CSN Newsletter 6/24/2021 – Biden Bumbling, Corporate Wokeness, Media Blindness, California Recall, Vaccine Resistance

CSN Newsletter 6/24/2021 – Biden Bumbling, Corporate Wokeness, Media Blindness, California Recall, Vaccine Resistance

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Getting the story straight – is it organized, a cult or tribalism?

By A. Dru Kristenev —-June 24, 2021

Having just left an assembly of 10,000 Americans who convened to hear expert and personal testimony about critical issues affecting their lives, liberal pundits labeled attendees with rabid terms. Trapped by their own disinformation campaign, mainstream media has applied oxymoronic epithets to advocates and parents speaking out to protect children from educational and medical malpractice.

Between network and cable “news” shows, the description of families flooding school board, city council, county commissioner meetings, and political and Christian conferences has taken a ludicrous turn. Undecided on how to attack, pundits have named the backlash factional ‘tribalism,’ an emotional ‘cult of Trumpism,’ a ‘conspiracy theory of Qanon,’ and then doubles-down calling it all ‘organized.’ Make up your minds, mainstream mullets (those are sucker fish, by the way). Cults are driven by unregulated feelings. Tribalism is based in deliberate sectarian exclusiveness. Conspiracy theories are promoted by propaganda. All are incompatible to a vast organized movement.

Biden’s G7 Adventure

By Jim Bratten – 6/21/21

Joe Biden made his confused way among world leaders earlier this month at the G7 meeting in Europe, his “Wandering and Wondering Tour,” European leaders gushing over old Joe. Emmanuel Macron, president of France, noted Joe was a “member of the club,” meaning he thought Biden will play along with whatever European leaders want to do … which is precisely correct. Biden’s a globalist, not “America First” as President Donald Trump was.

Biden seeks to pander to our enemies, particularly Communist China and Russia, trusting them implicitly. So he needlessly met with Putin, to polish his credibility on the world stage, as the G7 wrapped up. Biden has spoken about “shaming Putin,” although Putin could care less about shame in any form; it doesn’t faze him. After all, don’t Democrats understand he’s KGB, and what that fact means?

‘Vaccine Resisters’ are proving hard to convince

By Jack Gleason – 6/22/21
Even though state leaders across the country have been offering massive incentives to drum up business (“Get a shot, win the lottery!“), the CDC has been reporting a continuing drop in injections since March 31.  The nonstop campaign to encourage those with “vaccine hesitancy” to roll up their sleeves is turning out to be a dismal failure. There’s even a website that lists hundreds of incentives and bonuses from vaccine locations and corporations pushing their employees to get the shots.

CVS Pharmacy is running ads on the internet promoting “OneStepCloser Sweepstakes,” and now your 12-year-old child can get the shot, too!  However, there is no mention of the myocarditis (serious heart infection) concerns for young men 18–30…

Common Citizens of California Fighting for Free and Honest Elections

By Dennis Jamison —-June 24, 2021

In mid-May, I posted an article about California’s “Recall Mania,” in reflection upon the recall effort to give Gavin Newsom a non-essential job. It is truly amazing that Americans even have the option to “throw the bums out,” either in an election or a recall effort like the one that had succeeded recently in California. The article referred to recall efforts that seemed to be springing up like wildfires all over California. This is a form of Democracy in action—when the elected official has not fulfilled whatever campaign promises that were made, or if there is demonstrable incompetence, or evidence of criminal activities of political figures, “reverse elections” can spontaneously erupt.

Big Business Yields to Progressive Madness

By Michael Lewinski – 06/19/21

Big business is turning against the people. They initially shipped our jobs overseas in the ’80s, and now they are about to do it again. Recently, many corporations have become “woke” entities. Like the schools and government, they are pushing Critical Race Theory hard. Can you believe it? They are advocating racist policies targeting white people. As if white, Christian men haven’t been demonized enough, corporations are piling on this Progressive attack.

All white people are supposedly racist. If you deny you are racist, they hold up your denials as proof of being racist. In corporate classes, white employees are expected to apologize for their whiteness. CRT maintains, however, supporters and people of color can discriminate against whites. The Biden administration made money available only to people of color. Some companies are only hiring people of color and women. Whites and males need not apply.

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