CSN Newsletter – 6/25/2020 – Politics, Protests and Racism

CSN Newsletter – 6/25/2020 – Politics, Protests and Racism

From Our Founder…

President Donald J. Trump has re-started his presidential campaign with recent rallies in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and in Phoenix, Arizona. And despite the anemic or marionette-styled Joe Biden campaign, the mainstream media were misrepresenting and trashing the Tulsa event. In reality it is what they get paid to do, just like garbage collectors get paid for their jobs, garbage distributors get paid to spread garbage “news.” The real question is: Who likes a diet of garbage “news,” which is mainly garbage views? Americans need to call it what it is and treat it so.    

A week ago, CSN included a link to Judi McLeod’s article in her Canada Free Press that asked a question before the Trump rally in Tulsa: “Will Second Wave of Coronavirus Automatically Follow Saturday Trump Rally?” it was prophetic! If you missed it, you can read it here. In her article, she referenced another article from Western Journal that had revealed a Craigslist ad seeking individuals infected with COVID-19 to attend the Trump rally. 

In that same edition last week, CSN included an article that had been written by Vice President Mike Pence. The title was: “There Isn’t a Coronavirus ‘Second Wave.’”  Indeed, there are Leftist MSM articles that had predicted a “second wave of COVID-19 in – you guessed it, in Oklahoma and Arizona and California! The MSM is the enemy of the people who seek freedom and who seek to preserve the Republic. Americans need to call it what it is and treat it so – and encourage more people to read the Citizen Sentinels Network newsletter!  

In today’s edition, I offer an article titled: “Defeating the Mantra of Institutionalized Racism with Personal Emancipation.“ Another enlightening and informative article has been submitted by Dr. Robert Owens that also deals with the issues of racism, but how the Trump administration is trying to unravel the failed efforts from decades past of the Democrats who constantly controlled the major cities across the nation.

We also feature a recent article from guest writer, Judi McLeod. It relates how former President Obama “Outs Himself as Architect of The ‘Great Awakening.’ Canada Free Press says” he has come out of the shadows to try and salvage Joe Biden’s campaign for POTUS.”

A new writer, Davis Buckley, is offering an article to CSN and he has related a similar perspective on former President Obama.  He reports on a telephone call to his groupies revealed by Yahoo News.  

Michael Lewinski’s article that advises us to pray, but also to act, in reference to the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the reinterpretation of sex in the Title VII Civil Rights Act.

And, last but not least, we feature a DefCon News contribution that covers the harassment and legal action against an elderly blind woman who was accosted by local police for talking to people about Jesus. Her legal case seems to have been taken up by First Liberty Institute. 

We have a very special recommendation to view a brief video that was created by our own Executive Editor, Don Rosenberg. It is simply “11 Words on Defunding the Police.” It is very powerful, and we recommend readers share it.

Dennis Jamison

Defeating the Mantra of Institutionalized Racism with Personal Emancipation

By Dennis JamisonJune 23, 2020

This past week, many Americans may have become familiar with the traditional holiday of “Juneteenth,” although it is not a recognized major holiday for all Americans. When President Donald Trump announced he was changing the date  of his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma out of respect for “Juneteenth,” many people may not have known what he meant. Yet, it is   a legitimate holiday and essentially a celebration of freedom. The holiday is known by other names like Emancipation Day or Freedom Day, and is certainly deserving of a more substantial place in U.S. history.

In reflecting upon the initial celebration, the joy must have been electric in 1865 when slaves realized the Union Army had defeated the Confederates in the Civil War. It is likely that a majority of slaves had been praying for the day when the white southern power structure of Democrat dominion would be defeated. Yet, despite some slave uprisings or outright revolts, the slaves held no political power, and thus were incapable of freeing themselves. In reality, even Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was not the instrument that freed the slaves. It only laid the foundation for their freedom.

Indeed, Democrat slave owners had to be forced by the U.S. military to free their slaves. Yet, after President Lincoln’s assassination, his ideas for emancipating the slaves never fully materialized.

Forget About It!

by Dr. Robert Owens – 6/24/2020

President Trump, who was presented with numerous awards from Black organizations as a supporter of equality for all before the Democrats establishment and the Democrats who identify as journalists decided to accuse him of racism, works tirelessly to empower America’s forgotten communities.

According to President Trump on September 10, 2019, “We’re lifting up forgotten communities, creating exciting new opportunities, and helping every American find their path to the American Dream.”

The Real Obama Outs Himself as Architect of The ‘Great Awakening’

By Judi McLeod –June 24, 2020

After eight long years of never knowing who Barack Obama really was, and almost four years after he is no longer in the White House, (at least officially) he has at long last outed himself as a textbook-style Conquering Hero.

Obama is the self-identified ‘Architect of the “Great Awakening” in a self-portrait that couldn’t possibly be more clear. All should Take A Knee and bow down to the Architect of the Great Awakening!

The “Great Awakening” will fundamentally transform the America so many love and admire; rid the nation of law and order, starting with police forces, leaving the way clear for predators posing as “peaceful protesters”.

Obama Stirring Up the Forces

By Davis Buckley – 6/24/2020

Here’s what Obama was telling all of his cronies in a phone call that Yahoo News claimed they procured.

Notice, once again, how he talks about how certain bad things and trends are what he is battling against, when his “government” that is still operating is the one doing those things, and who created the selfish tribal division on the scale we see today. And who has gone to no end of trouble trying to end and overcome this legacy ever since the day he became President?

This conniving prevaricating is typical of Obama’s methods and should be a stout reminder of the future we would be living under if the Democrats ever got full control of our country. Just look how they grabbed this crisis and went hog wild into socialist dictatorships in the states they have control of, tyrannizing the very people who trusted them to care for them.

We Must Pray and Act

By Michael J. Lewinski  06/17/20

Recently, Justice Kavanaugh and Chief Justice Roberts betrayed their duty as originalists jurists by reinterpreting sex in the Title VII Civil Rights Act, acting as legislators. These judges have opened a can of worms.

Women and girl athletes will face cheating on the tracts and fields having to compete with men’s superior physiology. Bakers and photographers will be forced to violate their beliefs and forced out of business, as will educators and others.  These are the people who the judges betrayed.

Elderly Blind Woman Threatened with Arrest for Talking to People About Jesus

By Def-Con News 6/21/2020

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen police officers from LA to NYC stand around while rioters loot and burn businesses. In cities like Seattle, Portland and Minneapolis, police under orders from democratic mayors have allowed anarchist terrorists to take over large sections of the city. It seems like the whole country has descended into lawlessness, but, thankfully, one city is still cracking down on crime. Cops in Westerly, Rhode Island, threatened to arrest an elderly blind woman for trying to talk to people in a park about Jesus.

From Don Rosenberg, Executive Editor of CSN news. “11 Words on Defunding the Police” – 6/25/20

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