarchy.

Laura Ingraham Destroys Five Anti-Reopen “Science Facts” in Five Minutes

By Don Rosenberg, 6/1/2020

On her Thursday, May 28th episode of the Ingraham Angle, Laura Ingraham took on five different “science facts” that have formed the basis for perpetuating the lockdowns across the country and slowing our return to normal life.

She debunks the following theories.

  1. “the second wave of infections is on the way”
  2. “social distancing has a positive effect”
  3. “staying indoors is helpful in deterring the virus”
  4. “wearing masks helps the infected and the vulnerable.”
  5. Finally, she counters the arguments coming from the Left and the Media that hydroxychloroquine is ineffective and likely even harmful while remdesivir is being pushed as the treatment of choice.

All of these issues show how science is being misused in order to promote the Leftist agenda.

I recently heard an interview with a prominent scientist on my local NPR station discussing “science deniers” and why it is so difficult to convince people to agree with the experts.

The conclusion was that only stupid people would disagree with an expert, and the experts need to do a better job of explaining to them.

Hydroxychloroquine, Me, and the Great Divide

By Richard Moss, MD – 5/27/2020

I took hydroxychloroquine.  For two years.  A long time ago as a visiting cancer surgeon in Asia, in Thailand, Nepal, India, and Bangladesh.  From 1987 to 1990.  Malaria is rife there.  I took it for prophylaxis, 400 milligrams once a week for two years.  Never had any trouble.  It was inexpensive and effective.

Chloroquine, the precursor of HCQ, was invented by Bayer in 1934.  Hydroxychloroquine was developed during World War II as a safer, synthetic alternative and approved for medical use in the US in 1955.  The World Health Organization considers it an essential medicine, among the safest and most effective medicines, a staple of any healthcare system.  In 2017, US doctors prescribed it 5 million times, the 128th most commonly prescribed drug in the country.  There have been hundreds of millions of prescriptions worldwide since its inception.  It is one of the cheapest and best drugs in the world and has saved millions of lives.  Doctors also prescribe it for Lupus and Rheumatoid arthritis patients who may consume it for their lifetimes with few or no ill effects.

Then something happened to this wonder drug.  From savior of the multitudes, redeemer and benefactor of hundreds of millions, it transformed into something else: a purveyor of doom, despair, and unspeakable carnage.  It began when President Trump discussed it as a possible treatment for Covid 19 on March 19, 2020.  The gates of hell burst forth on May 18 when Trump casually announced that he was taking it, prescribed by his physician.

Our Destiny

By Michael J. Lewinski  06/01/20

The Coronavirus experiences have taught us that people with business experience are the best politicians to lead the efforts to fight crises. President Trump is eradicating the Progressive, deep state, elite swamp creatures that tried to take his presidency down.

We are learning more and more about the officials in the Obama administration who connived and lied to convict General Michael Flynn. They are former U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan, former FBI Director James Comey and former White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, and Former Vice President Joe Biden are named as people who been involved in unmasking people from the FISA court.

From FOX News: Giuliani slams Minneapolis PD, cities ran by progressives don’t know how to police – 5/31/2020

From FOX News: Newt Gingrich: This is a war against American civilization – 6/1/2020

From FOX News: Kayleigh McEnany on George Floyd’s death: He deserves justice – 5/28/2020

From Reopen Central: Former Secret Service Agent Reveals Attack on White House is Sophisticated Operation by Antifa – 5/30/2020

From FOX News: Big-city Dems who had imposed strict coronavirus lockdowns now let George Floyd rioters flout rules – 5/31/2020

From FOX News: Tucker: Media embrace Big Tech censorship instead of pushing back – 5/27/2020

From FOX News: Trump signs social media executive order – 5/28/2020

From FOX News: The Five’ slams Twitter for using sources like CNN to fact-check Trump – 5/27/2020

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From Canada Free Press (w/ video): President Trump’s address to the Nation – 6/2/2020

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There’s a double standard in how protesters are treated. – 6/1/2020

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