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6/25/19 –  Last week, we launched a new feature called “Feedback,” which we hope will bring the comments & feedback received from readers via our website into the weekly newsletter. We encourage more feedback from our readers to be sent to our staff. 

In that edition, a couple of perspectives focused on China. The Video Views segment featured Dick Morris talking about Trump’s real agenda with China. This week there is an additional article dealing with China by Dawn Hoagland. She examines the recent public protests in Hong Kong and how the people there are beginning to stand up to Red China. One of the articles I offer deals with the region as well, but the hotspot of Korea. In 1950 on this date, dictator Kim Il Sung on North Korea invaded South Korea. 

Other articles this week focus on the infant version of Communism in the United States found in the Socialist agenda that is being advanced by “Democratic” Party operatives. The leader of the Arizona Strike Force of Prayer revisits the Equality Act, which we have covered in previous editions, but exposing the real agenda behind it needs to be an ongoing endeavor. In a second article that I wrote last week, I tackled the Democrat’s current call for reparations. Michael Lewinski shares a perspective on an “unholy alliance” between the GOP RINOs and the Socialists. Karen Cacy offers a book review of George Reisman’s book Marxism / Socialism, in which Reisman asks “Do people really know what Socialism is?”

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Will Xi Jinping, China’s president for life, be able to stop protests in Hong Kong?

One million people filled the streets of Hong Kong to protest a new extradition law

By Dawn Hoagland  6/25/19

Why should Americans care about what is happening in Hong Kong? The international community must pay attention. It is a Chinese city of seven million people that was once a colony of the United Kingdom for over 150 years. It has its own independent judiciary based on common law. It is the only place in China where freedom of speech is upheld for now. “Hong Kong is not China! Not yet!” was one message at the protest.

The prospect of a law allowing China to extradite (basically kidnap) anyone it wants has provoked even the most mild-mannered Hong Kongers to hit the streets. Communist China’s opaque legal system is criticized for forced confessions, arbitrary detentions, torture, and imprisonment of political opponents.

Korea is at the Heart of the Struggle Between Freedom and Tyranny

It is absolutely ironic that the divided nation of Korea should serve as a vortex of global confrontation. Yet, It represents for the entire world to see an age-old standoff between tyranny and freedom.

By Dennis Jamison – June 25, 2019

Not long after the smoke had cleared and the dust had settled from the battles of World War II, President Harry S. Truman, reorganized the United States’ military for protecting America and for the preservation of America’s values in the world. Truman wanted the Armed Forces to be capable and ready to defend the nation, or to defend the friends of freedom when needed. Truman’s vision was to create a more unified department of national defense. Truman’s actions provided incredibly intuitive preparation for the U.S. military to be ready when North Korea invaded their southern neighbor without any real warning on June 25, 1950.

It is absolutely ironic that the divided nation of Korea should serve as a vortex of global confrontation. Yet, It represents for the entire world to see an age-old standoff between tyranny and freedom. The two nations are almost symbols for the two political realities that exist in the world today. The confrontation could be resolved peacefully, but it may ultimately be the will of the people that will determine their own fate. Over 200 years ago, a nation was created based upon the notion that all people were endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights. That nation should recognize more than any other the desire “…to see established a peace which will afford to all nations the means of dwelling in safety within their own boundaries, and which will afford assurance that all men in all lands may live out their lives in freedom…”

The Truth about the Equality Act

By Director- Arizona Strike Force of Prayer

What’s in the so-called “Equality Act”? This is the contents of both the federal and state
versions of the act. Two percent of the population wants virtually complete control of the rest
of the population. It’s time to wake up!!!

“This is a spiritual war against the holy church of God. It has nothing to do with civil rights or

Here are some of the highlights of the Equality Act:
 NO women’s shelters.
 NO separate locker rooms for girls and boys (all public schools). NO separate showers,
dressing rooms, bathrooms, etc.
 NO protection of having a same-sex teacher in locker rooms: Schools could have a man
watching over little girls in locker rooms.
 It requires teaching K-12 “gender fluidity” education. Yep, that’s kindergartners on up.
 It regulates all schools – both public and private.
 Parents could lose custody of their own children over ‘gender identity’ and would have
no say over children receiving “gender-changing drugs/hormones.”

Are Democrats Coming Full Circle Regarding Their Crimes of Slavery?

by Dennis Jamison June 20, 2019

Barr needs to focus on diligent investigations into the current crimes of the Democrats who conspired to overthrow a duly elected president. Let it begin now!

Democrat Party contenders vying for their Party’s acceptance to be the nominee to run against President Trump in 2020 are making as much noise as possible in clamoring for attention to become the “chosen one.” Arguably, the “Democratic” National Committee may have a different game plan from 2016 when they anointed Hillary Clinton as “the one” to win, and stiffed good old Bernie Sanders. At least, this year there appears to be a new game plan that is comparable to a free-for-all among the twenty-odd contenders. But, with all the campaign promises being offered to a gullible public, it must be hard for the contestants to formulate their own brand in a way to stand out from the rest of the pack of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The Harbingers of Socialism

By Michael J. Lewinski

We are being played by politicians on both sides of the aisle. Both the Democrats and Republicans are joining the mainstream media and blocking the Conservative Trump Administration from conducting the people’s business. These harbingers of Progressive Socialism are fighting to maintain their elite status and power and are not willing to give up the control they have over people.

Republican Rinos team up with Progressive Socialist Democrats and their media lapdogs to try and stop President Donald Trump from doing what he promised the American people he would do for them. The best example of that obstruction is their interfering in his effort to defend the Southern border. They deny him funds to build the wall and go to court to stop him from using military funding to build the wall. His enemies now want to interfere with his ability to deal with Iran.

These Socialists want to control what you and your family do. They want a Godless country where people are required to worship the state which gives them only the things Progressives think you should have. These Socialists want an un-free America where you no longer have the right to choose for yourself.

In Marxism / Socialism George Reisman asks if you know what Socialism is?


The title of his book says it all: “Marxism/Socialism, A Sociopathic Philosophy, Conceived in Gross Error and Ignorance, Culminating in Economic Chaos, Enslavement, Terror, and Mass Murder, A Contribution To Its Death.”

In  114-pages, Reisman eviscerates those who call themselves Social Democrats. They, who look to the Nordic social democracies for guidance misread those countries’ economic systems. Reisman advises:, “When they come to power, the social democrats retain capitalism as the economic system, though they may further hamper its operation with additional taxes and regulations . . . Sweden, Norway, France, et al, are capitalist countries, not socialist countries . . . the means of production in these countries are privately owned to more or less the same extent as they are in the United States.”

Much of the current political polarization within America, the advent of “political correctness,” a synonym for “censorship,” being taught in schools, and the demonization of certain facts, we already somewhat are resembling socialism.

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